Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Destination Florida Redfishing..Thanksgiving Escape!

Time To Get On A Few Reds, Albie's and Snook On The Fly

Any chance I get to get back to Florida I'm all over it! Due to cheap flights, a free condo to stay at on the Beach in Clearwater, access to a boat and a ton of water to choose from....I'm There. A few times a year I get back down South to chase some Redfish, Snook, False albacore, Jacks, or if I'm lucky, Tarpon!

With the weather cooling down, most redfish are settling into their fall and early winter homes around the ICW. Most bait is also pushing to deeper water and getting thin on the flats. With water cooling off and the few cold fronts starting, the action in the skinny water really starts to heat up. With big schools in full force roaming the flats in search of crustaceans, shrimp, chubs, greenbacks, and any other type of bait that might be an easy meal off the flats. Schools can range from just a few fish to as big as a football field. I have seen fish from 15 inches to 25lbs on the flats this time of year. You can still land the big Bull Reds with your typical light tackle rigs or 7 weight fly rod, but they definitely test your angling skills and put your tackle to the test. Destin, Florida is also another great place I like to Redfish, I grew up going there and if you can time it right, that place has some Monster Bulls as well.

We're set up for some guiding one day around the Homasassa area and hope to hit a few hotspots in the ICW for the remainder in the daytime. Lagoon areas and some backwater canals at night around docks will be where my fly will be flying so wish me some luck!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Record Brown Trout and Another Great Fishing Video!

The TrophyStalkers Are Back Again!

I'm sorting through my emails on another boring Wenesday morning when I noticed an email from my friends at The Trophy Stalkers. All I can think of is, where have they been again and how large are the fish they've caught! The next 15 minutes are consumed by another sweet video chasing large brown trout and leaving me for more! Did it disappoint, I don't think so! Are there big fish involved? You better believe it, am I headed to Wisconsin next can answer that one for me!

Nice going guys on the record brown trout and another sweet video. Can't wait to see what's next and to hopefully see you back in Colorado next Spring for some fishing.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frying Pan River..Too Much Water May Not Be A Good Thing

The Picture above depicts a common scene on the Pan..chaos and crazies in the Bowl

BASALT — The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is taking heat over its operations in the Frying Pan Valley this summer.

“In short, the six weeks between approximately July 26 and Sept. 6 was a disaster for water-related recreation in the Fryingpan Valley,” says a letter from Basalt and the Ruedi Water and Power Authority. The latter entity operates a small hyrdo-electric project at the reservoir and closely monitors Ruedi water issues for local governments.

Story Link

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You Dream Streamin?

Late Summer and Fall Fishing on The Dream Stream
Link to Fish Pictures and Dream Stream Info

Dream Stream fishing can be good, or in 90% of the cases this past year, very crowded and windy. Either way, there are always a fair amount of nice fish to go after if you know where to look, where to hide from the masses and the right flies to use. Do your homework and expect to do some walking in order to catch some nice fish in this neck of the woods. Big fish thrive on big food and from my picture above, I think you know what size of fish could eat these Lobsters!

Late Summer as well as Fall fishing has been a fun one despite low numbers of browns being spotted and warmer temps than normal. Each trip arriving even as early as 7am can still have atleast 5 cars in each parking lot so be prepared to fight the crowds, the wind and leave the small rods at home!

Dream Stream Reports/Fish Pics/Info

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun Night With The Midge Masters Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka

Great Dinner Night Out With Friend's and The Midge Experts!
Link to our after Party and another fun night

I'm still reeling from a fun Party the other night. My friend Brian had a few people over for dinner including the Midge Masters..Rick Takahashi, Jerry Hubka and others. Brian did most of the photography for this new book, check it out it's every fly fisherman's perfect fishing bible!

