Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pike Season in Colorado is Officially Here!

Winter Has Passed, Waters Are Warming and Pike Are On The Prowl!

We've been hitting the rivers nonstop for the last 2 months but now that Spring is here, so are our favorite warmwater species to go after. Whether it's Pike you're a fan of or a local favorite, the Golden Bone, it's that time to skip the rivers for a few weeks and go after some great warmwater species. We've been hitting a few local hotspots for pike and having a blast getting some pike on some baitfish patterns as well as Bunny flies. New Mexico bound soon for some Tigers, can't wait!

Need to know more about Pike, I'm not you're man, the guy to go to is non other than our Pal Simon at Pike Fly Fishing Articles. He knows Pike well, checkout his site for not only some impressive patterns but also techniques on how to go after the big boys!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tsunami Bonefish, Indonesia Fly Fishing Primer

He's at it again! I get an email from Trapper Rudd last week and guess what, he's at it again. Every few months I get and email from Trapper updating me on where's he's been, where's he's going and when he's hopefully getting back to Colorado so we get fish together. It may be a stretch to chase some trout here in Co compared to all of your exotic species and trips, but hopefully you can join us out this Summer!

Tsunami's, Pirates and little information lure Trapper Rudd and crew to the remote reaches of Indonesia in search of new frontiers for fly fishing.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Most Exotic Species To Catch on a Fly! Golden Dorado, GT's and Peacock Bass

FFA Poll Results Are Finally In

Fly Fish Addiction started a poll recently at the request of others, to determine that all important question "What Exotic species would I love to catch?" Sure there's quite a number of species to catch -good problem to have, the question put to the test is What one exotic species would I truly love to catch on a fly? This is one of the closest polls we've ever had and it came down to the last day with three species tied. There are hundreds of exotic species to target but we narrowed down to the most popular. Sorry Milkfish, Triggerfish, smallmouth yellowfish, dogfish, vampire fish and sheefish fans. Here's the Results

Top species choice targeted by Fly Fisherman (FFA Poll)
Peacock Bass 28%
The winner by a small margin,Large Peacocks are tops in the Fly world
Tigerfish 23%
Taimen 21%
Golden Dorado 23%
GT Giant Trevally 18%
Large European Puccini Trout 7%

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fly Fishing Patagonia! Guided Trips Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Esquel Chile and Big Trout!

Patagonia Fly Fishing at It's Finest!

We're happy to announce that Fly Fish Addiction has partnered up with Tres Piedras to help book your trip of a lifetime. If you're thinking about finding that perfect fly fishing destination in the next year, head down to Patagonia and fish some of the finest trout water on the, I can attest to how incredible this place is. Let Tres Piedras be your self appointed Outfitter and tour guide. Contact me and I can tell you more about fishing Chile and Argentina.

Experience top notch Patagonia fishing, renowned Fly fishing guide service, incredible scenery, impressive wine and meat with oh yeah....Big Fish!

Contact Fly Fish Addiction today to talk more about the perfect Trip!

Chile's Central River's
Aconcagua River , Achibueno River , Ancoa River , Cachapoal River, Claro River Seven Tea Cups, Colorado River, Duqueco River, Laja River, Lontue River, Lomin River, Maipo River, Maule River - Lower, Maule River - Upper, Melado River, Queuco River, Ralca River, Teno River, Tinguiririca River, Volcan River, Yeso River

Chile's Southern Rivers:
Azul River , Baker River , Bio Bio River - Lower , Bio Bio River - Upper , Cisnes River , Enco River , Espolon River , Futaleufu River , Fuy River , Gol Gol River , Liucura River , Manihuales River , Manso Chileno River , Michimahuida River , Neltume River , Nuble River , Palena River , Palguin River , Pasqua River , Petrohue River , Puelo River , San Pedro River , Simpson River , Teno River , Tigre River , Trancura River - Lower , Trancura River - Upper , Truful Truful River

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Rocky Mtn Renewable Energy Summit, Hanging With The Mayor! Earth Day In Denver

So What is Colorado Doing For The Environment?

I was doing a little Volunteer work yesterday for the Rocky Mountain Green Summit being held here in Denver. Nice way to find out what's going on around the state Environmentally and also what the future hold for this great Rocky Mountain State.

