Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Denver Fly Fishing Shows, Here They Come

Fly Fishing Shows, Red Gold Showing, Celebrity Tyers, Fly Fishing Booths and Everything New in The World Pertaining To Fishing

The Year starts off with a bang again, from the Denver Fly Fishing Show to the ISE show, there will be plenty to keep you entertained this January. Checkout the fly fishing shows for sure and if you have time head out to the Red Gold showing, my buddy Kyle is helping out with this great cause. Red Gold Showing Jan 8th Doors open at 6:30pm Cervantes' Lounge

The Denver Fly Fishing Show Welcome to the tenth anniversary Fly Fishing Show in Denver. The first weekend in January has started off each of the last ten years with our fun event and learning experience. You have been able to see and buy all of the latest gear in fly fishing, with huge aisle of fly tying experts, attend fantastic talks, see amazing casting demos, and discover all the top exotic fly fishing destinations. This year will even be better, if that’s possible to imagine. New tyers, new talks, and new celebrities are all in our plans for 2010. Denver Merchandise Mart January 8/9/10 Doors open: Fri 10 - 6; Sat 9 - 5:30; Sun 9 - 4:30

The ISE Sportsman Show What is it about this show that keeps me coming back every year and much like myself, tens of thousands of others as well! With the ISE having over 30 years experience producing America's premier fishing shows, hunting shows, outdoor sports shows and adventure travel shows, I think I know why. Colorado Convention Center January 7-10th Doors Open: Thursday Noon to 9:00 pm Friday, Noon to 9:00 pm Saturday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Jack Dennis and Mike Hughes are coming and the word is, tickets are going fast. They have their own Fly Fishing Show coming to a few cities near you worth checking out. Jack and Mike are a few of the industries "original characters" great innovators in the fly fishing realm. They've done similar shows over the past 25 years,-the old trio included Gary LaFontaine. Guaranteed, in some fashion or form, you have been affected in your tying or fishing because of these gentlemen! You'll appreciate their western perspective, insight, humor and are certain to learn something. Special guests at this show also include Jeff Currier and Scott Sanchez.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best of Fly Fish Addiction 2009

Another great year with FFA and yeah...we were a little fortunate with all of our days out on the water again this year. Between Boca Grande trips for Tarpon, chasing double digit bows in Alaska, redfishing in Clearwater/Homasassa, favorite waterways in Wyoming, hitting all of my favorite rocky mountain spots on the Pan, Taylor, Gunny, Colorado, Delaney/Antero etc... I could go on but let's just say most of the water in Colorado somewhat fell to my Addiction. Carp days always reach about 30 days so that is a given as well and don't forget a few Pike/Bass days thrown in the mix. Despite no Belize or Costa Rica as originally planned, I need to start saving now and see what 2010 brings me!
I hope the year brought you much joy also and I can't wait to hear from many of you about your trips and what's ahead. Feel free to meet up with us, Lord knows the Fellas and I are out every chance we get.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas From Fly Fish Addiction

Still don't have your Fly Fishing checklist completed for Christmas? For all of those playing last minute catch up,yep I'm there with ya---don't forget to checkout these sites for some goodies. Great stuff from some quality guys. Whether it's Orvis of Cherry Creek, Fly Fishing Artwork and gifts from Bob White, Fly Fishing books and memorabilia from The Angling Bookstore, fly rods or fishing equipment at Fly Fishing Crazy and lastly Top fly fishing videos.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trapper Rudd's Adventures in New Zealand

Trapper's At It Again!

I just got another email from Trapper Rudd again from one of his many Adventures. Looks like a great trip and definitely not a shortage of big browns down there. Between all of your Saltwater trips and far away reaches to NZ, it's hard to keep up with you! Can't wait to see more teasers and hopefully get you back for one of our Colorado trips with Stan and the boys -if you ever make it back that is~

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Top Fly Fishing Links, Blogs, Websites, Information, Tips and Destinations

Great stuff for those trying to find the best Fly Fishing News/Tips
Direct Link To Websites

