Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out With Fly Carpin....Get Ready For High Water!

When Lakes Don't Work Head To High Water

We finally had the time, we finally had the we just needed for the right conditions to go chase a few Golden's this Saturday. Good luck and in Carp fishing it's never quite that easy.

Fellow Carp addict McTage from Fly Carpin joined me for a day out in the Metro area to do what we love, chase those finicky feeding Carp. That's just what we found this Saturday and fortunately we always have a back up plan when it comes to these guys.

Troutdawg on the prowl-McTage chasing a nice Common Carp as well

The day started with a Lake we've both fished time and time again and lately, it's treated me fairly well. In fact the day prior I rode by just to preview what the day looked like and wasn't disappointed at all. In fact, there must have been 75+ carp in these flats I fish and not only feeders but very happy Carp eager to bite!

Isn't it funny how you think it should go and how it actually goes is in fact most days one expects when out fly fishing? We arrived to my honey hole on the flats at Lake X to find only a few carp moving around and about 50 geese bedded down. What theheck we'll try our luck anyway. After chasing a few and not sold on how this lake was producing it was off to plan B..or was it plan D since the River was blown out?

Regardless of what the lakes are doing, river levels are at or what Carp season it is I always have a spot or two in waiting. McTage knew plenty of areas to hit as well, you see this guy Carp fishes more than me and has definitely paid his dues in some Carp water. Not only that but he also knows how to tie a few sweet flies as well worth checking out "you can ask Montana Fly or see for yourself". When you spend as much time on the water as this guy, there's not much he doesn't know when it comes to Carp, but it was nice to compare techniques and strategies seeing how we fish fairly similar styles.

"We hit my honey hole on the Platte and within 5 minutes I was on about 5 feeders tearing up the river bottom," a much welcomed site seeing how the prior 2 hours were not as fruitful. The next thing that happened was my line ripping out of my 8wt Lamson reel and fish on! No time to waste and it was time to jump in to the Platte for some fun. Before I knew it she had worked me downstream into some cover and I pulled it! Bummer but that's what happens...

McTage hooked up a few minutes later and was in the middle of the River before I knew it. Minutes later and some give-takes, a fat Common Carp was landed and it was happy slime time! We both had a few more shots and I had another pull out and 2 "golden" opportunities but I dropped the ball....not my day. Hey not bad though for a few hookups in an hours time than I head to head out!

Another fine Carp day, whether you land one or not it's always about the challenge, presentation and scratch marks from ambush fishing that keep you coming back again the following week.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Rocky Mountain Stillwater Fishing Trip

Lake Fishing at It's Finest

I got the call, it was Brian, a former Colorado fishing pal that was eager to head back out this way to hit some lakes. Most fisherman know that this time of year is either one to sit at home, one that enables you to fish muddy mountain rivers or one that leads you to some incredible Stillwater trout fishing.

Pretty much for the last 10 years I've made the trek this time of year a few times to a favorite Lake District that can either bring a smile to your face or send you packing day one due to some nasty weather. Regardless of what the weather or fishing does, I'm there for three days enjoing every minute of it.


I had missed a trip the weekend prior with more fishing friends Vincent Su Mr. Flywheel 720 Vise, Casey and the midge man himself Rick Takahashi. Bummed out missed out but soon forgotten once Brian and Mike made it to town and we were fishing in no time.

One good thing about fishing with Brian is that this guy knows stillwater fishing tactics better than anyone I know s when I'm not catching fish -usually happens often, he's hooked up and I'm yelling as to what fly to use.

We managed to fish one of the lakes day one and did fairly well despite the wind. After some multiple hook ups it was time for a little dinner and time to head out for the night shift. Most who know me know that I'm totally a night owl when it comes to night fishing! I love it and can fish all night if needed.

The following day started with some fresh brewed coffee, muffins and eggs. Yes I know how to start the day off right! We didn't waste anytime again and were on fish by 9am, the wind picked up and it seemed we caught more fish when the weather changed. We fished till about 2 till we got too blown off to fish much more. After a break, nice nap and a few beers with steaks/brats, it was time for Lake #2.

This Lake was another favorite that can almost humble you each minute you fish there. Before we knew it the bite was on and very nice size browns were eager to slam some olive/black bh buggers near the shallows. We stayed till about 11:30pm (yes a good 12 hour day on the water) before calling it quits and heading back to the campfire.


