Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fly Fishing Slough Creek's Backcountry! Hoppers, Bear Sightings, Yellowstone Cutthroats and No Crowds!

Da Bears and The Perfect Yellowstone Getaway

Slough Creek was one of our top destinations...why you ask? If you haven't been to Slough Creek you have been missing out. It's been one of my favorites since fishing there countless times while I lived there years ago. Yes it can get crowded, yes it can fill up as far as camping areas and yes, there could be bears. If those are a deterrent than plan ahead and escape the crowds for some superb dry fly fishing and escape to the wild. We had a great time there and though it wasn't true to form as far as risers everywhere, late Summer angling pressure and weather played a part into it being slower than normal. Nonetheless I had a blast and we all pretty much netted a number of quality Cutthroats. Then again if you come here expecting numbers and easy fishing, you may come away with a bruised ego. They can be hard to catch but if you've done your homework and work for em, who knows what the day will bring.

Donny B watching a few risers while mr Buffalo keeps his distance as we finish out the day. Clark finished the day with one of the nicer Cutty's he caught. Yellowstone Cutthroats on Grasshoppers is pretty darn hard to beat!

We had the place to ourselves for most of the day and between catching a fair amount of trout and finishing the day out with risers around us, I couldn't think of a more suitable place to sit back relax whether one caught fish or not.

Slough valleyRISING-CUTTY2
1st Meadow of Slough Creek. Nice place to gaze and watch Cutty's swimming by but our main objective was to pass up this area and keep hiking! We headed towards the 2nd meadow for some meadow fun fishing and Canyon crawling. This guy was one of about 10 I caught in a hole, almost every cast I hooked one in that section, crazy and my video of it should be uploaded soon for you to watch.

Practicing my Bear spray on dummy tester Cobos! No bear sightings but plenty of bear scat around and a few tracks down by the river. More on Slough Creek on my FFA website with a complete recap as well as a 2nd posting this week on Slough since we had a "Slough" -no pun, of pictures from this great area.

Slough Creek is located in the Lamar Valley, this small campground area if not hiking, is a great for watching wolves, Buffalo and getting your dry fly fix. The campground is open from late May until October, with roughly 29 camping sites. Soda Butte also has sights needed if there is an overflow from Slough. If camping backcountry make sure to call ahead and get your permits, they go fast if there are bear sightings lately, they may move you up to another meadow.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Yellowstone Adventure! Fly Fishing Top Waters From The Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin and Slough Creek

It's Time To Get The Boys Together

It's been a few too many years since I've been able to get back to my favorite stomping grounds of Yellowstone. My Pals were itching to find another local spot to hit this late Summer and when it came to me early in the Year....it's been close to 20 years since I called YNP home; no other choice was a possibility!

*This week FFA will be highlighting our trip each day with a new Location, feel free to checkout our posts each day on locations visited such as: the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, Slough Creek, Madison River Valley and the Gallatin River.


The playas were able to make it and though I had two close calls that bailed towards the end due to newborns and moving, we were able to put together a great crew for some memorable Fly Fishing Adventures. Whether it was Clark whom made the trek out from Minnesota for 3 whole weeks or others from Georgia; they were scattered all over the place. The fish never had a chance with these fishing phenoms. Brian made it from Minnesota as well, Dave from D town, myself and Donny B from Atl.


Think of Yellowstone and 2 words (okay more like 50) come to mind, bears and Buffalo's to look out for. Fortunately we only encountered the Buffs, it's always a riot to see these guys all over and even more so when we were awoken one morning by one walking feet from our tent waking us up!
Whether it was waiting patiently on the hwy for one to move along or others whom camped out at our campspot for breakfast, they were always seemingly entertaining.


Yellowstone Cutthroats on dry flies, does it get any better than an impressive Cutty shooting up 5 feet like a missile to attack a grasshopper....what an experience!


Canyon Village is my old haunt and visiting Lower Falls over the years never gets old. An experience everyone should try is to hike into 7 Mile Hole "7 Mile Hell" locals call it (14 miles rt) and exploring any section if Yellowstones Canyon is quite an experience when targeting nice trout.