Alabama _ Merlinn Southern Outdoors www.homestead.commerlinn
Alabama - Riverside Fly Shop personal.lig.bellsouth.netlig/1/f/1flyfish/page2.html
Alaska - Anvik River Lodge
Alaska - Boardwalk Wilderness Lodge
Alaska - Deaver,Rich Ramrod Charters www.sturgis.comramrod_charters
Alaska - Downing, Ron & Liz, Gusto Charters
Alaska - Eruk's Float Tours
Alaska - Fishermen's Inn
Alaska Fishing Guides
Alaska Fishing Info, Red Cabin
Alaska - Mystic Water FF'ing
Alaska Quest Wilderness River Adv.
Alaska Rainbow Adventure
Alaska Sport Fishing Regs.
Alaska - Women's FF'ing in Alaska
All Coasts
All Outdoors
All Outdoors Magazine alloutdoors.comAllOutdoors/NewsStand.html
All Tackle Records (Fresh Water)
All Tackle Records (Salt Water)
Amato, Frank Pub.
Amazing Fish Cam home.mcom.comfishcam/fishcam.html - flyfishing books
Amy, Jason's Page
American Museum of Fly Fishing
Anadromous Page
Andy's Fly Shop
Angler's Exchange
Angler's Image
Angler's On-Line Information
Angler's Online www.inetmkt.comfishpage/index.html
Angler's Supply House
Angler's Workshop
Argentina - ArgentinaChile FF'ing
Argentina - FF'ing the Andes www.flyshop.comAdventures/FFAndes/
Argentina - Guanaco Club (Tierra del Fuego) www.geocities.comgusxxi/guanacoclub.html
Argentina - Patagonia www.webzonecom.comnesc/andes/
Argentina - Patagonia www.patagonia.comlite/menu.html
Argentina - Patagonia Outfitters www.cpatagonia.comesq/anglers
Argentina - Refugio Lago Tromen
Argentina - Saltzman, FF'ing Guide www.vtweb.comsalty/sbooking.htm
Arizona - AZ Flyfishing Fly Shop
Arizona - Canyon Creek Anglers
Arizona - Desert Fly Casters
Arizona Flyfishing Page
Arizona - Lee's Ferry Anglers
Arizona - Brett Lindsey's Homepage
Arizona - Pine Top Region www.wmonline.comgamefish/gfhome.htm
Arizona - Smallmouth www.verde.org00fish99.html
Arizona's Small Streams
Arizona - Glenn Tinnin's Compleat FF'ing
Arizona - AZFlytyer Homepage
Arkansas - Andy's Fly Fishing Page kanweb.comfly
Arkansas - Al Blanton's Guide Serv.
Arkansas - Snugg Brown's page
Arkansas - Cane Island Fly Shop
Arkansas Fish Carvings www.ozarkwaters.comozarkwaters/catalog.htm
Arkansas - N. Fork and Little Red Rivers
Arkansas - Ozark Fly Flinger ourworld.compuserve.comhomepages/flyflinger
Arkansas - Ozark Waters FF'ing
Arkansas - Rivercliff Cabins
Arkansas - Rivercliff Trout Dock
Arkansas - Riverside Cabins
Arkansas -Tailwaters Trout
Arkansas - White Buffalo Resort www.whiteriver.netwhite-buffalo/
Arkansas - White River Anglers
Arkansas - White River Homepage
Arranger, The
Art Studio www.vt.comartstudio
ASCII Graphic Sigs
ASCII Graphics www.geocities.comSoHo/7373/
Atlantic Salmon Federation Homepage www.flyfishing.comasf/
Atlantic Salmon Resource Center www.gti.netkmanno/asrc.html
Aust. - Arafura Blue Fishing Charters
Aust. - Aussie Bait www.metroguide.comaussiebait
Aust. - Aust. Fishing Shop www.netcheck.comaussiefish.htm
Aust. - Aust. Fishing Shop www.gil.comau/comm/nvision/afs.html
Aust. - Aust. Fishing Tackle
Australian Flyfishing Outfitter
Australian Fly Swap
Aust. Natl. Sportfishing
Aust. - Bendigo and District
Aust. - Dave Church
Aust. - Deervale Lodge
Aust. - FishInternet
Aust. - Fly Life
Aust. - Flyworld
Aust. - Fishing News$sID+13792590417&pageID=dfishnews.html
Aust. - Matt Graham's Sport Safari
Aust. - Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures
Aust. - S.E. QLD.
Aust. - S. Pacific Fishing Net
Aust. - Tasmanian Trout fishing
Aust. - Tasmanian Trout Guide www.tassie.netau/~weaver/Jack/
Aust. - Victoria NE
Aust., U. of Adelaide Entomology www.waite.adelaide.eduau/~miqbal/ento.html
Aust. - Tony Young's Bamboo Fly Rods
Austria - FF'ing Intl.
Austria - IKFA
Austria - Flyfishing In Lech
AYR Reels

Badger Creek Fly Tying www.mwflytying.comdefault.html
Baglo, Glen's Page www.ultranet.caroyp/baglos.htm
Bahamas Banyan Bonefishing Club
Bahamas Bonefishing cyberisle.comtropical/nagler.htm
Bahamas, FF'ing www.gminet.comleisure/bahamas.htm
Bailey, Dan's Fly Shop
Bamboo Fly Rod www.cnsii.comram/bamboo1.htm
Bamboo Fly Rod Building www.geocities.comSoHo/Coffeehouse/5262/bamboo.htm
Bamboo Fly Rods From China
Baron, Ken's Page
Barrett, Ed's Antique Fishing Tackle www.webcomcom/tackle/nvmain.html
Bass Bug Fly Swap
Bass Bug Fly Swap (1997)
Bass Fishing Page wmi.cais.combassfish/index.htm
Bass Pond
Bass Pro Shops
Bass Resource Guide, Ultimate
BC Nymph Co.
Bearlodge Angler
Beaverkill River Info
Beck, Otto Co.
Beginner's Netguide to Fly Fishing www.myhost.comflyfishing101
Belgium - Danny Geysen's Page
Belgium - Royal Casting Club
Belize - Fishing and Diving Belize
BC Flyfishing
Bighorn River Lodge, MT www.BigSkyWire.ComBighorn
Birkes, Steve and Adam's Page
Bitterroot Rods
Black Bear Fly Fishing Graphics www.flyshop.comMall/Bear/
Blackwell, Nick's Page
Blackwood, Glen FF'ing Videos
Blackwood House blackwoodhouse.comkreinik2.htm
Blue Ridge Book Gallery
Blue Ridge Rods
Blue Winged Olive
Boatbuilding, Jeff Spira www.geocities.comTheTropics/Shores/2589/
Bob Marriot's Flyfishing Store
Bodkin, Professor
Boinky - The float tubing dog www.idg.dkmj/gallery/tubing/boinky.htm
Bonney, Dale's Page
Books @ Flyfish.Com flyfish.combooks/books.html
Books @ Flyfishing.Com www.flyfishing.comtext/books/
Books Now
Brazos Flyfishers, X
Bridger Art Collection www.montana.netbridger
Brigadoon, Georgia FF'ing Resort georgiamagazine.combrigadoon
British Virgin Is.
Brookside Rod Co. home.onestop.netbrookside/
Brown, Snugg's Page
Brush Creek Ranch, WY www.duderanch.orgbrush-creek
Buck's FF'ing Page
Bulletin Board
Burleson Sporting Co.
Byte'n Bass Software

