Sunday, October 31, 2010

October is Adopt A Dog Month!

Help A Dog In Need & Save A Life

October is a special month for many, Fall is in full gear with big fish on the move and snow is on the way for Colorado skiers. October is also a special month for Pets alike and shelter dogs in need...Adopt A Dog Month is Here

I usually don't like to talk about subjects outside of fishing or matters that many may not agree with, but I think we all can agree that a Pet in need is always a Pet worth talking about! I'm actively involved with various pet organizations being in the business and love to spread the word when possible to help our 4 legged friends.

What Can an Adopted Dog Bring to Your Life?
There are as many responses to that question as there are dogs in this world! That’s why -- during American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month celebration in October -- we’re encouraging people to adopt a shelter dog and experience the joy of finding their own answers.

Are you looking for:
•an exercise buddy?
•a best friend and confidant for your child?
•a dog you can train with to learn animal-assisted therapy?
•a partner in agility competitions?
•a constant companion for your favorite senior citizen?
•a fuzzy face to greet you after a hard day at work?

Contact AHA or your local shelter today and save the life of a little one! Thanks

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Carping on The South Platte Denver

Chasing Goldens in The Fall

Is there ever a bad time to chase carp? In my mind no, in the words of my's pretty much Summertime only. Living just a few blocks from some of the best Carpin around makes it easy to get away when the conditions seem right. Truth be told, Summertime the Carp are the most active and probably fight more than anytime else but Carp are on the bite during the Fall as well.

One thing to keep in mind about Fall Carpin is that the weather can be Bluebird one minute and 15' cooler with winds in just a few hours. For me the Sun is almost the deciding factor when heading out to fish Goldens, similar to that of Bonefish, but when it's partly cloudy and I know exactly where they might be hiding, there's always a chance.

Visibility is key seeing how Carp just don't grab it and take off, you truly need to see them, decide if the ones your after are feeders and most importantly, did you see the take?? Sure Summertime as well as late Spring often provide more sunny days and a more opportune time to see/chase Golden bones. However the Carp are not hit as hard, still feeding at certain times and you just may not have a Saturday free seeing how the Dream Stream or College football may be keeping you busy so get out anyways!

On this day I managed to hook 2 nice carp but only land the smaller of the two -I'll take what I can get. I pulled it from 4 others and had 2 other chances!! Not bad for an hour 1/2 out at my Carp alley area in town.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yellowstone’s Growing Popularity Good for Region

National Park Popularity Growth Always A Good Thing
Billings Gazette Article Link

Most people who know me realize how much of a special place Yellowstone National Park is to me, from living there some 20 years ago to my regular trips back to find some remote fishing adventures. With so many local, regional and National Parks in danger of loosing millions upon millions of dollars it seems, any positive news in this region is a good thing. Closings upon closings and loss in funding by our Government for our historic park systems can never hurt from an increase in visitations and a rate increase that still packs em into Jellystone!

Yellowstone National Park is a great American vacation destination, especially in this tough economy. In the first nine months of 2010, Yellowstone has already exceeded its previous full-year record visitor count. In 12 months of 2009, the park counted 3.29 million visitors. By the end of September this year, it had already seen 3.41 million.

In September alone, the park hosted 550,000 recreational visitors (I was one of them:)— 60,000 more than in September 2009. The warm, dry fall weather was perfect for fly fishing, camping, bicycling and hiking. Fall visitation has grown in recent years as the park has become ever more popular in September for photo safaris and bus tours that bring throngs of retirees as well as foreign visitors to Yellowstone. At the end of September, license plates from states coast to coast were seen in the Old Faithful Inn parking lot.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Protecting Our Rivers, Colorado Petition Worth Checking Out


We need your Support for an important cause in Colorado. Colorado Trout Unlimited, with volunteer help from Niby Design Group, developed the Protect Our Rivers license plate (pictured above) to help raise a minimum of $75,000 for river protection right here in Colorado.

But this plate will not be produced until we collect 3,000 signatures from all our members and friends. Our deadline is November 30th, 2010 and we need you to help us meet our goal!

Anything Trout Unlimited National, Colorado Trout Unlimited or Denver Trout Unlimited related I'm always open ears. I was lucky to serve as Activities Director with the Denver Trout Unlimited for a number of years so anything I can do to promote or assist, I'm game. Please take the time to read this and pass along if you get a chance...a big thanks!

Petition Link
During the 2011 legislative session, Colorado Trout Unlimited will introduce a bill to create the Protect Our Rivers license plate. In order to introduce the bill we need 3,000 signatures by the end of November.