More great pictures of Yellowstone National Park, trout pictures, the Firehole River and more here at Fly Fish Addiction's YNP Section.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fly Fishing The Surf, Inshore Waters of NY, CT and Rhode Island

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 - Part 1 from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

Peter Laurelli is back at it again with some great Saltwater footage fishing the beaches off of New York, CT (too lazy to spell) and Rhode Island. Pals Clem and Jake just got back last month from an incredible trip as well and maybe one of these days I can book a trip up that way for some sweet fishing.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FFA Blog Reaches New Heights 60,000 hits!

More Fish Talk Less Dribble

This thread goes out to our fellow FFA followers. Fly Fish Addiction just hit 60,000 hits recently and became ranked as a top 40 fishing blog by a few fishing sites. Not bad for a site that's only been around a short time now. I'm not sure what all of this means or if it helps at all, either way we're getting a few more hits and comments each week so that's nice to see. Thanks to those who frequent FFA and we'll try to keep the ads to a minimum, more fishing reports, news, trips and tips on top fisheries!

A special thanks also goes out to Blogrank, we've been featured in a few various rankings.
Whether it was being ranked #16 for top incoming links, the #40 overall fly fishing site or #1 for number of links to pages ratio with 7,200 links...we've got lot's of data for those who like to fly fish!!


Our coverage of Saltwater, freshwater fishing, important fishing issues, other fishermans trips, fishing videos and top reports keeps em coming back for more I guess. Please let us know how we can keep the goods coming and what we can improve upon, we're always trying to get better each week. Don't forget to checkout the big boys Moldy Chum, Deneki Outdoors, Trout Underground, Fly Fishing Frenzy, The River is Wild and others to get some great daily updates.

We also look forward to meeting up with many of our fellow bloggies next month at the International Denver Fly Fishing Retail Show and thanks to Kyle from Compleat Thought for putting it all together and to share some ideas.

*To look up topics or various information in Fly Fishing, use our Google seach feature

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Top Fly Fishing Blogs, News, Reports, Tips and Flies!

