Saturday, February 27, 2010

Metro Denver Dog Walking - Petsitting - Pet Care Specialist!


"We Have a Few Spots Left...Call Us Today & Come Home To A Happy Pet"

Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is the friendly neighborhood pet care specialist! Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, or just spending long hours at the office, Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is here for you. We provide a variety of attentive services for ANY pet, from private dog walks and park adventures, to cage-free in-home sitting, private boarding and day care as well as cat play.We'll keep a watchful eye on your home, bring in the newspapers and mail, water the plants and keep everything safe while you're away! And of course we're fully licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

Denverdaawg Pet Sitting offers loving, attentive pet care, professionally trained and includes references so you can be sure your pets are well taken care of and given the extra TLC they need while you are gone.Best of all, we are situated in your local neighborhood. No more having to call around or stay home because your sitter wasn't available. One call to us is all it takes to line up professional pet care in your area. For more information visit us on the web at , contact us via email at, or call us.We look forward to meeting you and your furry, feathered friends soon! Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured business. References Available! We are Proud members of NAAPS & Pet Sitters International


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Colorado Snowpack Levels..We Need More Snow!

Another dry winter month has put Colorado's snowpack further below average. According to the latest snowpack report from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Colorado basins were at 86 percent of average as of Monday. The percentage is the lowest since 2003.

Catching up to average snowpack levels becomes more of a longshot each month. "We need 125 percent of average snowfall for the next 2½ months," said Mike Gillespie, snow-survey supervisor with the NRCS. For your complete weather report for snowfall, weather predictions and more, go to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

Last month, catching up to average required snowfall of 110 percent of average. Now, with that number going up, Gillespie said the NRCS estimates a 20 percent chance of getting the needed snowfall to return levels to average.

Read more Here
Montana also has been hurting for snow totals as well, checkout our friend's at Chi Wulff for a complete update on how they're doing so far this year and what to expect.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Off The Grid" Another Great Video From RA Beattie

Off the Grid from RA Beattie on Vimeo.

This little trailer is for their newest film, Off the Grid. For every well known hatch, river and run of fish, there are countless others that go virtually unnoticed. So when they began filming at the beginning of last year, they decided to look for people, places and fish a little bit more, out of the ordinary. They created a special cut for the 2010 Fly Fishing Film Tour that features a short assortment of our footage from Ohio and Mexico.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Golden Dorado's, Angling For Gold on The Rio Juramento

Tame The beast

Wild on The Fly is at it again with some great insight as to not only catching these Golden's but also showcasing what makes these such an impressive fish to chase. From Ibera, to La Zona, to Bolivia, WOTF honestly believe's that the Dorado Lodge in northern Argentina is the best all-around destination for catching these amazing predators to check out.

Here's why they think they have it great: 1) easy access from Buenos Aires, 2) much safer and most stable area politically 2) less expensive (even the helicopter weeks), 3) comfortable and modern accommodations, 4) more fishable water with less impact, 5) opportunity for both numbers and size, 6) beautiful scenery in a wild jungle environment adjacent to a National Park, yet still accessible to Salta, one of the hippest towns in Argentina. Dorado Lodge features private leases on two incredible tributary rivers and special access to -- and exclusive knowledge about -- the Rio Juramento, the only raft-supported river float for trophy dorado.

Going after Golden Dorado's is something I've always wanted to do and am still planning to do hopefully the next few years. I came close a few years ago when I was in Argentina but there wasn't enough time to do it. Talking with Nicole Darland and Dave Whitlock recently at a Fly Fishing show got me excited again thinking of getting back that way and their tales of taming these beasts.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Colorado's River Access Laws Could See Changes

Link Via FlyTalk
There's been much chatter lately in regards to a new important bill being introduced in the Colorado legislature. This proposition will dramatically effect not only fellow fisherman, boaters, but private landowners in a very Hot topic!

Colorado's House Judiciary committee voted seven to three recently in favor of (HB 1188). The "Clarify River Outfitter Navigation Right Bill" helps uphold commercial rafters rights if floating through private property. It now goes to the House floor.

The current law (which stems from the English Common Law) gives any boaters, private or commercial the right to float through a piece of private property as long as the river is deemed navigable and they don't touch the bottom or banks.

