Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Redfishing on a Fly Top Locations

Winter Redfish Locations

­Winter reds are found in­shore in water less than four feet deep. Sometimes they habitat waters so shallow that their tail fins are visible. They prefer soft mud and vegetation, as well as oyster, clam and mussel reefs. Inshore fishing spots include jetties, coves, points and pilings, where the reds can hide and munch on baitfish and crustaceans.

For winter bulls (adult redfish), your best bet will be the Gulf Coast waters off Florida, but each location listed below sports high populations of redfish. Keep in mind that winter in the Gulf Shore starts in late January and goes through early March. A few of the best winter redfish locations include:

In Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Ala., cold weather pushes the reds to the ends of canals and rivers where the offshore bulls get mighty hungry. [source: Weir] You will also find plenty of young reds, called puppy drums.

New Orleans and Lafitte, La., are considered two of the best Gulf redfish fishing locations. High tides and strong winds move the reds deep into marshes of bayou country, where you can find scores of young reds. [source: Schultz]

Big Reds are moving in inshore waters along Florida's Gulf Coast from the Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, and the Intercoastal Waterway [source: Sargeant]. St. Joe's Bay and Apalachicola are noted redfish hotspots from spring clear through winter.

The Mississippi Delta is a redfish haven, and beginning in the fall, the cuts and channels between the Barrier Islands offer up excellent redfish. Don't overlook the Biloxi's Back Bay area, as it is an excellent fly-fishing area. [source: Leon]

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Kind of Meat? The Provo Brothers

What kind of Meat? from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

A fly-fishing journey to the Bolivian Amazon. We wanted to experience the rawness of the jungle in the richest ecosystem on earth, to have a primordial connection with nature that for us, is best achieved through exploration with a fly rod. Our Tsimané guides brought us into their jungle, back in time to a lost world of primitive living, giving us the opportunity to catch a Golden Dorado, one of the most possessed fish that swims. The Amazon wilderness holds many mysteries, but we found out for ourselves that the real treasures of the jungle live beneath the canopy, and swim through its pristine rivers.

From the lowland tropics to the high altitudes of the Cordillera, our fly-fishing trip became more of a lesson in the immense diversity of Bolivia's landscapes and people. We invested everything we had, but came home feeling rich with new knowledge and experiences that are now priceless.

If you're interested in an expedition style fly-fishing trip to the headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon, you must contact our friends Patrick Taendler and Federico Marancenbaum from Santa Cruz. They shared with us their passion and enthusiasm for Golden Dorado, and there is no way in hell we could have done it without them!

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