Direct Link Here
Figen's Fly Fishing - http://figen.com/flyfish/
Christian Figenschou's stories and pictures from fly fishing trips in Norway.
The McKenzie Page - http://zebu.uoregon.edu/cgi-bin2/Mckenzie/Mckfrontend.pl
Accumulation of Oregon flyfishing and outdoors links and photos. Includes fly patterns, and links.
The Trout Underground - http://troutunderground.com
Fly fishing the Upper Sacramento and Northern California
Moldy Chum - http://moldychum.squarespace.com/
Weblog dedicated to piscatorial pursuits.
The Norwegian Flyshop - http://www.flyshop.no/
Guide to sportfishing in norway, salmon fishing, inland fishing and deep sea fishing, and fly patterns.
Buster Wants To Fish - http://busterwantstofish.com
Offbeat look at fly fishing from GenX; colorful, strident, and fresh
Singlebarbed - http://singlebarbed.com
Fly fishing for coarse fish in brown water, the consumate Brownliner, featuring humor, fly tying, and industry commentary
The San Juan River Site - http://www.ifly4trout.com
Mike Mora's site on fly fishing the San Juan River in New Mexico.
Winemaking and Flyfishing - http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/flyfish.asp
-I discuss philosophy, flyfishing and provide one of the most complete and up-to-date lists of links to other related sites, says Jack Keller.
Fish, Flies, and Water - http://www.jasonborger.com/
Jason Borger's personal fly-fishing site.
Fishing Jones - http://fishingjones.com/
Fishing weblog for angling enthusiasts. Four guys ramble about fly fishing.
Karl F. Moffatt - Tales From The Far Bank - http://karlfmoffatt.blogspot.com/
Weekly New Mexico and Colorado stream flows, fishing reports and journalist's stories from the backroads of New Mexico and the West.
Chi Wulff — Fly Fishing In Yellowstone, Southern Montana, and Around - http://chiwulff.com/
Fly Fishing In Yellowstone and Southern Montana
FlyFishMagazine - http://flyfishmagazine.blogspot.com/
The blog portion of the e-zine flyfishmagazine
The Neil Creek Chronicles 58°19'59"N 134°29'49"W - http://neilcreekchronicles.blogspot.com/
The Journal of Alaskan fly fishing
The RoughFisher - http://roughfisher.com
Fly fishing for coarse fish; Carp, Buffalo, Redhorse, and the non traditional freshwater fish.
Carp on the Fly - http://carponthefly.blogspot.com/
Fly fishing for large carp in the Columbia river basin
Cutthroat Stalker - http://scarles.org/blog/
Musings on fly fishing for native cutthroat trout.
The Urban Fly Fisher - http://urbanflyfisher.com/
Alistair Stewart’s piscatorial adventures around Glasgow, Scotland
Fish Swami - http://onlinefishinglog.com
An online fishing log for saving information from fishing trips.
The Tattered Fly - http://www.tatteredfly.com/
Fishing stories, location details, gear reviews, and pictures for the state of Idaho and surrounding areas.
Beyond and Back - http://beyondandback.wordpress.com/
Fly fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in Alaska
The Fly Fishing Rabbi - http://www.theflyfishingrabbi.blogspot.com/
Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer mixes the lessons of Judaism with fly fishing
Cane Rod Fishing - http://www.stanford.edu/~yesavage/cane.html
Some fishing trips and cane rods - a photo album.
Fat Guy Fly Fishing - http://fatguyflyfishing.blogspot.com/
Humorous, fresh look at fly fishing from guys proud of the extra pounds
Jack Gartside's Home Page - http://www.jackgartside.com/
Includes Jack's fishing books, flies, prints, articles, message board, and fishing reports.
Tamanawis - http://tamanawis.co.uk/
Fly fishing the Lochs of Scotland
The Wayward Fly Fishing - http://www.waywardflyfishing.com/
A fly fishing site devoted to helpful articles, stories, book reviews, and photography.
SwittersB & Fly Fishing - http://swittersb.wordpress.com/
Fly tying, humorous commentary, based in the Pacific Northwest
40 Rivers to Freedom - http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/40rivers/
Fly fishing blog, featuring fly tying and angling entomology
Lefty's World - http://www.leftykreh.com/
Lefty Kreh's personal site.
Wisconsin Fly Fisher - http://www.wiflyfisher.com/
Includes mayfly hatches, tips and trout stream information.
The Daily Fly Paper Blog - http://flytyer.wordpress.com/
Dedicated to the art of fly tying, copious patterns and tying commentary
The Contemplative Angler - http://overmywaders.com/cblog/
Reed Curry's insights into modern fly fishing
Fly fishing of Japan - http://www.rise3.com/english/
Japanese fly fishing site from Tokyo.
Western Sportfishing - http://www.westernsportfishing.ca/
Articles, stories, pictures, and angler forum covering western Canada and United States.
TheChronicFlyfisher - http://www.thechronicflyfisher.com/
Flyfishing in BC, Guided stillwater flyfishing trips, experience pontoon boat flyfishing, learn to flyfish, Trout flies, maps and lakes.
Nova Scotia Fly Fishing, Tying and Tall Tales - http://users.eastlink.ca/~dryfly/
River information, hatch chart, fly patterns, and fishing log.
pesca mosca - http://raulpescamosca.webcindario.com
dry fly fishing and videos for fly fishing in Castille and Leon, Spain