The Bill HB 1188 Just passed the first rounds in the House. Please lend support by contacting your local legislatures in Colorado: Find out who your elected officials are at If you are out of state you can still contact Governor Ritter to show your support. You can find the full bill Here and also is a link to the Colorado General Assembly website.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Priceless! Biggest Olympic Flop Ever

Link to video
sorry Youtube deleted theirs, this was next best thing

*4 years of hard work to reach the Olympics

*Race after to Race to Qualify

*Your Family, Friends and 30 million viewers watching

*Moment of truth

*You fall down coming out of the gate at the Olympics like a newby and incur a major knee injury. Next time try the Bunny slopes



Congrats Lindsey, Julia and Carrot Top

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denver's Latest Fly Tying Event and After Party!

Fly Tying and High Flying

What's a fly tying event without getting together with friends, an incredible buffet of food, too many cocktails and fishing stories a few big fish lies to remember. Another great event this year at the West Denver fly tying show. Every year it seems to get better and better! With all the top names in fly tying there, you're surely able to find some patterns to wow at -whether old or new, many old freinds to catch up with and definitely learn a few new tricks.

A few of us got together for a little Party afterwards at a friend's house, all the guys showed up and the stories began to flow. Whether or not I believed half of them, who cares, they were fun to listen to nonetheless. Talk about bringing out the Southern boy in me with all of that BBQ, cornbread, seafood salads and some incredible fresh sushi platters that a few brought from some of their local sushi hideouts.

fly tyers party night
A few friend's that showed up included Rick Takahashi "Tak", Tim Mack up from the San Juan River area, Scott Stisser, Gary Okizaki from Blue Quill and a pro staffer for a handful of other companies he updated me on, Mark Mcmillian, Eric Ishiwata, host Brian and lastly, fellow fishing pal Vincent Su.

fly tyers beers
One good thing about being one of the last ones to leave the party is that you get to take home all of the remaining beer; thank goodness I have a spare refrigerator! Nothing like a Free case 1/2 of beers to keep chilled till our next outing.

The following featured guest tiers included: Charlie Craven; Marty Bartholomew; Vincent Su; John Gordon; Juan Ramirez; Brian Yamauchi; Dennis Martin; Shawn Bratt; Thomas Schneider; Rick Takahashi; Herman DeGala; Eric Ishiwata; Jason Goodale; Rim Chung; Mark McMillan; Pat Dorsey; Bob Dye; Eric Atha; Dan Schultz; Pete Giffin; Curt Barton; Ken Acampora; Rob Brozovock; Dan Pass; Jim Spicer; Jim Neiberger; Marty Staab; Larry Kingrey; Steve Parrot; Mahlon Ozmun; "Boomer" Stout; Greg Garcia; Dennis Collier; Tony Sano; Chuck Pratehr; Steve Johnson; Tim Mack; Deward Yocum; John Betts; Marvin Nolte; Scott Stisser; Bill Searles; Hyrum Taylor; Al Makkai; Michal Gula; Charlie Vestal; Thad Strom; Vinny Pachelli; Dave McElwain; Nancy Cloos; Phyllis Vinson; Kurt Pflock; Al Ritt; Rich Cutting; Richard Pilatzke ... over 50 amateur and professional tiers will demonstrate their skills.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Denver Area Fly Fhops Get Hit By Thefts

Have You Seen This Guy, Well Now The Police Have
Recently several Denver area fly fishing shops have been robbed and now store owners are hoping to use social media sites to reel the suspect in. In all, it's estimated the thief has stolen as much as $10,000 worth of gear from seven stores in the Denver metro, as well as two stores in Pueblo.

I was in the Trout's Fly shop Friday getting my regular fix from the guys there, talk a little fishing and to send off my 4 weight Sage rod that's highly overdue for a repair. While in there a few Detectives were in there talking about the recent activities and how they were fortunate enough to catch the Denver Fly Shops Bandit!

Let me get this right, you hit all the local fly shops: Orvis (2 locations), Hook fly fishing, Trout's and than head to the Pawn shops to sell? Brilliant, I'm sure the Police and the fly shop people would never think someone would try that method...Brilliant! Sounds like someone has a drug problem and needs those brain cells back is what I think.