Hanging with Mayor Hickenlooper.
Nothing like your friend using a crappy cell

indoors & catching you offguard

One of the benfits of volunteering at events like this is that you not only get to Network with companies within the Industry I am focusing on, but also you get to hangout with Politicos like Mayor Hickenlooper. Since I had a minute, I got to ask him a few questions about our Renewable Resources and waterways!

Whether it was his topic of Green Successes in Transportation, Housing, and Energy Efficiency, or Denver's Greenprint plans and Clean Water. Hickenlooper, a former Geologist back in the day, has many great ideas to come but I guess it will come down to how many of them actually exist in order for him to take over the new reigns as governor after Ritter. Other Great resources for sustainability around the state.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Egg Season!

Spring Egg Fishing
click on egg pic for a cool closeup

What is it about Spring fishing that get's everyone so fired up to get out on the water? Is it the thought of heading to the San Juan River, the Green River, the Grey Reef, local Colorado tailwaters or chasing big trout in some hideaway spots.

The picture of eggs above were from a rainbow hen that spewed a few eggs and was immediately put back in, as were her eggs delicately that were inches away from the water in this shot. He felt bad that her eggs were released and no other hens were caught that day that released eggs.

Eggs can definitely be the ticket when fishing this time of year and can be quite productive. I started a set up years ago on the Grey Reef when I got the surprise of the year with a nice 26" Cutty from my pattern. What was my pattern? I call it the Eggs benedict. It ranges from a variation of patterns a few of us came up with, nothing technical just 3 eggs of various colors to float down and have the right one taken down for snack. Eggs are a favorite in Alaska to catch big bows but here in Colorado is a mainstay during Spring fishing. Yes don't forget a few midge patterns and BWO patterns but throw a few eggs and ham if you get a chance!

Why do we love this time so much? Sure we love our Browns but it's hard to beat the gorgeous fish during this time and color change. The Spring time is when cutthroat trout, rainbows and cut-bow trout get into spawn mode. During the few weeks following these activities, trout munch down heavily to get recharged after a long winter. This pre-spawn feeding period is prime for some terrific early season fishing! Anytime you catch trout pre-during-after should all be handled with extra care and fought in a quick timeframe to insure their health going into the spawn.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fly Fishing Gear..How Much is Too Much?

Can You Ever Truly Have Too Much?

I was over at a friend's house the other day and we got to talking about fly fishing gear. What gear he has, what he wants, what his wife will let him have and what he can buy without her knowing. Somewhat of a harmonious relationship, he sneaks to buy more gear and she secretly buys things he doesn't know about.

Some buddies I know have limited gear, hey that's cool, whatever gets the job done and everyone has their favorite rod to use so no matter how many 5 weights or 7 weights you can own, you know you're always going to use that go to favorite!

Another buddy I know who lives in Alaska should be seeing a therapist regarding his addiction, uhh when you reach the 12-20 fly rod status you either break a ton of rods or you just can have enough G loomis, Orvis, Sages or Scott rods. I personally won't speak of how many I own, it doesn't matter really, I just keep buying more each year and hope my bank account will support it.

One thing is for certain, once you reach the level of chasing various species, the Saltwater game and travel destinations, the need for higher weight rods, 4 piece vs 2pieces all go up and therefore your budget's all good though!

No matter if you own 1 rod or 20, a $50 used Sage, $800 Orvis or $8,000 Hardy reel listed above, whatever makes you happy and your significant other happy, the rest will take care of itself.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

How To Find and Train The Perfect Fishing Dog!

The Ultimate Fishing Pal
It was an early Fall morning in North Park Colorado when I awoke to my alarm clock. It was not your ordinary camping clock but an eager Labrador ready to get out of the tent to get after some Trout splashing on the lake.

For years I’ve had a fishing companion that has never complained, always let’s me fish without having to yell, helps to point out rising trout with a modest bark and never once wanted to leave early due to boredom or plans back home.

Statistics show that one out of three families in the U.S. owns one or more dogs, here in Colorado I think that stat jumps to every other household. If you fish, hunt, or spend much time around water odds are you probably own a Labrador retriever. The Pros of owning a Labrador are that these dogs are non-aggressive, affable, athletic, and loyal. They are great fishing partners, and love water, did I mention they Love water!