Cahill, Mark's Page www.geocities.comBaja/3297/fishing.htm
Caitlin's Mayflies
Calif. - AdventureWest www.adventurewest.comindex.htm
Calif. - Bay Area Bass Fishing www.dpcorp.combassmainpage.html
Calif. - Bermingham Guide Serv.
Calif. - Brocks FF'ing Specialists www.395.combrocks/
Calif. - Cyberfly ourworld.compuserve.comhomepages/CyberFly/
Calif. - Dunsmuir FF'ing Co. www.snowcrest.netdunsflyfishing
Calif. - Eagle Flyfishing
Calif. - Eastern Sierra FF'ing
Calif. - Ernie's Casting Pond
Calif. - Evening Rise Tours
Calif. - The Fishernet
Calif. - Fishing Internatl.: World fishing Travel
Calif. - Sierra Catch Fly Shop
Calif. & Sierra Nevada Fly Fishing
Calif. (N.) Flyfishing
California Fly Fishing Adventures www.ffa.comcalifornia/caltrout.html
California Fly Shop www.3000.comCalFly/
Calif. - The Fly Shop
Calif. - Long Beach Casting Club users.deltanet.comusers/iwalker/lbcc.html
Calif. - McCloud FF'ing Adv. www.snowcrest.netricmcfly/
Calif. - Todd Miller
Calif. - Northcoast Rivers www.northcoastweb.comfishing
Calif. - Onstream Flyfishing chezhal.slip.netcom.comlos_gatos/businesses/upstream/storefront.html
Calif. - Rick's Lodge www.oachs.comrickslodge/
Calif. - Shaver Lake
Calif. - S. Calif. FF'ing Guide pages.prodigy.comlakes/lakes.htm
Calif. - The Troutfitter
Calif. - Wharton-Stillwater Guide Serv.
Calif. - Whitewater Sites www-bookstore.ucdavis.educr/watersites.html
Canada - Alberta
Canada - Alberta Blackwood House blackwoodhouse.comindex.htm
Canada - Alberta - Bow River www.flyshop.comAdventures/Bow-River
Canada - Alberta - Classic Outfitters
Canada - Alberta - FF'ing International www.agt.netpublic/cnangler.html
Canada - Alberta - Homewaters Mag. www.cintek.comhomewaters/
Canada - B.C. - Angling B.C.
Canada - B.C. - Angling in B.C. www.imagehouse.comadventure/angling/index.html
Canada - B.C. - The Angler's Net www.getset.comanglers/
Canada - B.C. - B.C. Sportsfishing
Canada - B.C. - Chaunigan Lake Lodge travel.bc.cac/chaunigan
Canada - B.C. - Coast Angler
Canada - B.C. - Entomology Profiles for Lakes
Canada - B.C. - Finger Lake Wilderness Resort
Canada - B.C. - Fish-Stream Guidebook
Canada - B.C. - FF'ing vvv.comflyfish/index.html
Canada - B.C. - FF'ing the West www.worldweb.comFlyfishing/
Canada - B.C. - Hanson's Fishing Outfitters www.anglingbc.comhansons/
Canada - B.C. - Herby's Fly and Tackle www.junction.netherbys/
Canada - B.C. - Homewaters Mag. www.cintek.comhomewaters/
Canada - B.C. - Island Fish Finder www.acidnet.comfishfinder
Canada - B.C. - Martin Bros. Outfitters
Canada - B.C. - N. Okangan
Canada - B.C. - Reel Expeditions flyfishingbc.hypermart.netguiding.html
Canada - B.C. - ReelFishingBC.Com
Canada - B.C. - Salmon Fishing in B.C.
Canada - B.C. - Shearwater Marine Resort
Canada - B.C. Steelhead www.flyfishing.comssbc
Canada - B.C. - Stewart's Lodge
Canada - B.C. - Vancouver Island FF'er
Canada - B.C. - Wilderness Adventure Tours
Canada - Manitoba - Lake Fishing Mag. www.articfire.comarcfire/fishing.htm
Canada - N.B. - Anglers Choice user.fundy.netfly-man
Canada - N.B. - Byron-Country Haven Lodge & Cottages
Canada - N.B. - ESKAPE Anglers www.wp.comESKAPEA/sammy/bry.html
Canada - N.B. - Harris Bar Lodge
Canada - N.B. Outfitters Assoc.
Canada - N.B. - Clayton Stewart's Salmon Fishing on the Miramichi
Canada - Newf. - Gander River Outfitters
Canada - Newf. - M.I.N.E.-FF'ing www.flyfishingnewfoundland.comhome/index.htm
Canada - Newf. - Salmonid Assoc. of East. Newf.
Canada - Nova Scotia - Salmon Fishing novascotia-salmon.comfishing/
Canada - Nova Scotia - Valley Rod and Gun www.valleyweb.comrodandgun
Canada - Nova Scotia - Johnny's Fishing Hole www3.ns.sympatico.cans/j.armstrong/
Canada - Ontario - Fishing Ontario Page
Canada - Ontario - Gaevbel's Spruce Shilling Camp www.wp.comtrees
Canada - Ontario - Holiday Junction www.achilles.netholiday/
