Monday, December 29, 2008

Fly Fish Addiction...Year in Review!!

FFA Great Year of Fly Fishing, Trips and a
Few Nice Fish!
With so many trips and so little time, I hope in 2009 I can
get on a few more new fisheries, reach 100 days out again
and Rehab the shoulder back to assist my 100 foot
Salwater casts..LoL! Can't wait to get on more Saltwater
trips this Spring, Wyoming a few times and Alaska
in the Fall!

If you want to post your pics from this past years fishing
season feel free to post them Here on our FFA Fishing Forum...
it's easy to do!

Llao Llao Hotel
Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche, Argentina..Yes I know what a Sight!!
Trip Link Here

6lb Largemouth Caught in Local Denver Lake on the Fly
Bass Outings and Pics Here

Dream Stream Big Fall Brownies
Dream Stream Link Here

Great Float Trip Again
Trip Link Here

Record Bluegill on A Fly..Yes That is a 6wt Reel
Lake Carol Anne Beasts and Freshwater Fish Pics Here

One of Many Big Golden Bones Taken This Year
My Carp Pics Here

Grand County Summer Day out in My Hole
Great Fishing Area and Pics Here

Fraser River Beast of a Bow..Spoof Day!
Fraser River Fishing and Lareg Fish Here

The Boyz Drinking away the Night At Lake Carol Anne...
Wait is That Punch Yelling at Us Again..Ha!

Chile Silver Chromer on Another Fine Day
Chile Big Fish Pics Here

Big Browns at Delaney Buttes
Delaney Pics Here

Sunsets in Clearwater
Clearwater pics and fishing Florida Here

Zeke AKA Troutdawg Jr. left us for
Heavenly Waterways this year
Zeke's Tribute Page Here

Gone Baby Gone on the 7wt...
Another Beast of a Carp on The Run!!

Another Lazy Day on The River in Colorado...Ahhh
Great fishing pics Here

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Friday, December 26, 2008

UFC Fishing Bailout and Fight Night Together!

What goes hand n hand, UFC -unemployed Fishing Club for those between jobs and UFC- The Ultimate Fighter Corp. With layoffs rampant lately what better place to let off some steam and enjoy MMA.

Los Angeles, CA - 09/11/07 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The UFC - Unemployed Fishing Club™ Link has officially launched it’s new interactive website: Offering fishing tips and information, a picture gallery, fishing blog, fishing poll (pun intended), apparel and gifts, tackle shop, fishing links, members-only fishing forum and merchandise discounts, and much more.

For the true UFC fans in MMA watch the Biggest fight card of the year in Las Vegas this Saturday. Yes I am a diehard MMA fan despite a recently torn Labrum. Checkout this Fight card for some incredible action, than go fishing the next day and finish the weekend and year off right!

Dec-27-2008 7pm PT / 10pm ET
Event Type: PPV Live
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Nevada

UFC 92 Description:
As we get closer to UFC 92, it becomes increasingly clear to me that the fight the most fans are looking forward to isn't the heavyweight title fight between Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira or the light heavyweight title fight between Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans.No, the most anticipated fight of UFC 92, at least based on the fans I hear from, is the third bout between Wanderlei Silva and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Silva tells Thomas Gerbasi of that the fans are not going to go away disappointed:


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Fishing in South Park..Antero Reservoir

Antero Reservoir is Hot with action again...Well it's not a Good Thing!
Huge Rainbows caught recently at Antero

Why? Well with no catch and release policy in place and you can't really catch a huge trout, take a few pics, drop it on the ice than discard to hopefully swim away. Another, in case you want to know, is because we are in the rebound stage after a kill off last winter and from all that died from poor angling techniques last Summer...I really don't like seeing this at all!!!!

Charlie Myers comments
It’s nail-biting time for those of us who last year became addicted to the rejuvenated Antero Reservoir. Something about really big fish on light tackle does that to a fisherman.
Almost everyone knows by now about the severe winter conditions that created oxygen deprivation for long months. When the ice finally cleared from the lake last week, observers spotted a large number of dead trout, mostly collected near the dam. Question is, how many survived.

“We know we have a lot of dead fish. What we don’t know is how many are still swimming in the lake,” observed Greg Gerlich, Colorado Division of Wildlife state fish manager.
We’ll get an indication sometime next week when DOW personnel set several nets at key locations. Biologists chose to delay a few days to let the lake settle and to allow trout time to quite literally catch their breath and become active.

While anglers immediately find trout on the prowl at deeper neighboring lakes such as Spinney or Elevenmile, their cousins at the very shallow Antero almost always are lethargic for several days from oxygen deprivation. So Antero enthusiasts are left to cross their collective fingers and toes for the next few days until a more definitive report is delivered. I’ll be watching anxiously.

