Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween On The Rise!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend and remember to watchout for all those Kid's running around. Hopefully by this weekend we'll start to thaw out a bit and melt all of this snow we've been getting lately. Don't forget to remember the most important part about Halloween, no it's not your costume design, nope it's not how much candy you can steal from your kids, nope it's not how many parties you can get to in one's to be weary of strange vehicles giving away free candy :)


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Global Warning....Nahhhhh Just An Early Dusting

Halloween Snowfall In The Rockies
More Reports Here

After encountering a whiteout driving home from fishing South Park on Sunday, I was the last man "idiot" standing on the river. I now regret staying that late despite a few big fish that gave me the runaround. Nothing like a 2 hour drive taking 4 hours while driving in a snow storm to realize that the days on the water without my goretex Simms jacket are over. Forecasters say that this is the biggest October storm in 12 years, if that's any indication on how this winter goes Ski resorts are going to be very happy this ski season!

Wednesday's Snowfall safe out there and enjoy that Flake hatch!

Rollinsville 35 inches
Near Bailey 30 inches
Bergen Park Golden 27 inches
Black Hawk - 31.8 inches (5:55 a.m.)
Fairplay - 14.0 inches (5:37 a.m.)
Northglenn - 13.0 inches (5:15 a.m.)
Louisville - 22.5 inches (2:15 a.m.)
Evergreen – 23.2 inches (11:55 p.m. 10/28)
Loveland – 16.5 inches with drifts to 3 feet (11:10 p.m. 10/28)
Conifer – 30 inches (10:53 p.m. 10/28)
Golden – 21.5 inches (10:50 p.m. 10/28)
Erie – 16.5 inches (10:40 p.m. 10/28)
Broomfield – 20.7 inches (10:20 p.m. 10/28)
Kittredge – 20 inches (10:10 p.m. 10/28)
Westminster – 17 inches (10:04 p.m. 10/28)
Boulder – 20.0 inches (10:00 p.m. 10/28)

Boca the Snowdog!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Georgia Bass and Minnesota Sturgeon

Whether It's Big Bass On a Golf Course or Sturgeon in Brackish Water You're After, I'm All Ears

It's a boring Wednesday and I'm working another long day, all I want to do is to talk a little fishing and to see how the fishing's been in Minnesota lately so I call my Pal Clark. Wouldn't you know it I get his voice mail saying he's out of the office again....hmmmm I wonder where's he's at. Rough life being a Real Estate broker and my only guess is that he's out fishing again to beat working. Two days later I get the email full of pictures of nice Sturgeon, which all I can do is to inquire Where, When, How and What??? He calls me back to tell me about an undisclosed area (I'm sworn to secrecy) he's been sturgeon fishing a bunch lately since trout season is closed and all I can say is, when can I get on a few of those pigs! Growing up in Georgia we also had a few flying Sturgeon down South that were of the airborne strain that would fly over your boat as you floated down the Suwannee, but nothing like this. In fact these are relatively small when compared to the monsters I've seen coming from Hell's Canyon Idaho and in the Pacific Northwest, but nonetheless I wouldn't complain catching one. Now all he has to do is to call my other buddy Cobos who also lives in Minny, to get out on a few since he's the exception to these guys, he's the token 60 hour a week worker that needs to get our more than anyone.

My other Pal is also a hard working self employed fishing junkie...see a pattern and why I'm also self employed! Each weekend I call my buddy Don to see which golf course he's hacking away at and which water he's fishing. This weekend was no exception, seeing how his Auburn Tigers are choking this year there's no excuse not to be out around Atlanta enjoying some outdoor interest. I guess since he was short on time he decided to combine the two of golf and fishing into one with the final tally being a good one! Some nice 6-8lb bass caught on Atlanta's Piedmont driving club, nothing like catching big bass while people are yelling Fooooooooooouuuuuuur in the background. Nice going Donny B and save a few for me on my next trip back home.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

FFR Fly Fishing Retail Show Making a Move, AAFTA Members Make a Change

It's no secret that the FFR show has had some problems, maybe even some uncertainty as to what they should do with the event. After talking to a few companies and Reps this year at the 2009 FFR show, it was apparent that many wanted to see a change or find another venue to move this to in order to spur on some sort of change for the better.

Recently TroutUnderground had some great insight as to what's going on and what might be instore for this yearly gathering of fishing insiders.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Fly Fishing News Spring Fishing In The Rockies and Saltwater

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taylor River Fishing..Hawg Trough Delight!

Sight Fishing on The Taylor River
Trip Report Here

What is about the words "Hawg Trough" that brings a smile to most of my fishing buddies? I think it's due to the fact that there are more big fish in the this one area than anywhere in the country I can think of. Okay, maybe the Middle Kenai perhaps, but for sheer numbers and jaw dropping fish, this place is hard to beat! We had a great weekend up in the Taylor Park area this Fall and I love making this trek a few times a year. I was with a few fishing Pals this weekend looking to fish for some beasty's,enjoy ourselves and hopefully not freeze from Taylor Park's notorious cold weather at night camping. Fishing Pals Brian Yamauchi, Todd Peppin, Casey, Travis, Craig and a few others tagged along for some fun.