Canada - Ontario - John's Fly Materials
Canada - Ontario = Ian James
Canada - Ontario - Marshall's Quinte FF'ing Online
Canada - Ontario - N. Ontario Outfitters virtualnorth.comnoto/
Canada - Ontario - Ravenscroft Lodge
Canada - Ontario, Rebel Outfitters
Canada - Ontario - Ian Scott's Rods absolute-sway.comwishbone
Canada - S. Ontario
Canada - Toronto Area www.zoo.utoronto.caFUN/fish.html
Canada - Ontario - Ottowa River, Marc Hallan www.neatpage.comfishing.htm
Canada - Que. - Dumoine River Rod & Gun Club
Canada - Que. - l'ami du moucheur, Inc.
Canada - Que. - Le Mouchex, FF'ing www.titan.qc.camoucheux/
Canada - Que. - Richard Verret intercime.qc.carverret_flyfishing
Canada - Sas. - Wollaston Lake Lodge
Canada - W. - Equinoxe
Canadian Christmas Fly Swap www.superiway.netlancet/ffcxfs.htm
Cane Rod Building FAQ's
Cane Prep. in China
Canoe Outriggers www.otn.netflyfish/
Cape Cod
Capt'n Mikes Tackle Towne www.awa.comcm/
Carli, Larry www.fontbonne.edudavis/carli.html
Carp Anglers Group carp.netcag/
Carp, The (De Karper) www.euronet.nlusers/krista/homepage.html
Carp Lines
Carp Net, The www.carp.netindex1a.html
Cass, Bill's Page
Caster's Flies www.amaonline.comcasters
Casting Angles, rod tests
Castro, Jack
Catalogs: List of Fishing, Free
Cataraft: River Float Fishing
Catch and Release Homepage
Caucci's (Al) Delaware River Club
Chesapeake Fly and Bait Co., MD
Chicago Acad. Ento. Site www.chias.orgwww/col/ento.html
Chicken Fishing
Childers, Jim: fly tying art
Children, FFing for www.tri-site.comflyfish
Chile - ArgentinaChile FF'ing
Chile - Fly Fish Chile
Chile - Pescando con mosca
Chile - Rio Palena Lodge
Chile - Fly Fishing in S. Chile www.inteligente.clClientes/Sur_de_Chile/pesca_e.html
Chile - Salmon Explorer Exp.
Chile - Southern Chile Expeditions
Church, Dave's Page www.users.bigpond.comdavechurches
Clackacraft Drift Boats
Classic Angler www.gorp.combamboo.htm
Classic Flies Collection
Classic Line (molded boxes)
Classic West Orvis, MT
Clear Creek Production
Climax Lines and Leaders www.climaxusa.comclimax
Coch-y-bonddu Books, Wales
Colorado - Bob's Fly Tying www.inetmkt.combobs.index.html
Colorado, Chaz Clover's Page
Colorado - Columbine Outfitters, CO www.aescon.commisc/columbine/weekly/firhrep.htm
Colorado River Guide Service
Colorado - Dan's Fly Shop
Colorado - DNR
Colorado - Discount Flies & Tackle www.crccnet.comflyfishing
Colorado - Duranglers wildernesstrails.comeastcreekflyfishers
Colorado Fishing Federation www.canoecreek.comCFF/cff.htm
Colorado Fishing Net
Colorado Fly Casting
Colorado (S) FF'ing Page
Colorado - Mountain Angler www.summitnet.comla/mtnangler
Colorado - Old Boettcher Lodge
Colorado - Oxbow www.aspenonline.comaspenonline/directory/recre/sponsors/oxbow/dir/fishingcondtn.html
Colorado - Oxbow Outfitters www.aspen.comoxbow
Colorado - Roarking Fork Anglers
Colorado - Rocky Mtn. FF'ing Page
Colorado State Entomology Site www.colostate.eduDepts/Entomology/ent.html
Colorado - Taylor Creek Fly Shop
Colorado - Vail Daily Fish & Rivernet www.realinfo.comreal/vailfishnet.html
Colorado - West Fork Guide Serv. subee.comwestfork/home.html
Compleat Angler, The sunsite.unc.edupub/docs/books/gutenberg/etext96/tcang10.txt
Complete Sportsman
Conner, Tom's Page
Connecticut Fishing Page
Connecticut Fly Fishing Assoc.
Connecticut - Marla Blair Guide Serv.
Connecticut (SE) Flyfishing www.geocities.comYosemite/2838/
Connecticut - North Coast Charters
Connecticut NE Saltwater FF'ing www.saltwater-flyfishing.comNESWFF.htm
Cortland Fly Lines www.cortlandline.comcortland
Costa Rica - Arena Alta Sportfishing
Cougar Innovations www.pcwebdesign.comfishingadv
Countryman Books
Crappie Fishing
Creekside Fly Fishing Shop, OR www.halcyon.comflyshop
Croatia - Davorkn Fundak's Page
Crocheted Flies
Cruickshank, Kat: Art Work
Cuba - Jardines de la Reina www.gulliver.itCUBAFLY/
Curtis, Robert Homepage