From High Beam fishing article
If trophy trout at Antero Reservoir aren't rationed more conservatively among anglers, the increasingly popular but increasingly unproductive fishing hole near Hartsel might be doomed to mediocrity - or worse.
At least that's the worry - reinforced by surveys of anglers and cipherings of fish managers - driving a proposal to trim the number of big fish that anglers would be allowed to keep at Antero.

"Yeah that fish will Live after a pic"

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Night Fishing Techniques

For Those in Search of Big Fish or an Adventure...Try Night Fishing!

For those that haven't tried it or better yet those that haven't chunked 2 articulated beast streamers after a few Whiskey drinks from a Pontoon, You are in for a Treat!

Whether fly fishing for Trout in the Frying Pan River with mysis, fishing for big browns on the Taylor River skating caddis at 2am or chunking tandem mouse patterns at Delaney Buttes...all can attract the biggest nocturnal creatures found in that body of water for sure.

More about Night Fly Fishing, Tactics, Moon phases, Locations, Trout behavior and more Here

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Drift The Movie Worth Checking Out!

"Drift" A great fly Fishing Movie To Get You In The Mood!

DRIFT is a fantastic fly fishing adventure film that will take you across the flats of Belize with Brian O'Keefe; the Bahamas with Bonefish Charlie Smith; down the tailwaters of the Green, Frying Pan and the Big Horn, Spey casting on the Deschutes with John and Amy Hazel, and to the exotic rivers of Kashmir, India. Photographed in vivid 16mm film, DRIFT offers the viewer the most stunning cinematography ever seen in a fly fishing production. Head Cinematographer, Chris Patterson, brings 16 years experience with Warren Miller Ski Films to this production.

Watch The Trailer Video Here

More Drift Info Here

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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Fly Fishing Reels Out There!

Sage, Loop, Orvis, Nautilus, Hatch, Ross, Lamson, Abel, Tibor...
What's Your Cup of Tea?

Top Ranked Fly Reels and World Records by Each
1. Abel (56 world records)Abel's mission is to design and build the best, most reliable gear in the world! That they do... Abel Site

2. Tibor (50)Self-proclaimed maker of "The World's Finest Fly Reels." These reels are pieces of art and Fine pieces of equipment no doubt, and they catch fish, too. Tibor Site

3t. Orvis (10)A household name for outdoorsmen across the country, Orvis carries plenty more than fly rods and if you have a Dog, they're alyways welcome at their stores. Orvis Site

3t. Ross (10)"The No. 1 selling fly fishing reels in the USA." Colorado based, there you go
Ross Site

5. Fin-Nor (8)Fin-Nor makes everything from bass rods and spinning reels to saltwater combos, leading to more than 300 world records. Finnor Site

6t. Lamson (5)Waterworks-Lamson isn't your average fly fishing company, with outdoor roots that trace back to the bicylcle industry of all things they are leaders in reels also.

6t. Loop (5)Based in Sweden, Loop was founded in 1979 by two young fly fishers who were eager to explore and fish areas that were previously impossible to reach. Thanks to the AEG guys and now in Colorado, the Hook Fly shop, you should check them out. Loop Site

8t. Redington (4)This Washington-based company was founded in 1992 and produces performance- and value-based rods, not bad at all . Redington Site

8t. Sage (4)In a "think green" move, Sage has recently downsized its print catalog and is focusing more of its resources on its Website, where you can find a new rod along with helpful resources like a cast analyzer. I have a few and will always continue to buy these great reels~ Sage Site

A Guide to Fly Fishing Reels
Tips for Choosing Fly Reels


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trout Holiday Happy Hour!!

Thanks to those who were able to make to our Annual Holiday Trout Happy Hour!

For those that have never made it to one of our Happy Hours, bring your A game, lot's of stories, perhaps a few lies and even a few Duck calls...Thanks Dr. Fred!

Good time by all that made it to the Irish Hound, a neighborhood favorite, well a Favorite of mine since it's a longshot at 3 houses away from mi casa!

Yes the shoulder is doing better thanks to those who asked and though I can't really feel it due to the amount of beverages consumed, I think it's still tweaked. Can't wait to get back on the water with many of you again and in the meantime I'll let you know when our next get together is and keep the Fish Tales coming in....

The Best Fly Rods...Orvis, Sage, Winston, T & T, Scott and G Loomis!


What Are The Best Fly Rods Out There?

What are some of the best Rods? What Rods are right for me? What Can I afford or what is the best casting rod out there?