Once the bill is passed, you can obtain a Protect Our River s license plate by making a one-time, tax-deductible donation of $25 to Colorado Trout Unlimited. This money will be used to help CTU fulfill its mission of protecting, conserving and restoring Colorado's rivers by funding on-the-ground restoration projects, youth conservation education programs, and river advocacy. The money will remain 100% local, all funds will be allocated to projects and programs within Colorado.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park Fall Fishing For Brookies

Fall Colored Brookies...Hard To Beat!

Fall in the Rockies provides us a unique opportunity when out fishing up in the Hills. One area of interest for me each Fall is to chase some beasty browns and 2nd is to go after some Fall Brookies. Most Fall fishing starts off in Alaska chasing Dolly Varden's but this Fall I had other trips in mind so these colorful Brookies will keep me satisfied for awhile.

Heading to Rocky Mountain National Park to fish in the Fall can offer an angler a variety of choices. It just depends on what they're looking for. Be it a hike into a remote lake chasing Greenback cutthroats, some small creeks close by for some browns, or what I some Brook trout on a fly!

Summertime in RMNP can also provide one with plenty of joy, but it's the Fall colors gleaming from Aspens and Cottonwood trees that bring in the crowds. If you want to chase Brook trout they aren't hard to find, but they can be hard to catch believe it or not. This outing only a few few anglers it seemed were able to tease a few brookies to bite while others seamlessly changed flies every 5 minutes in disbelief.

One thing is for sure, fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park is about as good as it get's for beauty, animals and high mountain water to fish. Sure you can do the normal lake off a main road if short on time, I prefer to hike up a bit to a few of my choice waters and catch some nice fish as well and breakaway form the crowds.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top Fly Fishing News, Tips, Reports, Clubs, Websites, River Reports, destinations, Winter fishing and More!

Direct Link To Information

The Fly Fishing Film Tour & The International Fly Fishing Film Festival are Here! 27 Jan 2011, 8:02 am
Are You Ready

They are back and just in the nick of time! With winter here and Denver reaping the benefits of both record snowfall in the Mountains and 50' degree days intown, what more could one ask for. Well the best of the best are back to Denver February 12th "5pm/8pm showings" to showcase what we've been waiting for and who will be named the top fly fishing film out there. Can you really have just one winner in a fly fishing film tour? I think not, instead I just get the itch to see more Saltwater action, Steelhead locations and Cutthroat Trout videos again. After last years show, not sure if they can beat those Vids!

The International Fly Fishing Exposition (IF4) consists of short and feature length films produced by professional and amateur filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly fishing. From trophy browns in New Zealand to giant tarpon in the Atlantic Ocean, the variety of films at this event are sure to peak the interest of all anglers.

Each IF4 screening is over 2 hours long, and features over a dozen films. There are great door prizes and all viewers get a chance to vote for their favourite film! Don't miss IF4 at the 2011 venues. Click on the Independent Screening Handbook Icon located on this page and get the scoop on how you can bring IF4 to your town.

The fly fishing film event of the year is coming to your town so get on it son! Featuring never-before-seen content from the best filmmakers in the industry, this year's spectacle is going to be bigger and better than ever.


- LDR Media tangoing with Mako Sharks

- Touring Mexico in a vegetable oil powered pickup with Motiv Fishing

- WorldANGLING chasing the elusive Permit

- Redfish in Louisiana from Waterline Media

- Beattie Outdoor Productions hunting Guatemalan Billfish and Midwestern Smallies

- Trout fishing adventure courtesy of Gambit Stone

- Third Year Fly Fisher seeking Midwest Musky

- On the flats with 406 Productions

Fim Tour Schedules and Info Here...

Check your local listings and get out to see the show!

New 2011 Fly Fishing TV Shows Are Finally Here.. 25 Jan 2011, 8:43 am
Are You a Couch Fisherman?

The new fly fishing season is upon us, not that of fighting ski traffic up in the hills to fish for a few modest hours, but instead enjoying some fly fishing on a lazy day via your recliner! Yes I am guilty of being a Couch fisherman! What can I say after long work weeks and busy weekend schedules, I find myself living vicariously through people like Flip Pallot and Kelly Galloup with their new season of fishing shows.

Many remember my write ups in 2010 and 2009 on the top Fly Fishing shows out there, most are back and it seems many more have shown up to showcase some incredible adventures. Do you have a favorite?