Daiichi Hooks www.flyfishing.comdaiichi
Daiwa Homepage
Damon, Tim's Fly Fishing Supply Co. www.northnet.orgflyfishing/
Dan's Custom Flys www.ij.netdanscustomflys
Dan's Fly Shop
Dan's Web Connection www.pbmo.netsuburb/ddwriter/index.html
Dave's River Science Page zebu.uoregonedu/~dmason/rivsci/aquabugs.html
Dead Drift Reviews
Deep Salt
Delaware River Club (Al Caucci's)
Delaware River (West Branch Resort)
Delaware, Univ. Entomology Site bluehen.ags.udel.eduinsects/descriptions/entohome.html
Delorme Atlas and Routing
Denmark - Martin Joergensen's Page
Denmark - Fishing www.idg.dkmj/tacktech/henk/henk1.htm
Denney, Don's Page
Designing Trout Flies
Devaux Flies www.tbw.chflygate/flygateint/pgmint/fly1.htm
Diamond N Outfitters, MT www.iigi.comos/montana/diamondn/diamondn.htm
Di Cerbo, Stephen: Art Work
Digital Images of Fish www.geocities.comYosemite/2215/fishart.html
Dry Fly Swap Homepage
Dunn, Joel's Page
Dyna-King Vises

E. Tennessee Flyfishing
E. Tennessee Flyfishing www.usit.netpublic/skulpa/index.html
Eat, Where to
Edge, The (Big Game Fishing Mag.)
Ed's Fly Tying School fp2.centuryinter.netflytying
Eisele, Ted's Page smitcnt.idbsu.eduKNet/Tedhome.htm
Entomology Profiles for BC Lakes
Enviromental Organization Web Directory
Ernie's Casting Pond,CA

F-Cubed Homepage www.ultranet.caroyp/
Federation of Fly Fishers Home Page
FFF Europe members.xoom.comFFFEurope
FFF Boise Valley (ID)
FFF Dubuque (IO)
FFF Davis (CA)
FFF Flycasters of San Jose (CA)
FFF Housatonic Fly Fishing Assoc. (CT)
FFF Great Lakes Council steelheadsite.comFFF-GLC/
FFF Red Cedar FFA
FFF Heart of America (MO)
FFF North Dakota
FFF North Louisiana www.softdisk.comcomp/fish/
FFF Oregon Council
FFF Dallas
FFF Ft. Worth
FFF Clark (WA) Skamania
FFF Milwaukee
Fennell, James on Far East FF'ing
Fine Line Classic Collection
Finland, Heikki Anttonen
Finland, Fishing in
Finland FF'ing
Finland - Jimi's Page
Finland River Kymijoki
Fireflies Intntl.
Fish Finder Search Engine usfederal.comfishfinder/
Fish Stories, Joe's
Fish Weight Calculator
Fisherman's Heaven www.everett.comusers/kevtrout/
Fisher Rod Co. Http://
Fish Head Radio
Fishing Buddies
Fishing Fools World
Fishing Hole Magazine
Fishing International
Fishing Network
Fishing the Net with JD
Fish Trucks Online Fly Shop
Fishy Pete's
Float tubing dog, Boinky www.idg.dkmj/gallery/tubing/boinky.htm
Florida - All Pro Marine
Florida - Amelia Island FF'ing
Florida - Backcountry FF'ing Instruction www.fishfla.comcaptmetz.html
Florida - The Back Country
Florida - Blue Seas Deepsea
Florida - Central FL Flats Anglers
Florida - Charlotte Harbor Guides Serv. explorer.gls3c.comguides/guidepage.html
Florida - Chaser Tango www.keywestparadise.comchaser.html
Florida - Clewiston Guide Serv. wmi.cais.combassfish/index.html
Florida - Coastal Angler Magazine
Florida - Capt. Mike Duclon www.cftnet.commembers/duclon/capt2.htm
Florida - CyberAngler cyberangler.comfishing.html
Florida - First Coast
Florida - Fishing Guides, NE Coast www.floridafish.comieguidenes.htm
Florida - Fishing the Net w/Bob and Ray iseek.comfishing/
Florida - Florida Fishing Adventures www.ibmc.comfloridafishing/
Florida - FF'ing the FL Keys ourworld.compuserve.comhomepages/tarpon/
Florida - Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club
Florida - Game and Fish Comm. fcn.state.fl.usgfc/fishing/fishing.html
Florida - Capt. Scott Graham cyberangler.comguides/graham
Florida - Marco Is., Everglades www.marco-island-florida.comfish/home.htm
Florida - Capt. Rodney Ristau www.imsweb.netcweb/crrinc/
Florida - Sarasota Guides & Info www.discoversarasota.comrec/charter1.html
Florida - S. - Saltwater Fishing www.aksi.netfishing
Florida - FF'ing SW FL
Florida - Sanibel Fly Shop
Florida - Capt. Dexter Simmons pages.grodigy.comcaptdexter
Florida, SW - Guide to Saltwater www.marco-island-florida.comdon/home.htm
Florida Suncoast FF'ing www.flsun.comfishing/fly_fish/fly_main.htm
Florida Suncoast Fishing Guides www.flsun.comfishing/guides/intro_a.htm
Florida - The Tropical Angler www.cyberisle.comtropical/angler.htm
Florida - Capt. Ron Wagner
Florida - Warsa Flies
Florida A and M, Mayfly Research www.famu.orgmayfly/
Fly & Field
Fly & Pen
Fly Anglers Online
Fly Box www.empnet.comflybox
Flycasters Supply
Fly Casting Forum
Fly Deal, A
Fly Fish America www2.FlyfishAmerica.comFlyFishAmerica/
Fly Fishing Broadcast Network
Fly Fishing CD-ROM by J. R. Hartley
Fly Fishing Club.Com
Fly Fishing Fools Club
Fly Fishing Database and FAQ Page
Fly Fishing Game, CD-ROM www.gametek.comwebfinall/coming_soon/fly/fish.html
Fly Fishing Gear Reviews
Fly Fishing Guide Series (books)
Fly Fishing International www.agt.netpublic/cnangler/html/
Fly Fishing Log www.angelfire.combiz/flyfish/index.html
Fly Fishing Network
Fly Hook Comparison Chart
Fly Life
Fly of the Month Fly Swap
Fly of the Month Dec. '96 Fly Swap htp://
Fly-Rite, Inc.
Fly Shop: catalog & travel
Fly Tying Art finetravel.comfinefish/AUTHORS/MCKIM/FLY_TY.HTM
Fly Tying Art (Jim Childers)
Fly Tying for Beginners
Fly Tying Ring
Fly Tying World Championship
FLYBASE: Weekly Regional Hatch Charts www.flyfish.comFLYbase/
FLYFISH@ Archives
FLYFISH@ Homepage
FLYFISH@ History
FLYFISH@ Sig Lines
FLYFISH@ Institute for Bad Poetry
Flyfishers Online
Flyfishing for Pike Video www.nando.netads/gift/video/v6137.htm
Flyfishing Programs www.indirect.comuser/jshannon/flyprog.html
Fly Logic Reels
Flywater Interactive
Forbes, J. Austin, reels
France - Boyko Flies www.tbw.chflygate/flygateint/pgmint/fly1.htm
France - Flyfish Fly Shop
France - La Lettre de Sea-River
France - PECHE MOUCHE PYRENEES perso.infonie.frscripte/moniteur/index.html
Freaner, Claude's Page ://Freightrain FF'ing Prod.
Frontiers Intnl. Travel
Frye, Rob's Page
Fujioka, FF'ing Art www.itow.comamago/index2.html