Ron's Trout Fishing in New Zealand - http://www.trout-fishing-new-zealand.com/
A review of flyfishing for trout in New Zealand including tackle, techniques, rivers, lakes, fishing season, and flies to use.
Sharon's Fly Fishing Links - http://www.underthesun.com/UTS/Truly/fish.htm
Links to fly fishing organizations for women
Fly Fishing for Moriches Bay Striped Bass - http://www.panix.com/%7epg/flyfishing/
fly fishing for striped bass in Moriches Bay
Flyfishing in Slovakia - http://www.flyfishing-slovakia.sk/
Descriptions of Slovak flyfishing rivers, and photos of flies and freshwater insects.
Ozark Chronicles - http://www.ozarkchronicles.com
Matt Tucker's site dedicated to the pursuit of Ozark trout on the fly.
Fly Fishing NC - http://www.flyfishingnc.com/
Maps, Streams, Trout Species, Flies, Regulations, NC Links, Entomology, Hatches, Photo Pictures, A Diary
The Contented Angler - http://content-angler.com/
A personal celebration of Flyfishing by Joe and Amy Gablick.
ROFF - Fly fishing - http://biphome.spray.se/angler/
Fly fishing in the northern part of Sweden for trout, char, grayling and salmon.
FlyFishWales - http://www.flyfishwales.co.uk/
Contains an overview of fisheries in Wales, with jokes.
Striper Moon - http://www.stripermoon.com/
The official web site of Ken Abrames.
Ian Colin James - Fly Fishing - http://www3.sympatico.ca/ianjames/
With gift ideas, fly casting instruction, guiding, custom fly tying, great photos. Fun, informative and interactive.
Takeshi's flyfishing in Japan - http://www1.odn.ne.jp/bambriarsilk/index.html.htm
This is the personal page of Tekeshi's friendship through flyfishing.
Frank's Personal Waste of Time - http://www.fneunemann.com/
Bamboo fly rods and photography.
Fly Fishing Fool - http://flyfishinfool.blogspot.com
A self described trout bum relates stories, tips, gear reviews, fishing reports and more.
Kelso Fishing - http://sites.google.com/site/kelsofishing/
Fly fishing for trout, salmon and grayling on the rivers Tweed and Teviot in Scotland.
Southern Tier Fly Fisher - http://stflyfisher.wordpress.com/
Fly Fishing New York and Pennsylvania
L.J.'s Flyfishing Page - http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/ljdecuir/home.htm
Author of book on fly fishing. Includes links to patterns, graphics, and related sites.
Partridge and Orange Club - http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~zg7s-nitu/
Photo diary from Japan with articles and links.
Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin - http://www.theriverkelvin.co.uk/
Alistair Stewart haunts the River Kelvin, in Scotland
Fly Fishing the Western Slope - http://www.angelfire.com/me2/haresear/
Hatch charts and river information for Montrose, Colorado. Includes fly descriptions and photos.
Hugh Koontz & His Laughing Trout - http://hughkoontzstar.blogspot.com/
Fly fishing for trout in the mountains of North Carolina
The fliflicker personal site. - http://www.fliflicker.com/
A personal Southern California saltwater fly fishing site.
Riffle and Rise - http://www.riffleandrise.com/
Journal of fly fishing adventures in the northeastern United States.
Fly fishing - http://mouches.free.fr/pagesus/index_us.htm
Articles about fishing in Europe, and fly descriptions.
Turning Over Small Stones - http://turningoversmallstones.blogspot.com/
An English exile fly fishing in Pennsylvania
Fly-Only.dk - http://www.fly-only.dk
Danish flyfishing with videos and photos.
Fly Fishing Chronicles - http://www.flyfishingchronicles.com
An individual's accounts of fly fishing trips, guides, and gear, for the Western New York area.
Mariano Moran Fly Fishing Page - http://pescaconmosca.tripod.com
Mariano Moran's fly fishing in Argentina and the world.
Don Denney's web site - http://hiwassee.net
celebrating the Hiwassee river, trout, and fly fishing.
Fly Fishing British Columbia - http://www.fly-fishing-british-columbia.com/
Featuring information on lakes, rivers, streams, entomology and fly patterns.
Head Waters of The Corner Fly Shop - http://www.thecornerflyshop.com
On-line, sharing their experience about everything fly related.
Gone Fly Fishing - http://fisherlady.tripod.com/
Linda Foote presents fishing tips, custom fly patterns, photos, and links.
My Daily Fishing Log - http://www.mydailyfishinglog.com/
Web-based, private, daily fly fishing journal allowing users to create and archive personal reports, photos, and trip details.
Flyfishing America - http://www.angelfire.com/co/flyfishingamerica/
Pictures, hatch charts, fly patterns, and message board.
Mississippi Coast Fly Fishing and Fly Tying - http://myweb.cableone.net/stairway
Fly Fishing and tying information.
Fly Fishing Tuition With Mick Huffer - http://www.huffer.freeuk.com/
Mick Huffer is a registered Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Instructor based in Nottingham UK.
Fly Pattern Directory - http://www.flydirectory.co.uk
An A to Z directory of fly patterns for UK fly fishermen. Fly patterns and photographs.
247 Off - http://www.247ff.com
Stories of fishing in Denmark with tips and photos.