Information about this year's Fly Fishing shows has a slight curve ball. Apparently after talking to John at this year's Retailer show, ESPN has now decided to dump all of their fly fishing/outdoor shows due to the popularity of Bass fishing shows...What the heck?
"John Dietsch - Adventure Guides/Hook TV"

To those Comcast subscribers out there all I have to say is sorry! Nothing like having all of the fishing shows zapped from not only ESPN but also due to the fact you can't get the Outdoor Network. Thank goodness I have Direct TV and more fishing shows on my TIVO than I have time to watch.
Here are some shows that may interest you

Familiar Waters -
Pro's: Nice travel episodes of some sweet fly fishing destinations and big Tarpon
Con's: Get your camera guys to sit down & not to be in every single shot

Kelly Galloup Fish TV -
Pro's: It's Kelly Galloup what more could you want, learn how to shake that Bugger
Con's: No more Jack Dennis, hey that may not be a bad thing, nah we miss ol' Jack

Fish The Baja- Colorado's own Dave Maynard takes you on a few wild episodes in Baja! This new show actually does pretty well for a landlocked guy fishing down South.
Pro's: Chasing Roosterfish, Dorado and Baja's finest fishing areas
Con's: Need more inshore fly fishing if possible and you can never have enough Roosters

Flip Pallot Fishing Frontier - Flip decent show but I miss Walkers Cay Chronicles!
Pro's: It's Flip, can you get much better for Saltwater tips
Con's: Less Ford trucks and how their engines help us with fishing?

Buccaners and Bones - This is the show I think most are watching, fly fishing for Tarpon, bonefish and permit in you're talking!
Pro's: The cast is pretty hard to beat and the location is another plus, please bring back Lefty
Con's: Painful to watch the Fri Night Lights kid on there trying to cast a fly rod

Spanish Fly- One of my favorite fly fishing shows in the last few decades. Jose seems to always come up with creative ways to catch fish and I still can't decide which episode is my favorite.
Pro's: Next to Flip his shows have been the go to fly fishing show since college
Con's: Can't seem to think of any

Fly Rod Chronicles
Pro's: Well I have to think about this one?? I guess he helps Wounded Warrior programs
Con's: Stop hooting and hollering when you catch a fish

Hooked on The Fly - Not to be confused as Seasons on the Fly, similar but also another goody
Pro's: Incredible locations and can't wait to see Keys Tarpon and Chile monster bows again
Con's: More Saltwater but otherwise not much to improve upon

Seasons on The Fly - Great all around travel destinations and big fish! Greg found me online last year, happy to help anytime I can Greg!
Pro's: Big fish, great destinations and lot's of action
Con's: Can't wait to see what's in store for 2011

Wild on The Fly - The most talked about series of 2011!
Pro's: They go everywhere and catch those Golden Dorado's
Con's: Need more International, wait maybe not Montana episodes are pretty sweet

Fly Fishing World
Pro's: Watched this for years and it still stays at the top of my list
Con's: No new episodes this year it seems

Florida Sportsman
Pro's: Tips on fishing Florida...yeah we all need it, great magazine too!
Con's: Not enough fly fishing and fishing the Keys

Sport Fishing TV
Pro's: Yes more Saltwater, can you tell I love it!
Con's: Dull narative but decent fly fishing from time to time

Saltwater Experience
Pro's: A few of my friend's have been part of their Project Healing Waters program and shows.
Con's: Way too much spin fishing and not enough fly, that and less chatter around the pool at Hawk Cay resort

Outdoor Saltwater Series
Pro's: It's fishing mostly in Florida
Con's: Need more cowbells!

Token other Outdoor shows:
Wild Justice-California Fish and Game Dept crack down on nucklehead California poachers
Operation Wild-get your fix of Florida Wildlife incidents
Expedition Wild- Yellowstone Adventures with bears and what not to do in the wild
Alaska Wildlife Troopers- Wild adventures in Alaska cops/robbers, sorry no Sarah Palin here


Quepos Costa Rica Roosterfish On The Fly in Counting! Here Comes Da Roosta With Troutdawg 21 Jan 2011, 10:45 am
Costa Rica Roosterfish are Hard To Beat For a Fight of a Lifetime!

What is it about this wild, mysterious and incredibly difficult fish to catch on a fly that has many repeatedly chasing them in Costa Ricaaaaaa/Panama/Baja year in year out? I find that question difficult to asnswer as most of you would. I was fortunate enough to fish in Costa Rica years ago for these incredible fish and years later in Mexico...I'm still trying to figure the big boys out on a fly. Maybe my trip to Costa Rica the next few weeks will help me either put this to rest or continue my saga to catch one monster of a Rooster on a fly.

Even after catching up with Running Down The Man's -Frank Smethurst a few times to gain insight, my knowledge still lacks and my 10wt still keeps asking me "when ya gonna get me something bigger than 20lbs?" Easier said than done there Gloomis settle down now!