G. Loomis Rods
Gadabout Gaddis: Reminiscence www.seakayaker.comgaddis/gadabout.htm
Game, Fly Fishing CD-ROM www.gametek.comwebfinall/coming_soon/fly/fish.html
Gamel Outdoor Services
Gatti Fly Rods www.rivint.comangler/gatti.htm
Gear Keeper
Gehrke's Outdoor Products
Georgia - "Hootch" Maps
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Georgia Trout Online www.georgia-outdoors.comngto/index.html
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Georgia Women Flyfishers www.accessatlanta.comcommunity/groups/gawomfly/
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Haddock, James' Page www.haddock.comflyfish/
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Missouri - Jay's FF'ing Page
Missouri River Expedition www.net500.comCyport/M96
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Missouri - Show Me Fly Shop
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Missouri - Weaver's Tackle Store www.missouritrout.comweaver/
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Montana - Bighorn River Lodge www.BigSkyWire.ComBighorn
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Montana - Depuy Spring Creek
Montana - Diamond N Outfitters www.iigi.comos/montana/diamondn/diamondn.htm
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Nevada - Fishing Regs. vegasonline.comLocalColor/LocalColorIdx/LocalCorner/LocalCornerIdx/NevadaHuntingFishing/
Nevada - Wharton-Stillwater Guide Serv.
Newman, Wes's Fly Tying Emporium www.idausers/wesn/
New Hampshire - State Wildlife www.wildlife.state.nh.usfishing.html
New Jersey - The Angler www.rivint.comangler/
New Jersey - The Bass Barn
New Jersey - Black River Outfitters www.gti.netgrogers/index.html
New Jersey - FF'ing Guide
New Jersey Fishing www.state.nj.usdep/fgw/fishing.htm
New Jersey - NJ Flyfishing
New Jersey - Kent and Ernie www.gti.netkmanno/fish.html
New Jersey - NJTrout
New Jersey - Mud Hole Custom Tackle www.vitinc.comnn/mud/cat/e2home1m.html
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New Jersey - Weekend Angler www.erols.comwekndang/
New Jersey - West Branch Angler
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New Mexico - FF'ing NM & CO
New Mexico - Bugs R Us
New Mexico - Gateway to FF'ing in N.M. www.swcp.comreellife/
New Mexico - High Mountain Anglers www.newmex.comHighMountainAngler/
New Mexico State Pg.
New Mexico - Reel Life www.thereellife.comreellife
New Mexico - San Juan Riv. FF'ing
New Mexico - Santa Fe Flyfishers
New York - Adirondack Sport Shop
New York - Beaverkill
New York - Bill Ballen's FF'ing Store
New York - Capt.'s Cove & Charters
New York - Cayuga Lake Charters www.publiccom.comweb/finknapper/
New York - Carl Coleman's Fly shop www.rochesterweb.comcolemans
New York - Tim Damon's FF'ing Supply
New York - Ferguson Charters www.1000islands.comfishing/ferguson/ferguson.htm
New York - Finger Lakes
New York - FF'ing in NYC New York - FF'ing w/William www.maltesefx.comfish.html
New York - Manhattan Custom Tackle
New York - Montauk Sportfishing ourworld.compuserve.comhemepages/MontaukSportfishing
New York - Northern www.northnet.orgflyfish/grady.htm
N.Y.S.A.R.E.P. Homepage
New York - Salmon River and Lake Ontario www.salmon-river.comWelcome.html
New York - Salmon River Fishing Reports www.maine.comfish-ny
New York - Salt on the Fly, Long Island noreast.comfly/salt.htm
New York - Frank Verdolino's Salmon River www.salmon-river.comfran-pg.htm
New York - Shoreline Lake Ontario www.1worldnet.comnydirect/default.htm
New York - 1000 Island Charters www.1000islands.comfishing/charters/
New York - The Urban Angler
New York - West Branch Anglers
New York - Welcome to Whitaker's
New Zealand - Alpine Ff'ing Guides New Zealand - Buchnan Tackle
New Zealand - Fishing and Hunting
New Zealand - Fishing Waikato Reg.
New Zealand - Forever Fishing Co.
New Zealand - Frontier Fishing
New Zealand - Kiwi FF'ing
New Zealand - Kowhai Farm Stay
New Zealand - Mt. Cook Fishing Safaris
New Zealand - River Island Lodge
New Zealand - ROAR Adventures
New Zealand - South Pacific Fishing Net
New Zealand - Southern Cross FF'ing
New Zealand - Tony's Fish Page
New Zealand - Trout and About New Zealand
New Zealand - Trout Fishing in NZ
New Zealand - Valley Fishing Lodge www.destination-nz.comvalleyfishing/
New Zealand - Wellington FF'ers Club
New Zealand Fishing
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NOARK I - Devino's Photos
NOARK I - Green's Photos
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North Carolina - Davidson River Outfitters
North Carolina - Joel Dunn
North Carolina - EZ Flyfish