Day 3 began just as day 2 did, got on the water and the hook ups began before we knew it! With about a 10+ fish day again it was one great weekend we enjoyed. The sad part was that I had to leave ealy afternoon to get back to the Front Range, the other fellas got to stay through late Monday and slam a few more nice browns.

Flies that worked included a variation of Tak's Chironomid's, Yamauchi Chironomid's, Rickards seal bugger, Calibaetis patterns and a few damsel's thrown in as well.

When lake fishing remember that Lake fishing is not for everyone, expect wind, numerous crowds at times, mosquitos, crazy hatches that may not want to show their faces and a desire to learn...that's Lake fishing and why I'm still figuring this Lake game out after 10+ years!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Fish Pics Of The Week..And No I'm Not In Them Sorry

Little Something To Get You Through The Day

Thought some of you needed a little pick me up seeing how all this Runoff is starting wear down a few fellow fishermen. This should hopefully help a little, don't forget to send me your pics if you get into a beast this Summer and I will be more than happy to show it here!

The above Picture is of my Pals and one of the Hardcore Trophy Stalker guys, if you haven't heard of them or been on their website before, check em out. You are guaranteed to learn something, I know I do each time I'm on there. Nice Musky caught in metro Minneapolis by Jason.

Another sweet Montana brown by Scott Rep John Dobson. What a beast that was and I would love to know which stretch of water that came from....any guesses out there?

This beast of Grass Carp was caught by fellow Denver angler Lee Novotny! Yeah that was a tank and waaay bigger than any Carp I've caught before. Hopefully I can get out on the water sometime together since it seems we're fishing the same water all the time. Checkout some of Lee's recent trips and big fish collections on his site The Fish Fly.

This last highlight comes from another Coloradan Taylor Edrington the owner of Royal Gorge Anglers. I've had the pleasure of talking to Taylor a few times about big fish tactics and I can't wait to talk to him again how he caught this big Colorado Pike and perhaps the Lake he was fishing...okay maybe a long shot on Location X!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Carp Outing..

Take The good With The Bad

Yes it was another fine day to hit some Carp spots and try my luck. I decided to hit my honey hole on the South Platte last Sunday for a few hours chasing Golden Bonefish. When I say "try my luck" that's exactly what happened. After two hours of fishing and trying 10 various patterns, hardly any takers!

carp trash

I got a little thirsty so when this came floating by, I had to have it! Yes you never know what you can catch when fishing the South Platte River. I did manage one hook up after 20 refusals on a 15lb Carp that worked me over into some brush, that's what they do. For those who enjoy chasing this elusive fish, you may want to test yourself in the upcoming Denver Carp Slam. This will put you with the best of the best in Carp fishing amongst the fly fishing community.

A little teaser from my day I thought you would enjoy

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rivers Of A Lost Coast..An Incredible Fly Fishing Documentary

It was another nice day in the Mile High city when I went to get my mail like normally. This day was a little bit different, one that I got a Video I have been waiting on and was super excited to throw into my dvd player to watch this fishing trip-less weekend.

The video this week I was eager to watch was "Rivers of a Lost Coast" and I was not disappointed. I've had many of my friends mention how good this was and after viewing it, it more than met my expectations!

Tom Skerritt returns to fly fishing for the first time since "A River Runs Through It", to narrate this documentary on California's history of coastal fly fishing. This DVD includes the award-winning feature film, never before seen extra footage, deleted scenes and other bonus features. Using never before seen footage, vintage phots, archival headlines and exclusive interviews, Rivers of a Lost Coast shows a side of California most people never knew existed.

With California's growth over the last few decades and with a large increase in fishing, results can often be overlooked as to the damage which takes place in fisheries. Whether the stories told about the dwindling fisheries, logging practices in riverways. There are some inside stories included in the film with Fly fishing legends Bill Schaadt and Ted Lindner. They began the largely Post-WWII as good friends, but later turned enemies due to conflicts. Despite the reasons this prime steelheading region soon had some issues to deal with as well as a fishiung community split.

Rivers of a Lost Coast can be found in many outlets here currently for purchase whether it's your local fly shop or contact them directly.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Smallmouth Bass Season in The Denver Front Range Area

Smallmouth Bass Season is Here

When Summer get's closer and the rivers are washed out, guess what I'm doing most weekends? Yes probably Carping or if lucky enough and the timing works out, smallmouth bass fishing. I was raised in South Georgia where bass fishing went hand in hand with pretty much everyone who lived there. In fact I learned to fly fish some 30 years ago via bass ponds and smallmouth bass fishing on the creeks. One thing is for certain, there's nothing like bass fishing on a fly rod to get you pumped up for Summer fishing.