Glenn Yoshimoto's Zen Fly Fishing - http://www.zenflyfishing.com/
The art of fly fishing for Barred Surfperch on SF Bay Area (California, USA) sandy beaches.
Grits-N-Flies - http://grits-n-flies.blogspot.com/
Fly fishing with a southern twist
Flyfishing Bryce Canyon Utah - http://www.angelfire.com/pro2/flyfishing/
Beginners guide with notes on fly types, streams and lakes.
NC Fly Fishing Journals - Woolly Bugger - http://www.brfff.com/btwc/index.html
North Carolina Fly Fishing Journal and the home of the Blue Ridge Fly Fisherman's Forum
Flyfishing on the River Dee in North Wales - http://www.howardhudson.btinternet.co.uk/
Information about Brown Trout, Grayling, Sea Trout and Salmon fishing from bala down to Fardon.
Fly Fishing for Trout in South Carolina - http://rodandquill.com/
Mark Szymanski's personal notes and observations about fly fishing some rivers in South and North Carolina.
Fisherman's Paradise - http://fishparadise.tripod.com/
Eric Meredith's personal fly fishing and fly tying page including photos, patterns, and fly swaps.
Fly Fishing in Colorado - http://greenbackcutthroat.blogspot.com/
Weblog of a fly fisherman living in Colorados' high country, fishing the United States and beyond.
Ontario Drift Boat Guides - http://ontariodriftboatguides.blogspot.com/
Fly fishing reports for Ontario Rivers including Grand River, Saugeen River, Maitland River. Posted by local independent guide Ken Chandler.
Joshua Bergen - http://joshuabergan.com
Photography of aquatic insects as they relate to fly fishing. Also includes other outdoor photography.
Fly Fish South - http://www.flyfishsouth.com/
Lee Costner's site dedicated to Fly Fishing in the South Eastern United States. Includes online community.
Fishing Wild Places. - http://www.fishingwildplaces.com/
"I have fished for over 20 years with a flyrod and over the years my fishing trips have taken me to many corners of the world in search of hungry fish." - Personal Fly Fishing Pages.
Johns Fishing Site - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~mcfizz/
tips on tying flies and fly fishing.
Baha Fly Fishing - http://fish.warrenprior.co.za
The home of the Baha Boys, submit catch reports, see statistics on locations, flies, species, etc from the Baja region
Christopher Chin - http://sites.google.com/site/fishingthestemargueriteproject/Home
Presents photos, stories, and journal of fishing on the Ste-Marguerite River in central Quebec.
New Mexico Fly Fishing - http://www.new-mexico-fishing.com
Fly fishing New Mexico and articles about fly fishing the San Juan River and Jemez Mountains.
The Dragonfly Den - http://www.freewebs.com/davehazeltine/
Dave Hazeltine presents fly patterns, Pennsylvania hatch charts,leader formulas, fly for the month, and web polls.
Fly-fishing in Lapland Sweden - http://hem.bredband.net/jannyl/banan/janne/eng/index.htm
Fly fishing in Lapsland, Northern Sweden. Fly patterns, methods, and the many rivers of the area.
Flys and Lies - http://www.flysandlies.com/
Dan and Craig's personal flyfishing adventures.
Flies, Fishing and Friends - http://www.oregonlink.com/flyfishing/
How to tie flies and fly fishing humour and articles.
Cooley Fly Fishing - http://bcflies.homestead.com/intropage.html
Cooley's personal photo blog
Chad's Fly-fishing and Fly-tying - http://www.angelfire.com/pa4/waseman/
A amateur site about fly fishing and tying. A few pics and some trout and steelhead flies to tie.
Gone Fishin - http://ratherbflyfishin.blogspot.com/
Weblog dedicated to fly fishing with emphaisis on Martha's Vineyard, and reviewing fishing books.
My IFFA Picture Page - http://www.angelfire.com/sc/prettyfly/index.html
Photo blog featuring the lakes, streams, and impoundments of Scandanavia
Upstream Events - http://www.members.tripod.com/gordon_chandler/mextext.html
Gordon and Raven's Mexico webpage about fly fishing.
The Outdoorsman on Line by Hank Woolmang - http://www.woolmancane.com
Hank has been building hand planed cane rods for over 20 years. With his wife Marcia they publish this nice site.
Fulldressed - http://www.freewebs.com/fulldressed/
Jonas Anderson presents photos of flies and fishing spots.
Eric White's Fly Tying - http://flystuff.freeservers.com
A place to find patterns for flies and other tips on fly fishing by Eric White.
Wolfgangs Fly tying page - http://web.comhem.se/classicflies1/
Flytying the Swedish way.
Samoan Fly Fishing - http://FBartley.tripod.com/
Simple yet useful site containing Utah's Wasatchfront fly patterns, drive times and reports.
Ken Kamoshida's Fly Fishing Page - http://members.ozemail.com.au/~kamosida/
Choose between Japanese and English pages in this very nice Fly Fishing Site of Ken Kamoshida.
Grayling Hunter - http://www.grayling.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/indexb.htm
Fly fishing for grayling in the UK. Dry fly and Czech nymphing. Info on tackle, guides, knots, and biology.
Philip Blair's Page - http://www.iol.ie/~blairp/
Fly fishing in Ireland
Hiro's Bass Fishing Page - http://www.yk.rim.or.jp/~h_tanaka/indexE.htm
is presenting information on fly- and lure fishing at Kanagawa/Yamanashi area(Near Mt.Fuji).