We didn't get to fish together as much I wanted to since so much water around here to choose from -which is a very good problem to have! A few of the guys wanted to try their luck at some Gunnison Koky's, they haven't caught some before and since I just returned from Alaska catching Koky's big brother, the Sockeye, I was set for some Big trout. Friend Greg Furimsky from Crested Butte's Angling Bookstore joined the guys as well as local Willowfly guide Patrick Duke for some trout action.


Great time and trip, for more info on our trip as well as local fishing information click here .

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bozeman Area Fishing Activites

It's Fall in the Rockies and all I can think about are big browns and planning my next trip, where would I like to be? Bozeman comes to mind and from the calls I've gotten recently from my Montana buds, all I an do is to live vicariously through them and their fertile freestones loaded with monster browns. I thought I would do a write up on some local events for the area of Bozeman in case a few of you may be heading that way the next few weeks. I have to wait until September of 2010 before I get my fill of Bozeman activities I guess.

RISE - Bozeman, MT - World Premiere
World Premiere! – Bozeman, Montana
Emerson Cultural Center
Thursday October 22nd Show starts at 7:30 PM
Tickets $10 available at The River’s Edge, Fins and Feathers Fly Shop, Montana Troutfitters, and Rockford Coffee.Lots of swag will be raffled off from our sponsors: Simms, Costa del Mar, Hatch Reels, Ro Drift Boats, Big Sky Brewing, and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

Okay this may not be "fishing related" but I can almost guarantee a few of my fishing friends in the area will attend so that counts right?
Beer Festival by MT Brewers Assoc 5:00 PM October 23
Gallatin County Fairgrounds Description:Beer Festival by MT Brewers Assoc.Contact Tony at 406-439-8075 (C) or 406-449-7252 for more information.Admission: $18 advance / $20 at door. Tickets available at Bozeman Brewery, Madison River Brewery, Old Chicago, Montana Fish Company, Cactus Records and online at (entry includes 3 samples and a MBA glass)Public hours: 5pm – 11pm

20th - iPhoto offered by F-11 Photographic Supplies in downtown Bozeman, pre-registration required. October 20th thru 22nd from 12:00-12:50 PM Call F-11 for details at 406-586-3281, stop by the store at 16 East Main, or sign up 24-7 at .
23rd - Hunters Feed & Wild Game Cook-Off Located on Main Street in Ennis: Friday before hunting season starts. Local businesses prepare wild game dishes: sampled & voted on by participants. Begins 3:00 pm. Sponsored by the Ennis Area Chamber of Commerce.
24th - October 24, 2009 will mark the fourth annual Raw Deal Run and Fun Walk, a 5K and 10K race that will take place south of Big Timber.
24th - Living History Weekend, Virginia City: All Hallows Eve Experience the Spirits of the past that bring the scary side of the 19th century to life on the Trail of Fear, and the Terror Train. Experience tasty treats in Nevada City, with traditional foods, and spiced cider. Enjoy a ghost tour with Spirit Tailings author Ellen Baumler.
24th - Bridger Ski Foundation Nordic Snow Dance & Auction Saturday, October 24th 6pm Ballroom 6:00 p.m. - Silent Auction begins Dinner buffet featuring The Emerson Grill Beer & Wine courtesy of Bozeman Brewing Co and Winegardner Wines Live Music by Jawbone Railroad
26th - Glass House Photography group hosted by staff members of F-11 Photographic Supplies in downtown Bozeman Monday, October 28th from 5:45 to 7 PM. Call F-11 for details at 406-586-3281, stop by the store at 16 East Main, or sign up 24-7 at .
29th - What Will Climate Change Cost Montanans? Dr. Ernie Niemi, ECONorthwest. Join us for this lecture presented by the National Parks & Conservation Association and the Big Sky Institute. Montana Audubon is a co-sponsor. All events are free and open to the public and will be held at the Bozeman Public Library, Community Room. 7:00 – 8:30pm
31st - ASMSU Yellowstone River Rafting, Paradise Valley.
31st - Halloween Haunted House Big Sky Fire Station 1, 2735 Aspen Drive Stop by the Fire Department in Westfork Meadows for the Fire Department's Halloween Haunted House (and carving pumpkins, hot chocolate, treats, etc.)

Bozeman Trout Unlimited Membership Meeting & Annual Chili Fee
Wed, November 11, 7pm – 9pm Bozeman Holiday Inn (map)
DescriptionMonthly Chapter Membership Meeting and Chili Contest and Feed.

For more local information click here at New West for some great local flavor. You know we wouldn't leave out fishing reports for you, here you go for the latest Fishing News
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Steelhead Fishing! From Michigan To Ontario

Fall Steelhead Locations
Michigan Area
One of my personal favorites, okay BC is still on the list but will get there one of these days!
Michigan is truely a unique place, it has many great rivers that steelhead swim freely for short time periods throughout their lives. Many out there claim that steelhead to be one of the highly regarded freshwater fish to chase, they can challenge the fly fishers sanity, reels, hooks and angling skills.

Steelhead make their way in the rivers in the fall to chow and in the spring to spawn so they are definitely in the go. Alot of the fall fish -holdover or stay, in the rivers throughout the chilly months of winter and are usually the first to spawn in the spring. Many that either don't come in very far or don't run at all in the fall, make their way to the pier heads of lake Michigan come early spring to head up their natal rivers.