Regarding a Labrador's intelligence is well known in the dog community. Keeping your Labrador stimulated early on as a puppy in a training regime and fetch drills can help pay dividends later on once you decide to finally hit the water or field for a relaxing day. Providing games in a mnemonic way that utilize their natural instincts such as a simple game of stick throwing will keep your Labrador happy day in day out and when you loose that fly box on the river you’ll be glad you did.

Obviously Labradors are water dogs...their coats are designed specifically to repel water and insulate them from chilly water. A Lab’s “otter" tail is shaped such to be used as a rudder to steer and help balance them in the water. Therefore, I recommend introducing your Labrador to the water at a young age and if possible Trout to make sure your dog is adaptable to what you’ll be doing every weekend. Keep in mind that there are Labradors that do not like the water so it is not out of the norm.

Every pre planned outing when I’m starting to pack, my dog Zeke is acutely aware of what I may be up to and I have to tell him “you’re going” or otherwise somehow distract him away when doing so. Zeke has developed into a great fly fishing dog, though still a pup at heart, can still manage to refrain from jumping into a massive Caddis hatch on the Madison or mayfly malay on the Frying Pan River. He gets along with every single dog he meets and the only thing that I can think of that keeps him from wagging his tail is the downtime he has between fishing trips. I started taking Zeke fishing when he was only a couple months old and it’s still exciting to see him shake uncontrollably each time he is close to a river in anticipation of my next trout he can say hello to.


Many of my closest fishing buddies take heart to what they name their 4 legged nets early in life and it’s so funny to be on the River and here: “Come here Bear, Sage, Madison, Drake, Winston, Hopper,” all popular Trout fishing dog names.

When I wasn’t fishing every weekend I was ordinarily kayaking, not by choice but due to the persuasion by my Lab. You see Kayaking is the one sport Zeke could go with me and not have any boundaries for swimming or jumping into the water. Most Kayakers have dog’s, something about someone to fetch their lost paddle I guess, and at the Golden Whitewater Park they actually encourage your dogs to get out to swim in the Class III rapids with us.

One of the joys of having a trained Lab, okay half trained Lab, was the ability to walk around areas I lived, like the Cherry Creek district here in Denver off leash with confidence. On one very occasion when Zeke was off-leash next to me walking we passed a restaurant only to have him distracted by a patron on the patio calling him over for quick hello and a taste of some food. The person to my dismay was no other than Jake Plummer, the quarterback for the Denver Bronco’s, talk about someone who loves Labs!

Another reason I am happy I trained Zeke early on are the rewards I see now such as the annual ISE International Sportsmen Show he works at. Only a few handful of Dog’s are allowed to attend and he was definitely the main attraction at our Trout Unlimited booth each year which has helped our fundraising efforts increase by 200% since he’s started. Nothing like a 120lb Labrador with a loving smile and alligator tail to attract half the attendees to our booth for a picture with their child while remaining innocuous amongst a few thousand people.

If you have a dog you know what it is like to have a friend that totally loves you and asks for nothing in return. If you don’t have a dog, you are missing out on one of the great, simple pleasures of life. My Lab truly is a very special friend to me and I couldn’t imagine being out Traveling, fishing or in the field Hunting without him!

Tips for your Dog when out in the field:
• Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise before any lengthy trip or outing and consider the effect of that activity.
• Be aware of how weather conditions affect your dog--heat, cold, rain etc.
• For unexpected situations, pack first aid items for your dog and also a towel.
• Check with your destination to be sure whether dogs are permitted.
• Bring important dog license & ID tags for your dog
• After each trip examine them for any abnormal behavior, cuts and ticks.
• Very important to keep your Lab hydrated after lot’s of activity
• Most important be responsible with your Pet when out near others in the Outdoors and when on the water be mindful of them

Zeke was an incredible Dog that left us a year 1/2 ago for the Rainbow Bridge to chase rising fish high above..he will always be with us on the water.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colorado River Spring Fishing is Heating Up! Colorado Midges and More

The Colorado River: Midges and Spring Spawners from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

Love the Springtime midge activity on the Colorado River! Can't wait to get back out again the next few weeks to get after more rainbows and few crowds before Summer rolls around. Great video again by Reel Escape Films and fun day out on the River with the guys!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Patagonia's Spring Fly Fishing Catalog

What is it about Patagonia That Makes You Come Back For More?