When Is It Time To Say Goodbye...That Is To Old Fly Fishing Gear?

Should I Stay or Should I Go

We've all been there, it's been a few years, you've had the best times together, they've been reliable and always come through for you. Now the question comes to mind, is it time?

Whether it's a trusty fly rod, fly fishing cap, favorite fishing boots or perhaps one of the most important pieces, your waders? If you're like a majority of fly fishers out there most of your gear should last you awhile, if you have good stuff it really should last you a few years. Some try and repair waders/boots themselves which can also save some time and money. If you're like myself and my fishaholic friends, your time table can be a bit shorter. I've had my Patagonia boots for only 2 years now and they're more than done. Before leaving on my week long Yellowstone trip last week I was in a bit of a bind. I forgot to replace my Patagonia's and buy a new pair. But they're Patagonia gear, I can send them back for a new pair, great if only I had remembered to do that before a big trip and to send in like I do for my Patagonia waders.

Good luck with wearing down your gear and remember one thing, super glue/duct tape ;) can do wonders if properly added to the right areas! Invest in your equipment and it will never let you down, that goes without saying, especially ones with great return policies. If you casually fish a most companies will do a good job, so there's always something out there for all levels and checkbooks whether at Sierra trading post or your local fly shop.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mile High Music Festival..Backstage With Dave Matthews

Mile High Privileges

It just hit me, the Mile High Music Festival is almost here and I forgot the biggest thing to take care of....call for my passes! With work so busy and getting ready for a big trip my mind has been elsewhere. After some calls from my girlfriend the topic went "did you get the backstage passes yet?" My frantic last minute call to a close friend of the band came through for us and soon I had 4 passes to the best show in town!

Dave puts on one of his last shows for awhile here in the Mile High City

It does help to know family members of the band and get a special treat to one of the Hottest tour bands of the decade! I've been watching Dave for what seems like 20 years now starting in Athens at the Superjam...man I'm old and no matter how many times I get to see him and friends at the shows, I always walk away with "Boy was that an amazing show he put on again!"


It's hard to beat an afternoon in the Rockies and even better when it's 82' all day with a
constant breeze and jacket weather when the sun sets here a Mile above sea level. Great shows all day long from Jimmy Cliff, Railroad Earth, Weezer, Phoenix and many more that day!

VIP after party, this is where it's at and better yet free drinks and Food!

Our own little spacious area next to friends, family members, cameras and soundcrew, or being surrounded by thousands in a mosh pit hmmm a no brainer there!


We're going to miss the band and seeing them on tour again. Hopefully they take a few years off and get the itch to tour again. Thanks for the memories and keeping the Mile High Music Festival a favorite by all each Summer.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Patagonia Time! Great Specials For Fishing In Patagonia Whether in Chile or Argentina

Tres Piedras Has It All For The Finest Fishing Around

What's on everyones top Fly Fishing destination bucket list? If Patagonia isn't on your list something is seriously wrong with you. Whether you're a beginner, a worldwide angler or simply someone that enjoys traveling and fishing new waters, this is your place!

My last trip to Patagonia still resonates with me every time I talk to someone about my next big fishing trip or my favorite trip to date. What is it about fishing in one of premiere locations on Earth you ask? Could it be the gorgeous scenery? The remote fishing locations? Incredible wines or Argentina beef? Or perhaps one of the best outfitters around born and raised in this area as well as being fluent in English...I think I was won over my first day there and never wanted to leave.