The top rivers in Michigan for steelhead include the Manistee, Muskegon river and Pere Marquette river. These rivers offer a unique appearance, landscape, water flows and so much more.

Michigan's majic time in Autumn is right after the majority of the fall salmon have already spawned, which usually falls around October through mid-late December, give or take a few weeks. Spring time fish arrive around early March and are available to the fly fisher through late May. A plus to Michigan's fly fisherman whom target steelhead is that, opposite to that of it's cousin the salmon, is that not all steelhead die after spawning. Steelehad provide a great "drop back fishing" while they navigate their way back to lake Michigan after successfully spawning.

Ontario Areas
So you want to fish for steelhead in the Ontario area? How about a "Grand Trip?"

The large steelhead trout from here can very from 15 to 30 inches in length with their weight and strength in need of very large tippets! The Wild runs and pole-bending hurtles makes this rainbow trout a hearty delight. A great vantage area for viewing steelhead pods is along Whiteman’s Creek just above the Grand River section. This stretch is now posted and permission must be gained from the Five Oaks Christian Centre so make sure.

The Grand River has won many conservation awards as well. It has almost 200 shoreline miles and is the largest river in Southern Ontario. It is one hour from Toronto or London with the 401 and 403 highways providing easy access. This is a unique river because it has all the amenities nearby within a wilderness setting. A fisherman can choose to float fish for steelhead or fly fish… wade or drift… spend the day or stay a night. Whatever the choice, steelhead fishing on the Grand River is a must for everyone to fish.

Lake Ontario (NY) Area Rivers
Keg Creek
Johnson Creek
18 Mile Creek
Oak Orchard Creek
Niagara River
4 Mile Creek

Lake Erie (NY) Area Rivers
18 mile Creek
Cattaraugus Creek

Lake Ontario (Ontario) Area Rivers (Regions west to east)
Humber River
Duffins Creek
Bowmanville Creek
Wilmot Creek
Ganaraska River
Niagara River

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Patagonia Fly Fishing Big Trout, Vacations, Lake District, Lodging and Best Guides!

Contact Fly Fish Addiction and Book Your Trip Today!
Click Here for some Great deals, discounts and Patagonia News

It combines impressive mountains ranges, active volcanoes, dense forest with millenarian trees, beautiful lakes and breathtaking glaciers to make it one of the last great wildernesses on the planet. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Patagonia:

Trekking: without doubt Patagonia is a true paradise for trekking, there are routes for everyone tastes. Every national park has well-marked routes with incredible landscapes and different degrees of difficulty. For the most daring trekkers long trans-andean crossings and hiking over the continental ice sheet are a must.

Animal sea life: Peninsula de Valdez is must-see place for lovers of wildlife. It contains the largest colony of elephant seals on the world, and it is an important gathering point for whales, penguins, and a multitude of seabirds.

Fly Fishing: Patagonia is a real outstanding place for the capture of trouts. It has an ideal temperature for Salmons, excellent waters and a wide variety of rivers and lakes to allow all fly-casting practices. Two outstanding places to visit are Junin de los Andes a town in the Neuquen province in the north part of Patagonia and Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. In Junin de los Andes, the Malleo River has plenty of rainbow trouts during the entire season, but it is at the end of March when things become interesting. Big brown trouts enter the Chimehuin River from the Huechulafquen Lake, an event that no fly fisherman wants to lose. Rio Grande is a fishing place of worldwide fame for the capture of big sea trouts.

Alpinism: It is true that Patagonia doesn't have high mountains ranges, but it counts with several of the most beautiful and challenging peaks on the world. Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in Argentina and Las Torres and los Cuernos del Paine in Chile are some of the reasons that climbers from all over the world have for traveling to this marvelous place.

Conclusion: no traveler interested in adventure that wants to enjoy nature at its best should miss the opportunity of experience Patagonia when traveling to Argentina.