Here are a few Videos to those Rooster fanatics out there! Enjoy this Teaser from Costa Rica and hopefully what I have to look forward to.

Not quite Costa Rica but one great video of Chasing Roosters on a fly down South. Can you ever get enough of this? One thing is for sure, you better bring some sunscreen, big gear and patience for these fish. The New York Times had a great write up not too long ago on these beauty's entitled "When The Roosterfish Start To Run, The Angler Tries To Keep Up"

Surface Film Being Presented in Denver's Art District! Greenback Trout Fundraiser 19 Jan 2011, 9:43 am
Denver Trout Fundraiser Come Out and Join Us

The Greenbacks seek to promote native Colorado fish and their habitat through the engagement and recruitment of the next generation of Trout Unlimited members. As an avid Trout Unlimited supporter and former Activities Director for Denver's Chapter, I highly recommend checking this out if you're in town or contact Greenback's for more info, thanks and the Greenback Trout will appreciate it!

'Surface Film'
Join us for our first fundraising event to benefit Colorado's Native Trout. Fish Photography for purchase.

Free Beer
Live Music
February 3, 2011
AT: Anthology Fine Art 635 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204
Website Link

We are currently looking for Sponsors and Photographers if interested please email

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado, The Arkansas River and More! 18 Jan 2011, 7:45 am
Tailwater Below Pueblo Dam Great For Winter Fishing


PUEBLO — Whether going through withdrawals from the fishing season past, looking ahead to warmer days or merely celebrating the new year, fishermen might consider a quick snack of popcorn trout.

"Yesterday was very similar to today, weather-wise," Alex Zipp, manager of the The Drift Fly Shop (formerly ArkAnglers) in Pueblo, reported Monday morning, not long after nighttime temperatures had plunged well below zero along the Arkansas River in Colorado's old Steel City.
"The afternoon fishing was pretty good, though, from about 1 o'clock to 3. There were midges coming off, and the fish were even coming up for dry flies in the quieter water below rocks. It's been pretty consistent that way."

Indeed, the consistency of winter fishing in the tailwater below Pueblo Dam has become a magnet for fishermen from the entire Front Range and points beyond. "Where else in Colorado can you find fish coming up for dry flies and emergers almost every day throughout the winter?" Zipp asked, accounting for the river's surge of popularity.

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Arkansas River Fishing


National Geographic Top Photography Pictures From 2010 15 Jan 2011, 1:05 am
Sit Back and Relax a Bit

Now that Winter is officially here and my daily activities consist of working outside for part of the day, than sitting at my home office computer the remainder; my daydreaming has picked up substantially lately with the cold weather. What better way to spend a few wasted moments during the day than thinking about fishing and enjoying some Amazing photography from some of the best out there!

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Midcurrents Best of The Best
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Arkansas River 100,000 Fish Kill! 12 Jan 2011, 8:02 am
What's Going on In Arkansas Lately?


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - An Arkansas Game and Fish Commission official says parasites and bacteria have been eliminated as causes of a fish kill last week in the Arkansas River.

Fisheries division chief Mark Oliver told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that it will take three more weeks to determine whether the 80,000 to 100,000 drum that died were killed by a virus. Samples were sent to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff's fish-disease diagnostic laboratory for testing.


Beast of The Week! Black Marlin From Panama 10 Jan 2011, 8:08 am
Incredible Black Marlin Lookout Guy Harvey!

Some of you may know a popular guide who has normally splits his time between Jackson Hole putting client's on big trout and the same guy spending seasons in the Florida Keys chasing Sharks putting his client's on big fish there.

Well Carter Andrews is now down in Panama running an incredible Fishing Fleet at Islas Secas and keeps trying to get me down there for some action. Sorry Carter, as another local Jackson Hole Guide Jeff Currier and I joked about recently at the Denver Fly Fishing Show; I wish I had the cash to head your way but until than Costa Rica will have to do for now! By the way have fun in Baja next month catching Roosters and also the Seychelles caching Milkfish for your 20th anniversary Jeff!

Enjoy this picture from a Monster Marlin and I can't wait to see what other pictures he sends my way, the Marlin shot and his recent treble hook mishap will keep me guessing as to what's next?


The Waters of Greenstone-Official Trailer in The World Of Fly Fishing! 6 Jan 2011, 8:06 am
The Waters of Greenstone-Official Trailer from Taylor Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.


Denver Fly Fishing Show & ISE International Sportsman Expo is Here! 4 Jan 2011, 8:07 am
What's Your Pleasure?
Fly Fishing Shows RecapLink

Happy New Year to all my fishing addicts out there and I hope you enjoyed the Holidays either dreaming of fly fishing, or better yet, entertaining oneself hopefully out on the water.