Talk about a fun evening we had eating enough food to feed an army, talking about recent/future fish outings, incredible midge patterns, upcoming fly tying events and what's new on the market for fly fishing equipment. The story's that were told I'm still chuckling about, whether it was one of Gary Okizaki's wild tales or Todd's. Most know Gary as one of the premiere guides at Blue Quill Angler and has become a well known name in the guiding community as well as fly tying community.

Rick and Jerry are also great guys and very well known on the tying industry, especially in the midge field. Just one look at their background and knowledge of midge patterns truly blows you away, all it takes is one look at their new book to marvel at the styles of patterns they've developed over the years. All I can say is that I can't wait to see what's in store next for the guys and books/videos for the next few years. Jerry continuously stay on the go from the Modern Midge Book to also helping with Pat Dorsey's recent Fly Fishing Tailwaters book, he is always
busy it seems.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Thompson River Bruisers

What the Heck???
Link To Story

When we go to the Big Thomson it's normally get a nice fix for catching decent 12-14" trout. What was caught recently defies all odds and what one normally expects to catch when heading up to the T to catch Trout!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Escape To The Sea of Cortez

Mar de Cort├ęs from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

Checkout this great new time-lapse video shot by fellow fishing pal and videoagrapher Nick Clement from Reel Escape Films. It was filmed from a recent fishing trip to the Mar de Cortes. Looks like another fun adventure and can't wait to plan another one ourselves in the upcoming months!

Other Top Fishing Videos We Made

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Denver Trout Happy Hour..Trout Bums Only

Trout Bums Gathering of Misfits and Fishaholics

So I'm opening another email addressed "When is the next Trout Happy Hour again?" Funny thing is that this is about the 5th email in weeks I've opened that asked the exact same thing. Well there's only one solution to the problem, have another Trout Happy Hour.

We usually get together when fishing season slows down for everyone; unfortunately it seems these guys don't ever stop fishing so we decided to have it during a recent lull if you will. Any opportunity to have a few drinks, tell a few lies and to meet a few other fishaholics is always popular with these guys. Last year we averaged anywhere between 10 to 15 people per gathering and tried to meet at least 3 times. I have a feeling this winter we'll have quite a number of meetings at the Irish Hound from the sound of it. Most of our guest it seems are in the Fly Fishing Blogger world which included people like Kyle from Compleat Thought, Larry from Fly Fishing Crazy, and Wade from Rocky Mountain Troutfitters /Colorado Fishing Guide were just a few. Too bad a few had to bail at the last minute and couldn't show but are on the list for our next meeting, that means you guys from Trout's Fly Shop, Orvis Cherry Creek, Nick from Reel Escape Films, Sabrina from She Loves Fly Fishing, Dan from Muskies Inc , Fred from Denver Trout Unlimited and many others are on the list for a rain check!

Hope to see you at the next Trout Happy Hour come Wintertime!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Colorado River Fall Fishing

Fall Fishing, Brown Trout and Few Crowds...Oh Yeah! Link To Full Story and More Pictures

After having my 1st weekend off from fishing in 2 months, I was going through withdrawals and had to get back out on some quality water again fast. Where did we go you ask? Well why not the Rado! I lived in this area some 12 years ago and each opportunity to get back there is met with a gracious attitude by any person that tags along with me for some hot fishing. I won't say when we hit it but it was within the last month or so and hasn't disappointed.


Nothing like an early morning ride to get the juices flowing and some eager trout awaiting right at 1st light. It's hard to beat being the first person on the water and on my second cup of joe when it's only 6am!


Dave hit a honey hole of his that truely paid off. Than again this is actually called "Daves Hole " believe it or not, he owns it each time we go there! "Troutdawg's hole" didn't fare as well but there were so many other good holes, who needed my hole.


This was another fun spot that rarely sees anyone, most can't find it and the ones that do rarely fish it for long anyways. Boy do I love Fall fishing in Grand county...I may have to pick up residency here again.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Compleat Thought Solutions Is Here To Help!