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Outdoor and fishing apparel manufacturer Patagonia is doing away with its traditional fly-fishing catalog, instead switching to an online "e-Catalog" only. "The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog," said Patagonia ...
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YouTube - World Trout - James Prosek discusses World Trout while ...9 Mar 2009 by patagoniavideo
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Patagonia Goes Paperless With New Fly Fishing Catalog - Fly ...30 Mar 2010 by mcutchin
Casey Sheahan, Patagonia's angling CEO: “The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog. Anglers are online, engaged, and we're hoping they will help us get the word out on their own Facebook and Twitter pages,” continues ...
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Fly Fishing Blog Photos Podcasts Travel Gear and More ...4 May 2010 by El Guapo
It's too bad Patagonia waders suck and leak like your momma. May 4, 2010 Unregistered Commenter I only wear Patagucci. I'm on my third pair in a year, so they do not last "longer." But they are great waders, and Yvonne always gets my ...
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Coordinated restrictions for hake fishing in Patagonia's San Jorge ...8 Mar 2010
Argentine Fisheries Director Norberto Yauhar suspended the initiative to limit common hake (Merluccius hubbsi) fishing in waters of San Jorge gulf following a meeting with fisheries officials from Patagonian provinces.
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Patagonia's 2010 Digital Fly Fishing Catalog « Fly Fishers of Idaho25 Mar 2010 by Greg Harris
Click here to check out Patagonia's first digital fly fishing catalog. It is really sweet way to present & deliver a catalog. Just as Patagonia claims, the web-based catalog allows for more in-depth product information and more “soul of ...
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Fly fishing by Mel Krieger .- Pesca a mosca en Patagonia Fly ...15 Apr 2010 by Fly Fishing Action http Trailer publicitario de mel krieger en la Patagonia.
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Patagonia/FishPond gear bags12 May 2010 by Mark Walker
New and unused Patagonia Double Haul bag. $65 including shipping CONUS. NIB FishPond Bighorn Gear Bag. I have two of these. Pics are of both. You get the new one in the box. $75 including shipping CONUS. Out of US, please iniquire. ...
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The Cliffs Preserve at Patagonia, Chile Puerto Varas, Chile ...8 Mar 2010
The awe-inspiring Cliffs Preserve at Patagonia, Chile is a pristine destination located in one of the most naturally stunning places in the world.
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Chile Hotels: Puerto Varas11 May 2010 by admin
One of our recommended Puerto Varas hotels is the Hotel Solace. One guest stayed for two nights and reports that the hotel has a warm, cozy décor with a heavy use of wood in a modern style. It is located only two blocks from the main ...
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You would think that a leg of “The Amazing Race” which didn't require flights would be focused on the tasks instead of the travel.
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Hogar de Cristo » Solidarios se la jugaron en Puerto Varas - [ Translate this page ]4 May 2010 by sbascur
Más de 300 personas disfrutaron el reciente sábado del Bingo Solidario del Hogar de Cristo, el cual tuvo lugar en el centro de eventos del Casino Puerto Varas y fue animado por la reconocida opinóloga Pamela Díaz y el periodista Marcelo ...
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Northern California Fishing Report April 2010 – Jack Trout ...28 Apr 2010 by admin
Any skill level can be accommodated and welcomed! We have gear available and hand tie all our own flies for each of the rivers we guide on in the Patagonia. We pick folks up from Valdivia or Puerto Montt airports. ... - jack trout's weblog - - References
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Booned — Blog — Top 5 destinations in Chile14 May 2010 by scottlee1956
Or AHS bee strongly recommended to explore the charming town of Puerto Varas and German dominated the fishing center of Puerto Montt. If you can catch in one of the top five places in Chile, described here, or done in one of the other ...
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Puerto Montt20 Apr 2010 by APG
Puerto Montt is a port city and commune in southern Chile. The city's economy is now based upon agriculture, forestry, fishing and salmon aquaculture in the surrounding islands and fjords. It is the fastest-growing city in southern ... -

A dam shame? « Wandering Gaia28 Apr 2010 by Gaia
We travel sadly to Chacabuco for our ship north back to Puerto Montt. Chacabuco reveals evidence of a more recent eco disaster: salmon farming. These non-native fish, introduced from Norway, have now become the main industry here, ...
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[Body Workout 101] china worlds single largest source of ...11 hours ago by (Body...
Pennsylvania, Petropolis, Philadelphia, Placencia, Playa Mujeres, Poconos, Poinciana, Portland, Porto Alegre, Prince Edward Island, Providence, Providenciales, Pudong, Puerto Iguazu, Puerto Montt, Puerto Plata, Puerto Vallarta, ... Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation , the leading independent operator engaged in the production, storage, distribution, wholesale purchase and sale of blended marine fuel oil for cargo and fishing vessels in Northern China, ...
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Puerto Montt, Chile29 Mar 2010 by Nick
So anyways, I got into the bus terminal in Puerto Montt after a 14 hour bus ride from Santiago, at 830 am. Gave my host a ring at the phone center at the station…no answer. Great. I had all day, so I figured I'd wait a bit and try again ...
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Chiloe – island of shingles, seafood, and sealions. The Indie ...5 May 2010 by Craig and Linda
Those hours made up for the disappointment on the water; first we followed the coast where small fishing boats worked amongst the sandbars. Then over the hills, with stunning coastal views on both sides. After thirty minutes of this we passed ... Built by settlers in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the architectural style has spread to some hotels and private homes, plus the surrounding mainland regions — we saw similar workmanship in Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. ...
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Swimming Upstream Latin Trade1 Jun 2009 by Jorge Garretón
Fish farming was introduced in the southern city of Puerto Montt in 1977. Since then, it has contributed to the region's prosperity, bringing jobs and fueling a construction boom. From a foothold around Puerto Montt, salmon and trout ...
Latin Trade -