It's that time of year again when the weather turns cold, snow is falling and thoughts of a much needed escape soon takes over. Most are back to work this week and I can only imagine how much work is getting done, or lack of that is and computer screens are suddenly filled with Fly fishing videos as well as upcoming Fly Fishing shows to attend.

January kicks off Colorado's season for Fly Fishing shows and it couldn't have come any sooner! Just the thought of spending my weekends stuck inside working, outside shoveling snow or down in my man cave fly fishing room cleaning up has me excited to attend anything fly fishing related.

One problem that keeps showing its ugly head, and yes it's an ugly one is The Fact that we have two shows the exact same weekend to attend. Most fisherman and addicts would only be too happy to have this late Christmas present arrive, myself not so fast! I've been fortunate over the years to have worked at both shows but still prefer the The Fly Fishing Show hands down.

When is it ever a good thing to have two fly fishing shows compete with one another especially the Powerhouse of the ISE to make their 2nd annual show the same time as the Industry's favorite "The Fly Fishing Show?" Now this I'm sure will be a topic worth discussing for quite some time and I'm all for it, but when I'm friend's with the guy who has been putting together the Denver Fly Fishing Show (also the MA/NJ/PA/NC and California shows) this is never a good thing. I have noticed a bailout of sorts with companies, speakers and attendees which will only get worse if this continues. Last year it was not a good site to see the show less crowded compared to years before and also the vendors who normally attend with great regards, found themselves making a difficult decision to go with the ISE. I do not fault the vendors or companies at all, you have to go where the business is so it's just the organizers of the ISE I have a problem with. I fault the ISE for once again trying to shove out the Fly Fishing Show for their own personal gains and to dominate an open Industry that needs all that it can get to survive.

If you want to attend the ISE International Sportsman Show that's cool and I will be there as well (one of my 3 days split between the 2 shows) and I'm looking forward to it. I have many friends speaking and attending this great show as well; I just do not agree with the way this was scheduled and hope that they are able to change things next year, as was told to me last year due to a ski show conflict, this year not so much.

One thing is for certain, you can get your fill at either show and if you're lucky enough, attend both shows and support both causes.

Denver Fly Fishing Show
Friday-Sunday January 7-9th
Merchandise Mart
9am-5:30pm each day

ISE Show Denver
Thursday-Sunday January 6-9th
Colorado Convention Center
Thursday Noon to 9:00 pm
Friday, Noon to 9:00 pm
Saturday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Year in Review at Fly Fish Addiction 29 Dec 2010, 8:04 am

Another incredible year we had in 2010! Between all of our annual fishing haunts from the Frying Pan, Gray Reef, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Yellowstone Region, Bighorn River, Grand County and a few of my favorite parts of Florida!

Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store...Costa Rica here I come in a few weeks


Merry Christmas To All! 23 Dec 2010, 9:16 am
Don't Forget To Give Back..Happy Festivis

It's been a great year so far and I've got plenty to be thankful for, as do most of you I'm sure. With the year passing us by and the Holiday Season upon us, don't forget the idea of giving back. It might be the most wonderful time of the year, as the Christmas jingle goes. But for many families, the post-Thanksgiving, pre-holiday period is the worst time of the year. Gifts need to be planned, presents need to be bought, and stockings need to be stuffed. Charitable giving is on people's minds but then reality bites–there's only a finite amount of money and needs have to be balanced against wants. Giving back is a Holiday tradition for many it seems makes and one feels much better but it can also put in ever present smile on someone's face that last awhile.

There's no right or wrong way to give and any organization to your liking will do, just think of those that may not be as fortunate. I have friends in the Military and think about how lucky we are to have people like that who put their lives at stake for us, it's truly amazing. I also think about it being such a disastrous economy and friends who may have given up their homes or jobs in the last year so do what you can for friends and families who may have gone through this rocky road on 2010.

My Annual Maxfund Shelter Toy Drive, Lot's of goodies and hopefully some Happy pet faces!

Lastly, I'm heavily involved in Animal Rescue and feel that awareness always need to be paid to helpless animals out there each Holiday also. Whether someone couldn't afford to care for them or a few dogs that may be days away from you know what, think about a local shelter or organization to give to if you truly can make a difference no matter what organization or charitable cause, just bless a few others if you've been blessed this year.


Holiday Fly Fishing Fix..The Mountains Here I Come 21 Dec 2010, 7:57 am
Time To Get Out

Getting a little stir crazy, it's time to get back out for some tightlines! While Denver has been having some wild weather lately, weather that at times beats Florida for daily winter highs has got locals perplexed as to when we're getting some snow again. If you need a snow fix or in my case, a trout fix, point your car and west, take a left on I-70 from Golden and pick your ample Trout water. I'm off for some fishing, Holiday festivas and hopefully a little skiing if I'm lucky.