Another great issue again Patagonia put out. I got a call the other day from my buddy Tim, the 1st thing he said was you got to check me out in the new catalog. Great, all I can think about was -there's another buddy in a fly fishing magazine or catalog and the picture was probably taken the day I decided not to go again?

Yep, if you check out
page #12, many people in the region will notice a popular, yet dangerous "drop in" launch area that has gotten some notoriety the last few years. Wouldn't you know it, they were at the bottom with their 2 blue rafts and dogs playing just about to put it in for another great day in the Canyon without me. Man shoulda, coulda, woulda is all I can say! I guess I'll have to wait for another chance to redeem myself again this year floating in there and keep from launching myself down that steep cliff without boat in hand.

Yes I'm a huge Patagonia fan. Whether it's visiting
Patagonia, using Patagonia products or getting updates from my friends at the local store, I can't get enough of this company. I've owned their waders for as long as I can remember and love their return policy! Check em out

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fly Fishing Google Search Formats With FFA, Check Us Out!

Another Way To Search For Anything Fishing Related

I guess every site has this by now but we figured we'd spread the word in case a few out there haven't tried to use it yet! Since our FFA website is reaching close to 200 pages of Fishing nonsense and our blog has taken off a bit, what better way to search for well, basically anything fly fishing related. I can honestly say that our database is still growing but we more than likely have an article or page on anything you can think of. Okay maybe not everything, for those who seek out topics such as Jessica Biel fishing the Seychelles, sorry you're out of luck. For the serious or not so serious angler, we should appease a few topics of interest so check it out!
On Our Fly Fish Addiction Main website in the center
Located on our FFA Blog half way down in the right column

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monster Catfish, Hmmm I smell Bacon!

It's Just A Catfish Folks!
(retraction we just found out a week later after posting this was in fact a whale shark thought to be a catfish, sorry for the mixup)

For all those crazy guys who go 'noodling' sorry never gone down that road for catfish and stick their arms down the fish's throat, this would be 'all the catfish you can eat. Growing up in the South catfish are nothing new, in fact I can still taste those yummy 2lb filets out on the dock at Lake Lanier with a few hush puppies, bushel of oysters and keg of beer with the boys!

Each year, a few people were drowning or disappearing mysteriously in Huadu's Furong Reservoir. It was not until recently, when the son of a government official went swimming, in the reservoir and was drowned, that the secret was revealed.

It is a 3 meter (9.8ft) long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 meter (3.3ft) wide!

After cutting up the catfish, people were surprised to find the remains of another man inside!

Swimming in the reservoir is now forbidden because it is feared another similar man-eating catfish is still lurking in the waters. So to all my Tenn buddies, no noddling round these parts if you don't want to be another statistic

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lunker Spring Rainbows! Wyoming's Grey Reef & Colorado Hotspots

Spring Bows on The Take!

You want big Bows, we got em, you want action, we had em, you want a great weekend....we had that and than some! Great time having my boy Colin come in from Alaska to taste the Rocky Mountain experience with friend Dr. Rawlins from Georgia.

I put on the guide hat for a few days and took some friends to a few hotspots I found last year on one of my many Grey Reef trips. For those that know a specific area of Wyoming that holds big trout, this is the place. For those that don't know, get your map and start searching uhh near that town perhaps called Casper!

Catching juggerknots all day long was pretty hard to beat

Fat rainbows all day long and midges in the mornings make the cold weather bearable as well as big smiles! One thing is for sure, if you fish in the late Winter or early Spring season, be prepared for crazy weather!

da boys fishinicey
Mid day spots, beer breaks and sunny spots for Boca made it fun

Icebergs late afternoons can really add some some cool looking colors. Big juggerknot rainbows are awe inspiring to get back out again next weekend to catch some more. Man what a weekend that was to remember.

*sorry had to whiteout our new hotspot in the Reef area

Who needs the Taylor River when we can catch gorgeous fish like this in the middle of nowhere on Wyoming! Beautiful fat rainbows in some Honey holes brought out some smiles on my out of town guests.

Narwhal with another fatty

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Find Your Bunny!
Thanks to Gig Harbor Fly Shop for the picture and eye candy for Easter! Can't wait to get back to Alaska again this Fall for some big rainbows and chunk some big leeches.

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