North Carolina - FF NC w/Gordon Churchill www.geocities.comYosemite/Rapids/3853
North Carolina - Bruce Harang, guide
North Carolina - High Country Outdoors www.geocities.comnc_trout_man/
North Carolina - High Mountain Fishing Adv.
North Carolina - Hunter Banks Co.
North Carolina - Joe Kelly's FF'ING Western NC users.twave.netjkelly/
North Carolina - Trout, NC
North Carolina - Mojo Mojinson www.shentel.netmojo
North Carolina - Oregon Inlet Fishing Ctr.
North Carolina - Smoky Mountains On The Fly
North Carolina - The Waterfront www.jef.comjef/Waterfront/
North Carolina - Guide to Western NC trout
North Carolina, Univ. of Press sunsite.unc.eduuncpress/newsbytes/dean33.html
North Carolina State Ent. Site ipm_www.ncsu.eduinsect_notes/Ornamentals_and_Turf/ornamental_contents.html
North Dakota State Fishing Info www.state.nd.usgnf/fishwaters.html
North Dakota - Fishing in the Valley www.glness.comtourism/html/valley/ValleyFish.html
North Dakota Fishing www.outdoor-journal.comndfishing.html
North Dakota Lake Fishing www.outdoor-journal.comndlakefishing.html
North West FF'ing www.accelerated.comOutdoorNW/fly.htm
Norway - Audna Rv.
Norway - Finn's FF'ng Site
Norway - FF'ing
Norway - Furuly's Salmon Fishing Page
Norwegian Flyshop
Norway - Klekkern Fluefiskeklubb -
Norway - Telemark
Norway - The Trout Bum
Norway - The Seatrout
Norway - The Storelva www.flyshop.noguide/rivers/aa/storelv/storelv.htm
Norway - Karl M. Withbro's Page
Nowlan, Andrew's Page
Nymph's Bead
Ohio - Noodlebagger
Ohio - State Info www.dnr.state.oh.usodnr/wildlife/fish.html
Ohio - Toledo www.glasscity.netusers/blakstar/dad.html
Oklahoma - State www.wbn.cawilderness/fishgame.html
Olmsted, W.R. Angling Books www.kootenay.netbusiness/angling/
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On The Go Products
Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Oregon - Anadromous Pg
Oregon (Biosphere) www.proaxis.combiosphere/flyfish/flyfish.html
Oregon - Blue Mountain Anglers
Oregon - Creekside Fly Fishing Shop www.halcyon.comflyshop
Oregon - The Fly Box www.empnet.comflybox
Oregon - Fly Fishing Shop
Oregon FF'ing gopher://
Oregon - The Gorge Flyshop
Oregon - The Big K
Oregon - Lonesome Duck www.clearwater.comlonesome/
Oregon - McKenzie Fly Tackle
Oregon - McKenzie Page zebu.uoregon.educgi-bin2/Mckenzie/
Oregon - Oregon Outdoor Recreation Guide
Oregon - Sandy River Flytier
Oregon - Don Strachener's Fishing Hole
Oregon - Vic's Fly by Night Flies
Oregon - Young's Fishing Service www.gorge.netfishing/yfs/
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Outdoor Expressions
Outdoor Source
Outdoor Water Sports
Outdoors with Doug Miller www.ksl.comTV/outdoors/outdoors.htm
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Palsa Outdoor Products www.visi.comwebsmyth/palsa/
Panangling Travel Service
Payne Rod Co.
Pencek, Bruce's Page
Penn Reels and Rods
Pennslyvania State Boat and Fish Comm.
Penn. - Angler's Academy Pro Shop www.gorp.comaapro.htm
Penn. - Bass Reports wmi.cais.combassfish/reports/pennsylv/indexer.htm
Penn. - Dale Bonney's Pg.
Penn. - Central www.paonline.comangler/
Penn. - Delaware Riv.
Penn. - Delaware Riv. Club
Penn. - Feathered Hook www.third-wave.comfeathrhk/
Penn. - Fishing Creek Outfitters
Penn. - FF'er's Paradise
Penn. - Fly Fishing
Penn. - Flystream.Com
Penn. - Keystone Anglers www.fortunecity.comolympia/weah/119/main.html
Penn. - Laxawaxen River Tours
Penn. - Morning Dew Anglers
Penn. - Muller's Delaware Valley Bass
Penn. - N.E. Flyfishers
Penn. - NE Homepage
Penn. - Noodlebagger
Penn. - Fred Reese's Trout Shop
Penn. - River Rat Jigs www.schmitzpress.comratriver/
Penn. - Stonycreek Conemaugh ctcnet.netscript/fishgood.htm
Penn. - Susquehanna Smallmouth www.paonline.comangler/ssa.htm
Penn. - TCO Fly Shop
Penn. - Yellow Breeches House
Penn State Ent. Site
Penn State Stonefly Movies
PA Online Anglers
Penrose, Thomas: Flyfishing Paintings www.geocities.comSoHo/Coffeehouse/5262/home.htm
Percy's Flies
Performance Fly Rods
Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies www.flyshop.comMall/Rampaul/ram.html
Peru - Black Marlin www.L82.comblack_marlin
Petitjean Flies
Peux Reels
Phoenix Lines
Physics of Flycasting
Pierce, Boot's Homepage www.geocities.comyosemite/7377
Pike fishing
PikeMasters Page
Piscator Publishers
Play Action Products
Potomac River Smallmouth
Powell, Walter Rodmaker
Powell Rods
Prescription Sportswear www.gsn.comsportswr.htm
Pressmar's Military Goods www.ipm.netpressmar/main.htm
Private Water, MT
PS Enter. (software) members.gnn.comseilersc/pse.htm
Purdue Entomology Site