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"Lower 48" Fly Fishing Video By The Trophy Stalkers 16 Dec 2010, 8:03 am
Lower 48- A Fly Fishing Film from Matt Lenz on Vimeo.

They're Baaaaack!

The Stalkers are back and if there is a big fish out there, the Stalkers will undoubtedly catch it! I've known the guys for a little while and enjoy fishing with them any chance I get. Last Spring our weekend targeting big trout was one of the best I've ever had and was one of their favorites as well. One thing is for sure, you can learn a lot about how to target fish with the Stalkers, whether it's monster Trout out in Colorado each Spring, monster Brownies in the Fall from the great lakes or Tarpon in Florida....they catch it all!


Holiday Fly Fishing Discounts..Yes There Are Still Some Deals Out There! 14 Dec 2010, 8:01 am
It's Time To Shop

Here comes the Holidays and time to get your butt into full shopping mode! With more time intown working it seems and attending a few parties lately, I think all of us wish we were up enjoying a few more casts on a local stream this winter. The thought of more fly fishing goodies found under the Christmas tree is always a welcomed blessing and even more so could be the idea of giving to a few others as well. Hmm there's a concept most guys aren't use to, well truth be told... myself and just trying to remember birthdays are tough enough.

There's discounts out there and if you know where to look you may find a few Golden eggs for the Holidays! Those who know me know that I find some sweet deals every so often and have been known to help a few of you out there with some sweet fly fishing packages. Whether it's a new Tibor Backcountry reel for a just over a $100, a new G loomis GLX 6wt for $100 or Orvis reels for $50!

First and foremost I am an advocate for heading to your local fly shop to help them since they can always use another fish bum like yourself to sell a few items to. They have some incredible deals this time of year if you just ask or have a look around. Another great portal for fly fishing gifts is my friend Ben Furimsky's The Angling Bookstore, not your average bookstore but simply a great site for all types of Holiday Fly Fishing Goodies!

A few other sites worth looking into vary depending on what your wishlist consist of or what your fishing pals may be in need of. Some popular sites you can try out include:

UpCountry Sportfishing
Feather Craft
Red Truck Fly Fishing
Yager Flies
Pacific Fly Fishers
Gill and Finn Gifts
Fly Fishing Greeting Cards


Switch and Spey Fly Fishing! Comedy Fly Fishing Clip of The Week 12 Dec 2010, 5:25 pm


You Don't Know Trout! 10 Dec 2010, 8:04 pm
Think You Know About Trout, Well Take The Test

This has been floating around a little while on the Net and if you need a nice break from work or better yet, to test your knowledge of Trout take the test! I took it and scored an 8, see what you score and let us know.


Reel Escape Films is Back and Better Than Ever! 8 Dec 2010, 10:20 am
Need A Fix Here Ya Go

If you haven't checked out Reel Escape Films lately you need to. Nick recently updated his Website and it looks better than ever. Whether it's some incredible Film footage of some top fly fisheries, impressive wildlife, scenery or his far away travels this is the place. Can't wait to plan another adventure again with Nick and looking forward to his latest videos.

Haven't heard of Reel Escape, perhaps his "In The Land of Cutthroats" from the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour may ring a bell.

You may or may not have seen the old escape(s), one (the old site) was a flash site while the other was a wordpress blog He updated recently with stories, photos, videos and information from recent hunting, fishing and production trips. These two sites have now come together into one ultimate experience!


Caption of The Week! Name and Win 6 Dec 2010, 9:04 am
This Is Going To Hurt a Bit!

Here at FFA we like to hear from others and even more so we like to give a few things away if possible! Take a shot at naming the perfect Caption from this and win a Brand New Trout's Fly Fishing Hat.

The Winner will be named at the end of December and will get a stylish new Fly Fishing hat, no Tucker didn't tell me to say that!


Clearwater Beach Holiday Vacation Fishing Pictures! 2 Dec 2010, 8:52 am
Tampa Area Fun

Another great trip back to my favorite area in Florida, okay next best area to Boca Grande. Waking up to fish, coming back for some Turkey, watching College Football, beachside watching amazing sunsets and finishing of the day at a local seafood grill eating fresh catch and cold mojitos! Yeah it was a tough one for sure...Ha!

A special thanks goes out to Michael's friend who let us take out his sweet $100,000 24ft Scheaffer boat to cruise around and find some fish with, that was one sweet ride. Another special thanks goes out to Capt Rich (The Salwater Hook Up http:/// a friend of Michael's and who knows this water as good as anybody I've met down there. Besides graduating college this month, he spends his week out chasing Saltwater species and after being out 7 days prior, he didn't disappoint. Good to meet another Salt diehard and for taking us out.

