Friday, December 19, 2008

The Best Fly Fishing Reels Out There!

Sage, Loop, Orvis, Nautilus, Hatch, Ross, Lamson, Abel, Tibor...
What's Your Cup of Tea?

Top Ranked Fly Reels and World Records by Each
1. Abel (56 world records)Abel's mission is to design and build the best, most reliable gear in the world! That they do... Abel Site

2. Tibor (50)Self-proclaimed maker of "The World's Finest Fly Reels." These reels are pieces of art and Fine pieces of equipment no doubt, and they catch fish, too. Tibor Site

3t. Orvis (10)A household name for outdoorsmen across the country, Orvis carries plenty more than fly rods and if you have a Dog, they're alyways welcome at their stores. Orvis Site

3t. Ross (10)"The No. 1 selling fly fishing reels in the USA." Colorado based, there you go
Ross Site

5. Fin-Nor (8)Fin-Nor makes everything from bass rods and spinning reels to saltwater combos, leading to more than 300 world records. Finnor Site

6t. Lamson (5)Waterworks-Lamson isn't your average fly fishing company, with outdoor roots that trace back to the bicylcle industry of all things they are leaders in reels also.

6t. Loop (5)Based in Sweden, Loop was founded in 1979 by two young fly fishers who were eager to explore and fish areas that were previously impossible to reach. Thanks to the AEG guys and now in Colorado, the Hook Fly shop, you should check them out. Loop Site

8t. Redington (4)This Washington-based company was founded in 1992 and produces performance- and value-based rods, not bad at all . Redington Site

8t. Sage (4)In a "think green" move, Sage has recently downsized its print catalog and is focusing more of its resources on its Website, where you can find a new rod along with helpful resources like a cast analyzer. I have a few and will always continue to buy these great reels~ Sage Site

A Guide to Fly Fishing Reels
Tips for Choosing Fly Reels


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Anonymous said...

2 Majical Fly Words Abel and Tibor! Need I say more


Troutdawg said...

Yep Saltwater and Tibor go hand in hand also. Forgot to list my latest reel of choice...Partridge, a UK based reel.....Love It!

Anonymous said...

WOW this has to be the WORST report in the history of reports

Anonymous said...

Bauer should definitely be in the top ranks of this list

Anonymous said...

What? No Nautilus? That new NV series is wicked! I'd rank it up there with the Tibor and Abel as a premium big game reel

Troutdawg said...

Sorry to those that disagree, as you know there are quite a few reels out there and yes Bauer is a good one but so are a few others I left off. The "NO NAUTILUS" post, well I did include it in the Title thread so sorry you missed it and yes the NV is a good one. This also was listed on popularity and was an open forum as to your favorites so thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

A good list ... In terms of contemporary reel designs I'd probably add Charlton. In regard to Orvis' offerings, I think the Battenkill Mid Arbor is probably the best value on the market, while the Odyssey I was undoubtedly the best "modern" trout reel made by the company. For classic appeal I'd have to go with a Hardy Perfect, Orvis CFO Spring and Pawl, Saracione, Peerless, Bogdan, Zwarg, Vom Hofe ... the list could go on ad infinitum. So many reels so little time.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a dialogue re reels, I'm a little tiny fish in the big Ocean - I make reels too, made the big 130lb Hardy Zane Grey that got Hardys the World Record.

StuartFlyfishing said...

Just my opinion and I know everyone has one. I am a full time flyfishing guide in south Florida and I never thought I would find a reel that would pull me away from my Tibors. That is until a buddy of mine put a Hatch in my hands. I know they don't have a bunch of world records to their name but in my opinion a world record is a better barrometer for an anglers abliity not a reel.