Checkout some incredible shots
from past trips with Tres Piedras. Chile has countless bodies of water in the Lake District, as well as in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. We can guarantee that as you arrive to Patagonia, you will encounter many of the finest places for Fly Fishing in the country.

Indeed, in Patagonia there are many of those options for fly fishing: pristine and clear crystal waters in the rivers, lakes, streams, and lagoons. Most of these spots are accessible only by boat and have therefore remained relatively untouched by people.


Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wines in the world and the second largest in Latin America behind Chile so you can only imagine how good your lunch and dinner cocktails will be. Whether it's the savory Wine to cherish or the asado beef that you can't get enough of fireside, Tres Piedras can definitely customize each meal to meet your needs and having you saying wow a few 100x!


A lifetime fishing throughout the entire country, and ten years experience serving clients allow them to meet all expectations for fishing trips. A high return rate year after year and with only a few bookings left for the next season; contact us today to find out more! Be assured that we seek excellence in service, and try to acquaint our guests with Chilean Culture.

To satisfy the most common needs we have arranged four different kind of fishing packages, ranging from day trips to trips lasting up to a week. We also offer anglers the choice to take longer customized trips. Request complete information about prices, fishing, fishing destinations, species, equipment and all information you need to make a decision.

Whether you're looking for a few days away from the wife while down on vacation in Patagonia, a 7 day experience like no other in the far away reaches in search of huge trout, gorgeous scenery and solitude; or a package built to meet your needs, Tres Piedras has everything for you and your party!

The counties of Llanquihue are known for fly-fishing spots such as the Petrohue, Puelo, Cochamo and MaullĂ­n rivers, the Llanquihue, Rupanco and Todos Los Santos Lakes. All of these places are incredible for fly-fishing, however, there still remain hundreds of areas not yet discovered by the majority of fishers that are as good and sometimes better than the ones commonly known.

Contact me and I can pass along some great specials Tres Piedras has going on for the Upcoming season in Patagonia. With bookings filling up contact us today whether for more information, price specials or more about Tres Piedras. What's the worst that can happen, maybe you can start planning now for a trip of a lifetime!

Tradd Duggan
Tres Piedras Booking Agent

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tarpon Video Comedy Relief! What Happened To My Fly Rod

Tom From Frontier Fly Fishing Is At It Again

Need a laugh checkout the funniest video of the week! My pal Tom with Frontier Fly Fishing was at it again recently from another Tarpon trip to Cuba. Watch this and you will remind yourself how wild Tarpon fishing can be whether chasing juvy's or a 100lbr like this one....Hold on to that Rod son!

Looking forward to catching up again with Tom for beers hopefully at the Fly Fishing Retailer Event next month. Thanks for the laugh and if you have a last minute opening to Jurassic Lake in Patagonia for your November trip, you know who to call!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Trout on The Gunnison River!

Monster Colorado Trout

This Monster Rainbow came out of the Upper Gunnison and is one of the biggest trout ever caught on this section of river. Caught this Summer by Jay Sherman with guide Jason Booth from the Gunnison River Guides.

This story was brought to us by our Pals at The Trophy Stalkers! I love to fish the Gunnison River Valley each Fall, whether in the Black Canyon during this magical Fall period each year or up on some tributaries. The Trophy Stalkers and I had a great time this past Spring catching pigs together and catching up. Can't wait to meet up the guys again sometime soon!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Colorado Summer Weekend Getaway! From The Sawatch Range & Collegiate Peaks Region

Break From Fishing, Okay Maybe a Little

Denver has been heating up and so has my House so what better time to head to the hills for a little getaway, break from the heat, primitive camping and fun with the Gals. One of the prettiest areas around -okay Colorado has many, is the Sawatch Range here in Colorado. It's time to enjoy some great scenery, a few drinks and cool days in the Hills!

Not a bad place to spend for the weekend! Surrounded by 12 14rs (Coloradans call
14,000 foot peaks 14rs
this place was the ticket for relaxation.

Camping in Cottonwoods and by a creek without crowds is what many hope for in the Rockies during the Summer and that's just what we got. Yes the masses do show up everywhere but with a little planning, some driving and patience, one can be rewarded.

Callibaetis mixed with midges for some late afternoon action. Perfect way to spend a weekend from the big city having fun in the Sawatch Range. For those looking for a nice getaway without having to drive 7 hours to the San Juans this is the place.

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