Michael is one lucky Dawg living down that way and fishing each weekend. Glad my sis gave us permission to go out for some fishing and to let him out for a few hall passes.

Gorgeous fish and one hard fighting grouper to bite! We were spoiled with the sightings of Manatees, dolphins and plenty of scenery to keep me coming back for more.

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Holiday Sunsets From Clearwater Beach! A Break From Fishing 30 Nov 2010, 4:21 pm
Flashbacks From Another Great Trip!

Our last night enjoying a few more rays beachside

78' weather, cold cocktails and no crowds

The countdown is on again till I return in a few months for more fun!


A Tuna Could Eat a Lion 9 out of 10 Times! 30 Nov 2010, 1:50 am


Holiday Redfishing in Tampa! Bring on Some Reds, Snook and Cold Drinks 24 Nov 2010, 8:02 am
Taking It Easy Beachside in Clearwater For Turkey Week

Heading back to Clearwater again for another Family gathering, 80' weather, beaches, cold drinks, more food than my body should ever be allowed to eat and some Reds!

Past trips to the Tampa area always seems to finish my year out right whether we catch a few or just sit back and relax over Thanksgiving. I try and make it a few times a year to Tampa and Boca grande for some outstanding fishing. We'll see what this week brings me.


Saltwater Week! Fly Nation TV: Stuart Florida - Trailer Video 22 Nov 2010, 8:08 am

Flymax Films hits some sweet Saltwater action


South Park Fishing...Expect The Unexpected 19 Nov 2010, 9:19 am
Fall Fishing in South Park

It's another Fall day in South Park aka fishing the Dream on a weekend and what do I get? I got the unexpected with 68' weather, no wind and sunshine all day! What's wrong with this picture? Well a bunch if you've never fished here, this place tortures all from crazy wind storms, insane crowds, bad flows, picky trout and normally snow storms this time of year. I got the opposite from gorgeous weather and few crowds to some nice fish. Every Fall on the Dream Stream can be bring many surprises from my whiteout last year to big Browns years before, one never knows what to expect. The big browns were mostly gone due to it being a few weeks after but plenty of other trout to keep me entertained. I do prefer cloudy, light winds to bring out the big boys but who can complain on a day like this.

Start the day off with a few Rainbows, cutthroats, brownies and Salmon...hmm that could almost count as a partial grand slam since pike were elusive this day!

Early bird gets the worm. Yep 1st one there and nothing like getting to an empty parking lot at 6:20am and easy pickens for all my hotspots.

Cutthroats were stacked in there today and they seemed to be all around the Kokanee's and eager to take some eggs as well as dry fly's once the hatch began. Biggest fish of the day was a 22" brown trout, where's the picture you ask? SDR is what happened, yes I decided to release it right at my net, yep a break off right on the edge. Oh well a fun fight nonetheless.

The perfect place to spend a Fall morning and better yet the place to have for yourself an hour before the crowds started kicking up dust.

One sexy Papa, they can be fun to catch but I prefer to catch the Trout species, must be from all the Salmon caught in Alaska and not wanting to keep changing up my tippet due to those fine teeth!

Boca ready for the ride! Long day of fishing and chasing chipmunks. One tired pup right there

Tips for Fishing The Dream Stream
The Good
-Big fish and a variety of fish species to target
-Great hatches
-If the River isn't fishing well hit the lakes or 11 mile canyon
-If you want to be up and close with horses, Buffalo's and Donkeys, this is your place
-Easy access areas 3 1/2 miles worth
The Bad
-Crowds, crowds and more crowds
-If you don't get crowded in your hole, your spot targeted by others, people up from you, down from you and walking by it's a good day
-If you don't get 40mph winds it's a good day
-If you don't get snowed on (till June and starts in Sept)it's a good day
-The flows seem to always be off
-Tough fishing for big fish, sight fishing can be brutal
-Did I mention the crowds again?

Monday, October 18, 2010

How Big is Big? Big Trout Gallery's For Ya

Need A Big Trout Gallery Fix?

If you want a Big trout gallery to marvel at, you're not going to find it at FFA...yeah doubt it but we do have a few sites for you to enjoy in the meantime. Send us yours and we'll post it on hear for all to see.
Our Pals at:
Jason and Matt at The Trophy Stalkers
The Guys at 307 Outfitters

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saltwater On The Brain! Air Tarpon Shots and Feeding Frenzies

Saltwater Fishing Here I Come, The Countdown is On For Tampa
Pics from Saltwater Experience

Okay most of you know I live far, far away from any Saltwater. That can be good or in most cases bad. If I lived in Florida (close call last year) I would be on the water daily -not like my addiction now of freshwater with countless days out in the Rockies so my beach problem would probably surpass a few hundred days.