Your First Fly Rod - What to Buy?
This may sound like sacrilege, but I’m a bit envious of golfers. For one thing they have a “19th hole” as the place to finish their round. But what makes me even more envious is that they have a bag full of clubs. No matter what situation they encounter, they have the right club to use. Just think how nice it would be to come to a deep run on the river and be able to say to you, “This is a place for 9 foot fast action 5 weight rigged with a mohair leech.” Even better would be to be able to turn to your caddy and say, “Bring me the 7 foot 6 inch slow action 3 weight. I see a few tricos about 30 feet upstream.”

If you stick with fly fishing very long, you will accumulate a selection of roods for different fishing conditions. But what should you get as your first rod? To help you make that decision and to help reduce you anxiety when you go into the fly shop a little understand will help.
There is some jargon that goes with fly rods. One of these words is “weight (wt).” With a fly rod, weight does not refer to how much the rod itself weighs but to the weight of the line the rod was designed to cast. The ‘weight number” system was developed by the tackle manufactures to provide an industry wide standard. Weights range from “0” to “15” and are based on the weight in grains (approximately 475 grains to the ounce) of the first 30 feet of the line. A 4 wt line has a standard weight of 120 grains and a 7 wt line has a standard weight if 185 grains. Line weight is important because in has an important bearing on how big a fly you can cast and how well you can cast in windy conditions. The higher the line weight the bigger the flies you can cast and the easier you can cast into the wind. Rods designed for heavier lines tend to be more beefy and able to land bigger fish without breaking.

Another term you will hear cast about is the action of the rod There are three basic actions – also sometimes referred to as flex – slow or full flex, medium or mid flex, and fast or tip flex. Slow or full flex rods bend throughout nearly the entire length of the rod. This makes the rod a great shock absorber when fighting a fish but it also means that a lot of the casting energy is absorbed by the rod and not transferred to the line. Slow action rods don’t cast as far as other rods but are more forgiving to laps in your timing while perfecting your casting. At the other extreme is the fast rod. With these rods most of bending occurs in the upper 1/4th or less of the rod. Since much less of the casting energy is lost in the flexing of the rod, they will cast a line further. It is much easier to mend – move or reposition - your line on the with a fast action rod than it is with a slow action rod.

Now that you have some confidence in understanding what the sales staff will be talking about, it is time to think about what rod to get. The most important piece of advice I can give you is “invest in the rod and not the reel”. Buy the best rod you can afford. As with everything, there is a definite “value for price” relationship with fly rods. You can learn on a 50 dollar starter outfit but you will be frustrated and discourage. You are going to get frustrated anyway so why add an extra layer. Good quality rods are available in the $120 to $150 dollar range. Nearly all the major manufactures have a rod in that price range. You can spend upwards to $600 for a rod but it is unlikely that even most seasoned fly fishers will be able to tell that the rod is 3 times better.

Now, almost all of the mid-priced rods are made of graphite so material isn’t an issue in your decision. Advances in graphite technology, along with rod building experience, have progressed to the point that the number of rod sections is not a major concern. It is unlikely that you will notice much difference between how a seven piece rod casts and how a two piece rod casts.
Fly rod lengths typically range from 7 feet to 9 feet. Since the rod is a lever by which you are providing energy to the fly line, a longer rod will cast further than a short rod. Shorter rods have an advantage in the tight conditions of smaller streams.
So, what should you buy? Well that depends on what kind of fishing you will be doing. The following decision table may help

Top Fly Rod Reviews Here

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fly Rod Reviews, How To Choose A Fly Rod!

Fly Fishing Rod Top Reviews
More also at Hunting & Fishing reviews

Whether You're just starting out in fly fishing or been doing it for years and are looking for a new rod to purchase, look no further! With so many fly rods out there, how do you know what company, flex, size, weight and price to choose from? Read below for more information,

Sage Fly Rods
Winston Fly Rods
G_Loomis GL3
Orvis Fly Rods
Native Trout & Co. 4'6 ultra lite
TFO Rods
Redington Nano TiQ 6wt
Redington TCW 9054
St Croix legend elite spincast
St. Croix Legend Elite
St. Croix Imperial 9' 5-6 weight 2-pc rod
St. Croix St. Croix Avid AS60MF Spinning Rod
St. Croix Premier Series 5' Ultra Light
St. Croix Avid Casting 6' MH Fast
St. Croix Avid Series AFT909

If you're learning how to go fly fishing for the first time, there are several things you need to learn. One of the first things you need to learn about is choosing the right fishing gear and equipment. Not all fly fishing rods and reels are the same. The first thing you will need to learn is what type of specific fly rod you need.