Video Link of the Bandit Here

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fly Fishing Trips in Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt Chile! Patagonia's Best Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing Chile's Lake District

Chile has countless bodies of water in the Lake District, as well as in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. We can guarantee that as you arrive to Patagonia, you will encounter many of the finest places for Fly Fishing in the country. Indeed, in Patagonia there are many of those options for fly fishing: pristine and clear crystal waters in the rivers, lakes, streams, and lagoons. Most of these spots are accessible only by boat and have therefore remained relatively untouched by people.

The region is covered with temperate rain forests with spectacular native trees. In our southern forests grow beautiful species of trees such as Coigues, Ulmos, Arrayanes, Alerces, Mañios or Cipreses. This Flora is a great remembrance of past times in, are rare to find within the rest of the world. Here you can see fiords, glaciers, mountains and volcanos that are too beautiful to go unnoticed.

There are hundred of species of birds. Patagonia is home to Picaflores, Martin Pescadores, Traros, Tiuques, Aguilas, Chucaos among many others. There are also otters, minks, foxes and Pudues, are native deer.Chilean Rivers & Lakes

The counties of Llanquihue are known for fly-fishing spots such as the Petrohue, Puelo, Cochamo and Maullín rivers, the Llanquihue, Rupanco and Todos Los Santos Lakes. All of these places are incredible for fly-fishing, however, there still remain hundreds of areas not yet discovered by the majority of fishers that are as good and sometimes better than the ones commonly known. In each fishing trip we will go into the Andes or coastal mountains where you will be able to see the immense nature of the Northern Chilean Patagonia. We can assure you that you will see places that are distant and untouched by civilization, where you will be able to relax and find the peace of mind that you have been waiting for.

Likewise the Palena county has countless spots for world class fishing, which range from lakes to streams and rivers. In all of these places you can enjoy the most exciting dry fly fishing of Chile. Without a doubt, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the perhaps best region to fish with dry flies in the country. It also has very active places for fishing with streamers and of course nymphing. We are confident that you will feel as if you were in the wilderness, but while enjoying the comforts that you would find in any renowned tourist region of the country.

Contact Fly Fish Addiction Today and book a trip of a lifetime

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Night Time is The Right Time, Primetime Fishing!

nighty night3

When is my favorite time to fish you ask? Night time of course, don't be silly. Whether it's hitting a choice Stillwater at night chunking mouse patterns or a favorite tailwater, I love it! Another fun time out (above picture with friends) awhile ago with Todd Pepin, Vincent Su 720 vise creator, you can see from the picture that night time is the right time for a little fun. A nice stogie, a few whiskey drinks to warm you up and a stiff 6 or 7 weight to cast is what I call the perfect balance.

Whether you live in freshwater country and are seeking a tug from large trout, bass, walleye or who knows what else will bite; to Saltwater where fishing for snook, tarpon and sharks can be damn exciting as well. To be honest, a full moon night fishing for snook or Tarpon is about as good as it get's for me at night. Light breeze, the smell of salt in the veins, no crowds and a "Whack" that will surely wake you up in the dead of the night to keep you coming back for more!

P5070057If you haven't tried it, get out sometime for some fun at night. If it's fly fishing great, if it's conventional tackle, whatever it takes, just as long as you get to experience the sheer joy of fishing at night.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Saltwater Fishing Early Spring In The Florida Keys

Is It Time Yet?

Saltwater is on the brain 365 days a year and I must heed the warning signs and escape to warmer climates. How many Salt trips do I get again this year? That's the important question and until I get the guy's lined up for some planning, it may be a bit longer than I hoped. All I know is that my boy Dave has 3 trips planned to the Florida Keys between now and June so that's three more than I have so time to get a move on. Colin leaves next week for some fun in the Sun down there as well! I may have to change some obligations around and join them if I can....that's way too may trips for one guy to enjoy on his own.

The Spring (Mid February, March & April)
With the Blue skies, warming water and hungry fish, it's time to go! Some years it’s warmer and others a bit cool, but the fish always feel the change. Everything seems to come alive – it’s spring. With a wild cold season so far, I hope the fishing picks up some and bounces back from what had happened a few weeks back.