Fishing boats at Puerto Montt on Flickr - Photo Sharing!7 Oct 2008 by (magical-world)
Fishing boats at Puerto Montt. ... Puerto Montt · Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with Magical World Magical World · Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with travel ...
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Argentina Fly Fishing with Esquel Outfitters13 Apr 2010 by Fly Fishing Action
An overview of fishing Rio Pico, Esquel, and the National Park waters of the Esquel Region. Check us out at
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Esquel Outfitters & Jurassic Lake Fishing Trip Report « Fly Water ...30 Dec 2009 by flywaternews
Esquel Outfitters and Loop's Jurassic Lake Fishing Report from December. Don't know where to start as I am just now coming out of the clouds from that two week dream I had about being in Argentina. What an amazing trip! ...
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Fly Fishing Patagonia: Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina, Esquel Area6 Aug 2009 by Alun Lloyd Fly Fishing
Hola! My name is Alun Lloyd profesional fishing guide from Esquel/Chubut, Patagonia/Argentina. If you're intrested in fly fishing, wild life, birdwatching and traveling adventures in Argentine Patagonia, check my site & email me. ...
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Argentina Fly Fishing: Esquel – Los Alerces National Park, Dry Fly ...26 Jun 2008 by patagoniaflies
Los Alerces National Park located in the beautiful province of Chubut is world famous for its crystal clear rivers and world class dry fly fishing. The park.
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Fishing in Argentina11 Jan 2010 by buenosaires54
At the small Esquel Airport (one to two flights per day), we were met by Nicholas Beale from the El Encuentro Fishing Lodge ( It's a 15-mile drive on an unpaved road to the fishing complex in Nicho's Toyota diesel ...
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Fishing Lodge Stainless Kitchen Sinks3 hours ago by admin
This particular show is filmed in central Patagonia near Esquel and Gwenn and David Perkins have the distinct honor and pleasure of being the very first guests at Martin O'Farrell's “Trevelin Lodge” in the town of the same name. ...
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Part 1: Following the Andes–Arroyo Verde Wend Magazine - iWend5 May 2010 by Daniel Fox
With the kayak strapped tight on the roof, provisions in the cooler and a full tank of gas, the buildings of Esquel gradually shrank in my rear-view mirror while the mountains in front of me, caped with fresh snow, ... Nestled between the Andes and the famous Traful river in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Estancia Arroyo Verde is pure wild fly-fishing and horseback riding country. I am here because the world is really small (in Argentina) and once you know a person or two, ...
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European Time Warp — Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina16 Jan 2010 by TravelStream™ member chemoejito
I attempted to go trout fishing today but the local tackle shop advised me other wise. Using a spinner rod on most rivers in Patagonia is forbidden and only fly fishing is allowed. I give up resentfully on the idea and spend the ...
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Argentina Waters fly fishing outfitters in Esquel and Rio Pico: El ...2 Jul 2009 by Argentina Waters
Argentina Waters fly fishing outfitters in Esquel and Rio Pico. WWW.ARGENTINAWATERS.COM Welcome to ARGENTINA WATERS, We are Gonzalo and Laura Martinez and we invite you to come to Patagonia and enjoy an unforgetable and exciting ...
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Trout Time in Chile, Fly Fishing Style15 Feb 2010 by admin
Brown trout galore as Johann and Philipp head south for Esquel as we make plans to tie a knot… Keep your tip up folks, you can never go wrong! So on February 2nd, 2010 -. Carola and I got married officially in Los Lagos, Chile. ... - jack trout's weblog -

Friday, October 16, 2009

Top Fly Fishing Blogs, Best Fly Fishing Websites

Link to the Best Blogs

Fishing Jones

Sat 22 Nov 2008
For Angling Addicts. Fly fishing and light tackle with posts about conservation and almost anything to do with water.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
The FlyFish Fanatic
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Popular fly fishing blog of Rick Passek, who is a successful fly fishing instructor, speaker, and author of the Freshman FlyFishing book series.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Sat 22 Nov 2008

A saltwater fishing site where you can ask questions, learn new tips, study charts, and more!Thanks for visiting fishing4idiots!

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Blog for Montana Fly Fishing with Wapiti Waters and Jack C. Mauer
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Jack C. Mauer has more than a thirty year investment in fishing, floating and wading the waters of western Montana. He is intimately acquainted with the surrounding fisheries and their corresponding ecologies. It is his passion and enthusiasm ...

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Fly Fish Addiction
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Flyfishaddiction is about people like you. People who would rather fish than eat, sleep or work. Who would brave rain, snow and 100% humidity to chase that elusive fish! One thing is certain, either your boss, girlfriend or wife has had to ...

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Fly Fishing Tips
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Fly Fishing is one of the best ways to be successful with fishing. There are some that say it's a waste of time and to much work but it really is the best method of fishing and you will out fish any other type of angler when you hit the hatch.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Schmidt's Walkabouts
Sat 22 Nov 2008

I've always felt that Walkabout's fit nicely into the world of fly fishing and our journey in life chasing fish across our planet with a wisp of feather and tread.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
My Weblog
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Fly Fishing Information
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Fly Fishing Basics for Beginner Fly Fishers. - [

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Long Rodding in Garden City, Singapore
Sat 22 Nov 2008

A collection of my fly fishing escapades in sunny Singapore. It's just a hodge podge of my ramblings about my favourite past time.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Front Range Anglers Fishing Report
Sat 22 Nov 2008

This site was created to help our customers & friends stay up- to- date on local fishing opportunities along Colorado's Front Range. It includes suggestions on patterns and techniques for both warm and cold water species. Input is provided by ...