I was lucky enough to get out this weekend for some Warmwater Bass fishing around the Metro Denver area. My friend Steve and his son Ethan join me as well and it turned out to be a decent day after all with Steve getting hooked up 1st and Ethan getting into his first warmwater fishing of the season as well.

We set out for a choice pond that I know of roughly 15 minutes from my house and holds some huge Smallmouth's! When I say nice smally's I'm not talking state record 5lbrs like Aurora Rez but there are some dandy 3lbrs in here, they just decided to stay away from us this time out.


Crayfish patterns of the day consisted of autumn splendors and meatwhistles. I was fortunate enough to get into a few decent fish and talk about hammering the fly, wow! One estimated 2-3lbs broke me off, talk about dissapointment.

Finishing the day off by fishing another local pond close to my house, nothing like a few clouds to cool things off this hot Summer day. Stay tuned....I have a Carp thread coming up also from this weekend that may interest you as well.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colorado's Epic Runoff Season Has Begun...Be Careful on I-70

And So It Begins

Checkout an amzing story and pictures today from the Glenwood Springs Post Independent Newspaper. Pretty amazing scene and for those headed west whether to fish the Frying Pan, to camp or hiking, I would definitely check with CDOT beforehand to make sure I-70 is still open.

Newspaper Link

Raging river damages Glenwood Canyon bike path
Colorado River tops 18,100 cfs at Shoshone Power Plant
Colorado towards Utah reaches 44,000 cfs

A few tips on how to fish runoff season in the Rockies if you do make it out this Summer

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fly Fishing North Georgia's Rivers...The Toccoa is On The Radar

North Georgia Has It All!

So it's that time of year again back in Georgia, no not College Football and no not about's that time of year again for our Annual "20 years now" Canoe trip. My pops has been organizing this grande trip every year from as far back as I can remember and it was that time again. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it in a few years but they're only too happy to send me pictures and to keep me updated as to how much fun they had again this year. The Toccoa River was their choice and I heard it didn't dissapoint.

Every year we pick a different River mostly in North Georgia if not in North Carolina. My favorites for our canoe-camping trips have easily been the Chattooga, Amicolola, Little Tenneessee and the Nantahala over the years. Every River is different yet captures something special to each one who floats it.

For those not accustomed to floating or even fishing back South, it's well worth it! I grew up doing it and still aspire to get back and to do it as much as possible while living in the Rockies these last 13 years.

I can't wait to get back again to smell that Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron flowers after it rains. Be prepared, it rains a bunch and the fishing can light up as soon as it rains, the rivers also rise quickly but drop the next day so be prepared. Whether canoeing or kayaking these great rivers, it's the fond memories that brings you back here again and again.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Getaway In Aspen

The Off Season in Aspen is Hard To Beat

When the weather starts to warm up and Summer is right around the corner, it's time to head to the Mountains again for some fun. For captivating views and the Lodging prices that get's time to head to Aspen again . This time was different, I spent a Fantastic weekend with my Fiance in Aspen and enjoyed every minute of the off season here. We stayed at the The Innsbruck Inn, a sweet place that not only is right in town but also set us up with some local trails to hike with no one around.

Yes I love to fish but this weekend had other intentions and one that still reasonates from all the fun we had, only a few moments fishing but with all the trips I've had this Spring, it wasn't that big of a deal not to fish.

I fished the Frying Pan River for a bit but few hatches suprisingly. (middle pic)Having a little wine on top of Sunnyside Mtn. Closing down the Bar at the Hotel Jerome "J-bar" no better place to be, especially when you have Ditty a fellow Georgia Bulldog serving up some strong liquor drinks all night! (below-Maroon Bells Fall 2002)


Too bad the Maroon Bells road was closed, too much snow apparently. They had 8" of snow right before we got there but fortunately we had nice weather with even 75' one day. If you do want to make the trek to Maroon Bells, it's 7 miles in and 7 miles out...that makes for one long day! Can't wait to get back there again.

If you can schedule it right and save a few pennies, try and make it to the Aspen Food & Wine about a wild weekend that is each year!

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