** pic from friends at Saltwater Experience and a sweet overhead shot of a tarpon on a fly

Thanks to friends who live down that way and soon to be another close pal from Alaska heading that way to the Keys, my desire to visit will ever so slightly increase. A few trips a year chasing my favorite Saltwater species is sweet but with more friends heading that way, my skymiles may be increasing more and more. Yes I do have family down in Florida so that does help, but having friends with flats boats and yellowtail 30 footers also pays huge dividends! Glad to see the show renewing and Tom is getting the fly rod out more again for some Silver Kings.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Slabs of The Week! Only Big Trout Fans Need Apply

The Stillwater Masters Are Back Again!

The boys are on number #13 for their annual Fall trip chasing big trout in unknown Stillwater locations. I fished with them early Summer and hit another trip with Brian a month 1/2 ago in Yellowstone, but missed the end all be all Stillwater trips to date due to work! Destinations unknown, definitely a long drive to where these guys went so whether you head to Eastern Idaho, Montana's Hebgen area, or northeast Wyoming, there may be a few lakes in there with some beasts to chase that not many people know about.

Whether it was Rob aka "Roughneck" getting on some big boys, Tony aka "LocnessMonster nessi", or my pal Brian aka "wishbone" these guys know their stuff. Each time I fish with them I'm truly amazed at how easy they make it look catching huge trout.

Great way to end a trip with a monster trout and better yet a tandem hook up (in headline picture) with trout all over 8lbs...Wow am I ready to load up the car and make sure to meet these guys next time.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Colors, Trout Fishing and Good Times Part II!

Fall Fishing In The Rockies Part II

We thought since we had such a great time recently on a few trips to keep the theme going. Each weekend we've been able to get out it's been super nice. Nice weather usually = not good fishing but better yet perfect weather is better suited to chill riverside and take a nap. We did it all, fish and take a few siestas.

This piggy came after much work. After far too many break offs I had to get serious and land a decent trout. That came one morning after getting streamside at 6:30am, man what a sweet morning that was. A few decent rainbows and it was time to do wat I came big browns. One 10lb brown gave in to a secret midge pattern only to run away and jump kindly as to say "not today mate"! Boy was that a heartbreaker. This guy above fell to a green midge pupa and ran far away as well before netting. Size on him was nice, the length of my net was 23" so you decide?

Fall in the Rockies, is there a more prettier site around than this? I could do this every weekend, hey I forgot...I do get to do this every weekend.

Night time action for browns is so hard to beat for me. Chasing browns on either streamers, caddis, midges or shrimp all proce effective. I love the midnight air, few crowds and knowing any given momemt orca could show up at anytime. This time no but maybe next time.

More Colorado Fall colors to inspire me to grab that camera for a few shots down South. Whether it was a day hike, fishing, biking, or a photography getaway it doesn't really matter. If only we had Fall 3 months a year!

Night time escape in the hills away from any forest road, full moonlight, a herd or Mule deer by our tent and one heck of a dinner made this a night one we caqn hopefully duplicate soon.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fishing In The Rockies..Looking For Big Trout!

Fall Means One Thing...Great Fishing!

Fall is by and large my favorite time of the year to fish. When there's gorgeous 70' days, fall colors, big fish getting anxious and a hallpass to get away, I'm all about chasing some trout! Where do I like to go and meet up with friends? Small water or big water it doesn't matter to me. This time I met up with a few friends due west of Denver and the bite was on all weekend long.

big bow
Sight fishing big rainbows was the name of the game. Fall means big browns but in this case, big rainbows needed some loving as well so I was happy to oblige. I saw this young lady looming in the distance and after about an hour she was mine, ahh the joy of sight fishing with a size #22 hares ear!

browny duskmidnight
The Midnight bite can never go wrong, I just need to watch my backcast and be careful of my tandem streamers whizzing by my head at 50mph! What better way to enjoy a great time out than to grab my headlamp, 6wt G loomis, big net and a few favorite patterns to chase some big boys.

Travis and Mark with some tandem action! Double hook ups never means a bad start to the day and 2 minutes later Troutdawg was hooked up as well! The weather treated us nicely and despite a few people with the same intentions, it all worked out just fine. Nice PMD hatches, midges and more midges, light tippets, plenty of sunscreen and good poloraized glasses were all that mattered this weekend.

Click on for larger view

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