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Declans Fly Fishing Blog
Sat 22 Nov 2008
A wealth of information on Fly Fishing including tips, tricks, trips and a whole lot more.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Chasin Trout
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
All about fishing
Sat 22 Nov 2008
Fishing tips and advices, news, hotspot and many more

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Sat 22 Nov 2008
Montana Fly Fishing, river flows, reports, weather, stock photography, fly tying and so forth…

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Steve Dobson's Fisherman's Blog
Sat 22 Nov 2008

"A man's got to believe in something. I believe I'll go fishing. " - - H. D. Thoreau

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Fishing Techniques and Tips
Sat 22 Nov 2008
Get the hand on good fishing techniques now. Find here great tips for bass fishing, fly fishing, best equipment and gear for your fishing trip and much more!.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Sat 22 Nov 2008
Information about fly fishing the Southeastern United States. A sister site to Flyfishmagazine. com

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Royal Gorge Anglers Fly Fishing Blog
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
The DS Fly Fishing Blog
Sat 22 Nov 2008
Everything about fly fishing. Fly Fishing Tips for catching Rainbow trout and Brown trout, Fly Tying Patterns, Fly casting, and Fly Fishing Gear Reviews - Paul also share's his experiences on Recent fishing trips with recent fishing reports. ...

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
...slimy (a fly fishing blog)
Sat 22 Nov 2008
. . . slimy trout. com is the fly fishing blog of Steve Hoovler from West Yellowstone, MT. Steve shares his experiences fly fishing for trout in the waters of Yellowstone country, and around the world.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Provides an online community of fishing enthusiasts. Allows users to share stories, exchange information, find hot fishing spots and learn about new techniques.

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
My Angling Life
Sat 22 Nov 2008
My fly fishing blog. Fly fishing in the beautiful county of Derbyshire. Fishing on Ladybower, River Derwent, Howden as well as other fisheries such as Press Manor and Pennine. Up to date fishing reports and tactics. Fly fishing links and fly ...

Blog info (0 Comments) Report
Musings of a Mad Fisherman
Sat 22 Nov 2008

Welcome to my blog! Its purpose is to chronicle my adventures as I relentlessly pursue Canada's cold water species - more specifically, salmon and trout on the float rod and on the fly. I will however, stray to other lands and other species from ...

Anyone Ever Fish Pyramid Lake Nevada
Rangerrob Outdoor News and Information Magazine » Blog Archive
Listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. Because of size and bag limit restrictions, Pyramid Lake offers trophy trout opportunities for anglers.Fishing in Pyramid Lake is full of challenges, 1-oz. cutthroat trout caught on a 12-lb tippet.For more information about fishing at Pyramid Lake, click here. This article was written by a fish biologist and is one of the best articles ever written.View Larger Map

The Arizona Fly Fishing Wall » Pyramid Lake 2010
JG, who I have fished with more than anyone, was all set to join me on leg #1 of many. Just as I was getting into the vehicle I get the dreaded “call”, JG can't make it. JG is as reliable of a fishing buddy as there is, .. I can only imagine what it would feel like to fish this lake for 50, 100, 150 days and not catch a 10lbs fish. It truly just boils down to being in the right place at the right time. It is perfect that this lake is in Nevada because the more time I

Fly Fish Addiction: Big Trout on Pyramid Lake Nevada, It's On!
More than likely it's the Lahontan Cutthroat trout that brings in most anglers to Pyramid Lake. It's listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. What do they eat that makes them
anyone ever fish pyramid lake, nevada
I'm going to reno to see my mom for christmas and I'm thinking about going to pyramid lake. The cutthroats they catch there look awesome! what do you.

Pyramid Lake Nevada -

Pyramid Lake Nevada Trout Yak! Kokanee, lake fishing. I tried some other tackle ie: kwikfish, lymans, spoons, flatfish but only caught fish on the Apex and one on Capt. Kens double flutter spoon. It was a great trip and fishery that I would truly recommend to anyone. I know I will be back. Fun place to fish. Its a bizaar lake as it would sometimes turn over and some crazy looking moon rock mudball looking things would show up. Love the color of it though.

Trout Fishing Tips, News, & More
It's the Lahontan Cutthroat trout that draw anglers to Pyramid Lake. Listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. Because of size and bag limit restrictions, Pyramid Lake offers trophy trout opportunities for anglers. Fishing in Pyramid Lake is full of For more information about fishing at Pyramid Lake, click here. This article was written by a fish biologist and is one of the best articles ever written.

Are You Hooked?

"Hooked" The New NatGeo Fishing Show

"Hooked," is a popular show that is catching on with many of my fishing Pals as of late! I haven't missed one yet and can't wait for the next one. Hosted by aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan, the series simultaneously explores how different cultures approach fishing (and underwater conservation) while highlighting the most dramatic catches. This is not your average fishing show...not even close, this show goes after Monster catches and the strangest fish species you will ever encounter. Episodes range from Congo's Tigerfish, Mongolian Taimen to monster Sharks in San Diego. Definitely worth checking out and saving on that TIVO
For more on The Top Fishing Shows out there, Checkout FFA's top 10 listings of Fishing shows out there to watch

When: Sunday and Monday Nights schedule link
Where: National Geographic Channel
What? Wild Fishing Tales That Will Blow Your Mind

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black Canyon of The Gunnison Fall Fishing Weekend

Head To The Gunnison Gorge Area For An Amazing Autumn Experience
Link To Our Trip Here

It’s hard to beat spending time in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison during the Fall. Outside of the San Juan’s, this has to be one of my favorite areas for sure. Very few crowds out on the water, remoteness, incredible weather and if you wanted to catch 30 fish, it’s not that very hard to do. Big fish are not as prevalent but when you’re there big fish, or any fish is that last thing you’re worried about with all of this great scenery.


