Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Colorado Westslope Catch and Release Trout Fishing!

Colorado Spring Tailwaters

It's that time of year again -"Honey can I get away for a 3 day fishing weekend, I am way overdue and I think it would do wonders for our relationship if I get this time away:)". Yes it worked again and I took full advantage of it!

I drove a good 700 Miles to get to the waters I wanted to fish. I changed it up with a few different locations and got into some nice weather one day to cold, snowy 40mph winds another. Par for the course.
                                              Late afternoon action hard to beat

                                        Cold morning brought out the Big Bows and smiles

                                      Enjoyed a nice drive one evening hopping to another spot
Now it's time to play with the boys, help my wife and clean up the house again so I can ask again in a few weeks for another fishing break!

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