Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2017 Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Summary and Photo Gallery

Each Spring it seems as if the fishing season comes on fast and for about 4 or 5 months all hell breaks loose and your life is swallowed by demands from work, family, clients, administrative, gear maintenance and last but not least, personal quiet and fun family time (the later two for me are the most important and are essential to getting the others done).

When it all begins to settle in October you come up for air and luckily the best of the season is upon you and you realize how fortunate you are to be deep into a culture and lifestyle that affords you to be on some of the best trout water in the country. I took the season off from writing short blogs and fishing reports this year but I took more photos than I do on average and for me capturing these images from daily adventures is worth a million words. I do hope everyone had a great season and please, if you find yourself on this page/blogsite and like what you see feel free to share as you wish or leave a comment. Enjoy!

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Chronicles Scott Smith

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