You can have a good day, great day or an incredible day out on the Gunnison. Now whether that means catching 30 fish, or simply sittung back teo relax the spectacular scenery, either one bodes well for me. I think for most fisherman here, you can catch some nice fish, overall nothing huge but you can catch quite a few. Or one can sit back and marvel the granduer or some an amazing place is what brings me back here year after year.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Florida Fly Fishing October Reports

Florida Fishing Heats Up In October

With all of this Chatter lately about Fall fishing around the Rockiesfor Browns, plenty of my Saltwater friends are scratching their heads wondering when I'm going to talk about Saltwater again. Yes, Saltwater is my passion for sure, but this one period of the year in the Rockies, nothing comes close. Here's some updated Florida Saltwater news since I've gotten a few reports from my Guide friends down there recently. Come November I'll be in the Tampa area Redfishing so hopefully I'll have a few reports myself for everyone!

Florida Bay in Fall! - Had a chance to get out in Florida Bay with my pal Capt. Nick Angelo originally from South Fla whp now lives and guides in the Tampa area! We had a great time fishing the old stomping grounds. It was our first trip out in Flamingo together in a few y more...Capt. Joe Costadura - Flamingo

Inshore/ offshore - The lagoon is still producing some good trout and the reds are scattered through out the lagoon flats in a spawning mode. You will see the schools doing some swimming in circles and rolling on their sides. My last charter was going to fish with me more...Capt. Joe Porcelli - Mosquito Lagoon

Capt Pete Greenan -Sarasota Area Down To Boca Grande
Outstanding fishing this week in Boca Grande was highlighted by large snook, baby tarpon and an abundance of seatrout. There is no better time of the year than the fall on Florida's west coast. Unusually high tides in the morning produced strong water movement as the days went on. Baitfish shoals grew larger and the fish fed aggressively. Dusty Sprague and I were able to jump four little tarpon in the deep backcountry on Thursday and then managed several snook along the mangroves. All were taken on a modified Gartside Gurgler pattern. Switching to a submerged fly because of the bright sun, we caught several seatrout in just a few minutes to finish up a fun and exciting day.

Summer returns to Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay is hot! Both the weather and the fishing action. Wednesday morning on the was hot and humid; the only thing hotter was the Bonita action. Most Captains have a circle of other Captains whom they share information with. It's this type of net more...Capt. Steven Markovich - Tampa Bay

Jacksonville City Limits...Saltwater Style - For the past couple of months I have been splitting my fishing trips from the remote backwater marshes to downtown Jacksonville. My normal trips are in the saltwater marshes and creeks, usually miles from any type of development. Northeast Florida h more...Capt. Ron Schurr - Jacksonville

Ton of Tarpon - A beautiful September to remember this year so far with everyday being more beautiful than the day before it seems, calm mornings that lead into sunny humid and hot days with some showers around to cool of the fishing a little! Florida Bay is just more...Capt. Jim Hale - Flamingo

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Taimen in Mongolia! Dr. Fred Strikes Again

In Search of Monster Taimen Look No Further Than The Far Reaches of Mongolia

My fellow Denver fishing Pal and often drinking partner, Dr. Fred Miller, was off on another adventure and this one was unlike all the others he's been on before. Dr. Fred has been to just about as many places as anyone I know and just when I thought I had him beat with a Patagonia trip year before last, he one upped me and already had his booked a few months before mine!

Having talked with Jeff Currier about his last trip there I knew this was a place I wanted to visit, now it's just a matter of time, lot's of luck and oh yeah, a bank account much different than the one I have now! Dr. Fred and another friend of mine Todd Fehr, also tagged along for this amazing trip and I know I'll be hearing these big fish stories for years to come. These Two guys fish a bunch together and we fish much of the same water. They both got me hooked on Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande and I still can't wait to meet them down there for some fun as well the next few years.

Todd with a Sweet One

Mongolia Taimen Fishing is an exceptional adventure fishing destination: a land of rolling steppes, rugged mountains, and verdant forest, inhabited by hardy, hospitable nomads. The wild rivers teem with fish; Grayling, Lenok Trout, and the legendary Taimen, a mighty salmonid that grows to monstrous proportions.

Just another day in the office for Dr. Fred

Mongolia's rivers are a fly-fisherman's dream destination - clear water, abundant fish, tranquil fishing, and stunning surroundings. Experience the excitement of catching a mighty Taimen on a dry-fly. Enjoy exquisite dry-fly fishing for Lenok and Grayling.

Imaging wading clear cliff fringed pools and casting a mouse fly to metre-long sighted taimen - feel the anticipation as you retrieve, then the surge of adrenalin as the Taimen explodes out of the water to take the fly before a making reel screaming run!

The average sized Taimen are around 28 to 30 inches long (70 - 80 cm) and 10 to 12 lbs. There will be many opportunities at trophy Taimen over 40 inches (100 cm).

to explore in a stunning river valley and canyon. The river has fantastic wading with a rocky or gravel bed, lots of interest and structure, and many cliffs and Taimen pools.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Big Brown Trout Fishing, Where Are They and How To Catch Them

Leapoard Browns, Chilly Weather, Big Fat Streamers and Fewer Crowds is What I'm Talking About

What is it about this time of year that get's ones adrenaline going with the thought of Big, Fat, beasty Brownies chasing 12" streamers for that one monster whack! I know I can't wait and in fact could care less about fishing all Summer when in comparison to what the Fall brings.