Quickie Flaming Fly Swap
Quickie Streamer/Bucktail Swap

Rainy's Flies and Supplies www.cache.netrainys/
Red Cabin, Alaska Fishing Info
Redington Fly Rods
Reel Advantage CD
Reel Life, NM www.thereellife.comreellife
Reel-Time Saltwater FF Magazine
Reelseat Links
Richardson, Lennie's Homepage
Riffle Water Fly Rods
Right Angle Fly Reels www.mwflytyer.comrightangle/
R.I. - Brown U. www.brown.eduStudent_Services/Rhode_Island/fishing.html
R.I. - Rec. Fishing brooktrout.gso.uri.eduriseagrant/recfish1_fs.html
R.I. - Saltwater Reports wmi.cais.comsaltfish/reports/rhodeis/indexer.htm
R.I. - Stripers and Streamers
Riser, Chris's Page
Riverkeepers Index
River Maps
A River Never Sleeps
River Otter Craft www.montana.comotter/
Roadkill-R-Us www.rru.comrru/
Roaring Fork Anglers ://Robichaud Reels
Rocky Mountain FF'ing Page
Rocky Mountain Fly Group
Rod Builders' Guide Spacing fishdoc.clever.netrod/index.htm
Rodmakers Homepage home1.gte.netjfoster/index.htm
RoundRocks Flies
Ross Reels
Russia - Atlantic Salmon
Russia - Kola Penin. FF'ing www.outdoor.seflyfishkola
Russia - Kola Peninsula www.connection.sespinnab/sportfiskeaktuellt/peninsula/
Rx FlyFish`rxffish/
St. Croix Rods
Sage Manufacturing
Sagi's Outdoor News www.infop.comoutdoor
Salt Water Fly Tying
Salt Water FF'ing Ring www.geocities.comYosemite/1722
Salmgren, Harry's Home Page www.geocities.comYosemite/6392/
Salmon Page www.riverdale.k12.or.ussalmon.htm
Salmon Fishing Page, Norway
Salmon Fly Swap, Eur-Flyfish
Salmonine in Great Lakes
Salvelinus Custom Flyrods www.valint.netchp/cinouye/salvelinus.htm
Satellite Maps of the World
Schlicht, Jeff's Homepage
Schmelzer, Chris's FF'ing the West
Scientific Anglers www.mmm.comscianglers
Scott Rod Co.
Senegal (Africa) - Sportfishing
Serious Sports www.serioussports.comcore.html
Sharon's Homepage www.undertheson.comUTS/Truly/fish.htm
Shoal Bass www.flmnh.ufl.edufish/ShoalBass/ShoalBass.htm
Shore, Stephen (doc's) Page
Sierra Classic Flyrods
Sierra Online - fishing games
Sierra Outdoor Guides
Sierra Pacific Products
Silver Fox Studios
S and K Wildlife Art
Sklarew, Stephen's Page www.sklarew.comvaflyfish/
Skvarka, Chris's Page
Small Fly Swap Info
Smoky Mountain Field School web.ce.utk.edudepartments/noncredit/smoky/smoky.html
Smola's Guide Serv
Snow Creek Fly Rods
Snowpack Data by Basin www.wcc.nrcs.usda.govdata/snow/reg_update.html
Snowpack Data by State www.wcc.nrcs.usda.govdata/snow/st_update.html
Soaring Designs - FF'ing Artwork softworld.commerchandising/soaring/soaring3.htm
South Africa - S.A. Trout & Ff'ing Dir.
South Africa - FF'ing S.A.
South Africa - FF'ing Site
South Africa - SA Fishing Page
South Carolina DNR
South Carolina: Capt. George Gallager www.charternet.comflyfish/gallager/
Solunar Tables
Solunar Phases www.coibaexplorer.comcoiba2/solphse.htm
South Dakota Fishing Report
South Pacific Fishing Net
Spain, Flyfishing List Info
Spain, Antunez www.duques.comantunez/
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Incredible Fly Fishing Photographers Finale!

Yes There's More!

Okay I thought I would finish out the week strong with a few more top photographers. With a few more on Freshwater and my personal vice, Saltwater.

Brian Yamauchi is a close friend of mine and I'm just happy to get out on the water with him any chance I get. Whether he's spending his weekends at a celebrity fly tying event, taking pictures for publications like Rick Takahashi's recent Modern Midge book, or fishing a favorite local Stillwater spot, he's always busy doing something fishing related. Congrats also on your "Rising Rainbow" picture being featured for the Fly Fishing Show billboard advertisements.

Just to look at his patterns makes you want to eat it, it just looks to good and if I throw that out you can be rest assured I'm going to catch a fish with it!


Matt Schliske has it all, insanely sweet custom Bamboo rods to appease any fly fisherman and incredible fly fishing pictures to go along with his talents. Matt is another Coloradan that stays busy whether out on the water, building impressive Bamboo rods, taking pictures that take your breath away, or being written up by industry sites such as Midcurrent and Thisisflydaily. I can't wait to catch up with Matt at the Fly Fishing shows this year to see what's next for him!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Top Fly Fishing Photagraphers and Images!

Okay we've been talking about the Rockies a bunch, hit on some Saltwater, now it's time to take it back home to Georgia for a real perspective of photography with Louis Cahill. What many people don't know is that not only is Louis a great photographer while out on the water but he also does very impressive work in commercial advertising around the Atlanta, Georgia area shooting people and still life.

corey Kruitbosch
Here is another personal favorite and friend of mine. You may have seen Corey Kruitbosch in a number Publications, whether it's the recent spread in the Drake magazine, Korkers website or a Toyota ad (they did a little backpedaling when they forgot to ask him to use his stuff). He spends as much time on the water fishing in Utah as he does taking pictures, that's definitely a tough call since you can't really do both. It seems every time I'm either planning a big trip to places like Boca Grande or Alaska he beats me there and we're never are able to meet up, one day we'll hopefully hook up and I have a feeling next year we will wet a line for sure.


Still keeping with the talented guys in Utah, yes there are quite a few! In no way could we leave out the very talented Brett Colvin. Hmm you may have seen his recent work on the National Geographic website recently, as well as other publications. It seems I spend a bunch of time admiring his shots whether they're out on the water including fish pictures or waterfowl, it's pretty sweet stuff!

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