Fly fishing rods are numbered, and the numbers represent how the rod is (strength-wise) built. A smaller number is designed for smaller fish, while a larger number is designed for bigger fish. So first thing you want to know is what type of fish you plan to be angling for. Are you angling for bass? For trout? Grayling? Salt water fish? Whatever your choice is, that should influence what type of a rod your want.

So if you're looking for your first fly fishing rod, a 4 0r 5wt will be able to handle something like rainbow trout, brook trout, and other similar species of fish. If you're looking for a really stiffly built rod like a 12wt, you're probably angling for a bigger game fish: Northern Pike, Muskie, or Tarpon.

Most fly fishing is done for smaller species of fish, or mid level. Blue gill, crappie, grayling, trout, and bass are common species of fish that fly fishing anglers love to pursue. So watch the number, because that will determine if you have the right gear or not.

The one other number to look at the length of the rod. There are various choices and preferences, but for beginners slightly larger rods can help, as long as you're not in a really tight space. The length can make it easier to cast the fly line longer distances, and you can have better control without getting tired. The reverse is also true, though. If you are going to fish in a small creek with overhanging branches, then you will want a fly fishing rod that is smaller, as to avoid snags and snares.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fly Fishing Gear, Week in Review!

Can You Really Have Enough Fly Fish Gear?

This starts a weeklong review of all top fly fishing gear. Can you have enough reels, can one truely buy too many fly rods....HA -Never!!

Unless your wife, girlfriend, pet or therapist says otherwise, the Sky's the limit. I think all in all I own around 16 fly rods, but whose counting...come to think of it I need that new Sage TXL 0o weight to fight some Bluegills and perhaps a few Brookies :) Four fish packs, 5 nets, fish finders, 3 boats, 20 fly boxes, 200 fishing books...Oh I've heard it all, I can't wait to hear more.

Sit back and a fun week full of inetersting discussions on fly gear, what you have, don't have or what you want to give away~


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fly Fish Addiction Picture Contest Winner!

Wild Fish Species Picture Contest Results!

Talk about some wild pictures we got for our FFA Picture contest! Thanks to all who participated in our contest and for some wild laughs that I'm still thinking about.

Our winner was Tighterlines! Congrats and you picked a good one....Nice what did you catch it on LoL
Your Book "Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die" By Chris Santella is being shipped this week, Enjoy!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Holidays Fishing Wishlist....

Whether You've Been Naughty or Nice...Fishing Gear will be on The List!

Ok let's hear it, you've been waiting an waiting to either till your SO about what goodies you've been keeping an eye on or that Trip for 2009 that you just have to go to!

Or if you're like me, you're trying for it all , new equipment, simms clothing and a Trip or Two, How? Well no SO anymore, fishing connections for a few DIY trips to come and my eye set on a 1090-4 Sage Xi2.
"If I get one out of three, believe you me I'll be as happy as a Puppy with two peters!"

Top Christmas Wishlist I've heard include:
1) Sage Skagit River soft shell - $300 Waterproof zippers, adjustable, watertight cuffs and four-way stretch, breathable material. Throw in a hood, partially rubberized sleeves and expandable handwarmer pockets and you have a dream come true. This high performance jacket from Sage shirks the Gore-Tex trend and offers anglers the same weather protection in a comfortable, soft shell design.

2) Scott S4 5 or 6 weight - $675 The long-awaited Scott S4 is here. Light and quick, this S3 upgrade casts a long, tight loop that even the most jaded gear freak will grin at. Check the details out here.

3) Sage Z-Axis - $670 to $880 Sage's replacement for the vaunted XP has proven to be a hit. This line up has something for everyone, from the popular 5 and 6 weight to light tackle rods like their 9 foot, three weight.
Heck, they even have a complete spey series starting with a 12 foot, 6 inch 5 weight and ending with a 16 foot 10 weight!

4) RIO Fly Lines RIO Gold - $64.95There's no sense spending big bucks on a rod if you don't have the right line!

Looking for a line that does it all? The RIO Gold from (duh) RIO fly lines is the answer.
Long bombs, roll and switch casts are all equally accomplished with this line. An extended back taper not only helps you mend better, it helps you throw the kind of tight loops that give other lines complexes.

5) Simms updated G3 and G4 waders - $400 and $700,
Getting in the water is a chilly undertaking in the Rockies, especially during the winter time, placing comfort at a premium.

Either of these waders will keep you dry and happy all day long in the field. The gold-standard G3's have been updated for 2008, featuring a new chest pocket design and new seam placement to facilitate better articulation for those days you wander off the beaten path.


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