These last few weekends I have been completely spoiled and fortunate to travel in search of big browns. Any luck? Well I've had some shots but still think it's a tad -no pun, too early for some of the big boys to come out to play quite yet. When is the perfect time to chase them you ask? That can vary greatly and you must follow many areas of timing to get that one right. A few factors I look at are the season, a nice window from the 1st of October to Mid November for the Rockies. Why this time if year? It's due to browns which are are fall spawners and by November they are in a crazy mood. Browns that are near or have just finished spawning are extremely territorial and yep, aggressive. When targeting them you have to pay attention to any influx in flow changes, up a little or down some can really alter Brown trout movement and change your plans for fishing. Also what is the weather doing, is it sunny, cloudy, snowing or raining? Those also play important roles. What about Moon phases, yep..Crowds of people targeting them over and over. What about the temperature of the water yep. See where I'm getting at!

There are so many areas you need to concentrate on that for the average person I just tell people to relate it to golf. Just go when you can and see what happens. If you can target it much more thoroughly with your timing, than all the better, the more time on the water the better chance of course you'll have to run across a nice Brown.

Don't forget to rule out fishing at night time. Yes they do lurk in the depths at dusk and can get busy once that sun goes down so don't forget to check that out as well. I was on a trip to the Taylor River recently and fishing from 8pm-Midnight and let's just say that after landing a nice brown 15 minutes into my night I was "Hooked"

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret's of Alaska's Salmon Shark

National Geographic Special on Salmon Spawning Patterns and the Salmon Shark

Checkout the Premiere of "The Secret's of Alaska's Salmon Shark's"
Set your TIVO'S on Monday October 10th at 9am Mtn Time or check your listings for additonal times. Channel 276 for Direct TV users. Great photography, Salmon Shark information and lot's of Salmon!

Alaska Week on Discovery Channel
Deadliest Catch Alaska

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Rocky Mountain Park Fishing in The Fall!

Fall Brookie Fishing in RMNP, What More Could You Want
Link To More Pictures from our Trip

What do I do when I get a call from some family friend's that are coming to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in RMNP and want a tour from a local guide? Well I jump at the chance to head up to Rocky Mtn National Park days after returning from Alaska to catch up with some friends, a chance to take in some outstanding Fall foilage and yes, you guessed fish a bit!

The next question was: what size fish do you want to catch, how far do you want to walk or drive, what species of trout and how soon can we get on the water. Mr Rhodes is not your typical fisherman, he dwarfs me in his yearly fishing days with a "modest 200+" days out a year since he is retired, lives on the water down south and knows how to fish. Those are the types of people I want to fish with. We lucked out with perfect weather, a number of gorgeous brookies on the fly and animal sightings everywhere.

If you head up that way make sure you look up the YMCA of the Rockies for some sweet accomodations. BB is a former director of the YMCA down in Georgia and knows how well they treat their guests, and that they did. My 1st visit to this amazing place and with a few thousand acres of land, every amentity one would ever need is at your disposal. They have over 250 cabins to choose from all tucked away in the hills and what better place to wake up, have a cup of jo and notice a herd of Elk out on your front porch! Their rates are very modest also so look em up when heading up that way.


We had a blast fishing a few hot spot lakes where not only did we catch some colorful Brookies but we also had a few shot's at some beasty 20" Trout as well that showed up from time to time but no takers. The Big Thompson also proved to be enjoyable but due to high flows it did make things a somewhat challenging. For more information on fishing RMNP checkout my other threads HERE for more info on your next outing to the Park.

Open Lakes: (a few known to contain fish populations)
Black Lake/Box LakeFourth /LakeHaynach /LakeJewel /Lake Haiyaha/Lake Nanita (outlet closed)Lake of Glass /Lake Solitude/Lake Verna/Little Rock /Lake Loch Vale/Lone Pine/ Lake Mills/ Lake Mirror /Lake Peacock Pool Pettingell /Lake Poudre Lake Rock /Lake Sky Pond/Spirit /Lake Sprague/ Lake Ten /Lake Park /Lakes Thunder Lake Ypsilon

Catch and Release Lakes
Adams Lake**Arrowhead Lake*Big Crystal Lake*Caddis Lake (Lower Fay Lake)*Cony Creek (above Calypso Cascades)*Dream Lake*Fern Lake and Creek*Fifth Lake**Forest Canyon (above the Pool)*Hidden Valley Beaver Ponds and Hidden Valley Creek (open only as posted)*#Hutcheson Lakes*Lake Husted*Lake Louise*Lawn Lake*Lily Lake (south, west and north shores; east shore open July 1 to April 30)*
Loomis Lake*Lost Lake*#North Fork of the Big Thompson above Lost Falls*#Odessa Lake*Ouzel Creek (above falls; brook trout may be kept)*#Ouzel Lake*#Paradise Creek drainage**Pear Lake and Creek*Roaring River*Sandbeach Lake and Creek*Spruce Lake*Timber Lake and Creek**West Creek*


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