Fishing the Keys: This is often a wonderful time to fish the Keys as cold fronts began to loose their severity. The permit fishing is at its peak, until the fish move offshore to spawn in the first half of April. This can also be some of the best tarpon fishing of the year, especially for truly large resident fish many larger than 100lbs. Bonefish are also a target, although they often take a back seat to the permit and tarpon.

In the Everglades: Redfish and snook are excellent targets in Florida Bay. Tarpon also make a strong showing during this time of the year as the weather moderates and spring takes hold. Some of the earliest tarpon will make their appearance here in some of the many secluded basins.

Also for inshore and offshore fishing
FEB Sailfish, kingfish, large blackfin and amberjack abound. On "cold" nights, shrimp run through channels on outgoing tide can be targeted. Permit fishing is increasingly getting better and better. Bonefish are abundant depending on the weather changes and timing of course. Sharks and barracuda abundant regardless of the weather so brung the big stuff and catch a few sharks as well.

March Tuna and amberjack increase; dolphin and wahoo begin; sails and kings taper off. Bonefish, permit, tarpon in backcountry for sure. Permit fishing at it's peak. Tarpon fishing is beginning to get good with Bonefishing being reliable and good.

April:Permit leave the flats to spawn offshore. Bonefishing is good. Tarpon fishing is just getting better by the day!

For a great description of Florida's fish species, seasons and how to catch them click here for more.

For Guides to Book, here's a few: Capt Barry Hoffman, Capt Anthony, Capt Matt or my pals at Saltwater Experience.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fly Fishing Film Tour Recap


Another fun night out with the fellas watching some of this year's top videos out there. Huge turnout as usual and plenty of beers being passed around. Caught up with lots of guys I haven't seen in awhile and this was a great escape from the Winter lull as of late.

In just their fourth year, The Fly Fishing Film Tour has become the fishing entertainment event of the year. The Film Tour will be seen in well over 80 cities in 2010 and will showcase some of the best independent outdoor film makers. The goal of the Fly Fishing Film Tour is to energize the industry and inspire film makers to create new cutting edge films to both entertain and educate outdoor enthusiasts. If you are a fishing enthusiast or you are just interested in great outdoor entertainment and want to catch the tour in your market, check out the schedule. We look forward to seeing you at a tour stop in 2010!

In The Land of Cutthroats one of my favs (as linked and shown in our recent posting) by my fishing Pal and incredible videographer CU's own, Nick Clement.

METALHEAD, from AEG – Legendary Steelhead in Northern BC

Heads or Tails, from Mad Phil Media – Permit action from Western Australia

Hoodoo Style, from Last Cast Media – Silvers chasing waking flies in the Aleutians

High in the Lowlands, from WorldAnglers – Massive Snook & Tarpon in the Florida Everglades

Beattie Outdoors new feature, – Mexico salt water and Midwest Steelhead

Rise, from Confluence Films – Classic Trout fishing from Henry’s Fork Idaho

Once in a Blue Moon, from On The Fly – Epic New Zealand Brown Trout

drake fly fishing film-night
Kyle had the hook up, work the show booth and get free shots all night, I'm game! Thanks again for the pictures on the Drake FFT facebook page Thad & Rowdy

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top Fly Fishing Magazines..What's Your Pleasure

Can You Ever Really Have Enough Fishing Magazines?

With Winter here so are the doldrums with staying inside and not being able to fish as much. What's the next best thing, well you can daydream at work about it, watch a few fishing videos...or do what I do and subscribe to every fishing magazine known to man. To get me updated on what's new in the industry or daydreaming about possible destinations, these are my escapes. Is print dead? Perhaps yes to some skeptics, to me absolutely not!

Here are just a few to check out
Chasing Silver

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Scott Fly Rods Custom Building

Scott Fly Rods Steps It Up
Flipping through sites recently and yes, doing my tax refund wishlist shopping, I noticed a cool new feature on the Scott site. Nothing like having the option to custom build your own rod with every feature imagineable to get that perfect rod. I love my current Scott rods but I always want a few extra tidbits for my rods and now I can get that.Take a look, or if in the area stop by, I know I will on my next trip down that way! Link to the custom rod section.

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