Helping To Meet Your Online Fly Fishing Needs

You've probably seen Compleat Thought by now, if not you will. Kyle Perkins has been busy lately helping many popular fly fishing agencies and fly shops around with their online marketing needs. We've been trying to get out for some fishing the last few months it seems but haven't been able to manage it so a Trout Happy Hour was the next best thing to catch up with Kyle and to see what he's been up to. Business definitely has been busy and between recent conversations with clients like Sportsman Alliance of Alaska to the Fly Fish Map , he is helping to get the word out for many companies these days. From Social Media to search engine optimization, they'll be able to help your business where you need it. Look him up or better yet, Tweet him for more info!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catch Magazine..#8 Issue

Catch It While You Can!

I remember Brian O'keefe telling the story of the cover shot. They had been fishing for weeks and running low on food, not beer they still had plenty of that he joked about. They needed to eat and what better idea than to catch some big fish. He happened to come across a big Barracuda and in no time they had it landed. What was better is that they gave it to a local village group and they ended up feeding them for a few days following. It always pays to catch fish for locals if you ever grow hungry on a far away trip!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Upcoming Fly Fishing Events

Regional Colorado Fly Fishing Events

Cherry Creek Anglers 3rd Annual Fly Tying Event
Thursday November 9th 6:30-9:30

FFA's Trout Happy Hour
Wed Nov 4th Irish Hound Bar Denver 5:30pm-8:30
Must contact us if attending

Upcoming Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour Dates
Checkout the Top Fly Fishing Films Around Link

Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited Conservation Auction Link
The Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited will hold its Annual Conservation Auction on Tuesday, November 17. The doors will open at 6:30 pm. Admission is free.

Pat Dorsey's Fly Fishing in Winter Seminar:
November 21st - 10:00 a.m. - Noon Link
Pat will be presenting winter fly fishing tactics to fool selective trout in the winter. Learn the intricacies of winter fishing as well as rigging and fly selection. This is one not to miss!!!This is a free event

2nd Annual Simms Day at the Blue Quill Angler:
November 28th - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Link
Join us along with the Simms Representative, Michael White for a fun filled day with Simms. Michael will custom fit you for waders and boots and all of the new technical outerwear and layering pieces will be on hand. This is a great time to buy for the angler on your shopping list as well as get the latest and greatest from Simms.This is a free event with alot of in-store specials

Warren Miller Ski Movie Tour Dates okay non fishing but I know you'll go
Narrated by Jonny Moseley and presented in high definition, Dynasty showcases a blend of fresh cinematography and vintage clips from the past six decades of Warren Miller footage.

Jan 7-10 AFFTA ISE Fly Fishing Expo Denver, Co and

Jan 8-10 The Fly Fishing Show Denver, Co

National Fly Fishing Events

Rivers of a Lost Coast Caltrout Fundraiser
Delancey Street Screening Room. 600 Embarcadero in San Francisco. Thursday Nov 5th, Wine and Hors d'oeuvres at 5:30, film starts at 6:15! Come on out and help Caltrout

2010 Florida Keys fishing tournament schedule
More at Fly Fishing Saltwaters

November 12-14 Redbone Savannah Red Trout Celebrity Classic

Savannah, Ga 800-476-4483

International Fly Tying Symposium: November 21-22, 2009 Somerset, NJ
This is one of my favorite shows of the year and features over 100 of the Northeast’s best fly tyers. This year will be no different! Attend fly tying seminars and classes. See over 100 tyers from across the Northeast. This year’s tyers include: Dave Brandt, Bob Mead, Bill Logan, Fishy Fullum, Ted and Bob Patlin, Jack Gartside and many more! Event Link

Saturday, November 15th from 10 AM to 2 PM REI Bloomington Interested in Fly-Tying? Members of the Lew Chapter of the Federation of Fly Fishers will be in the store demonstrating fly tying techniques. These experienced fly tiers will answer your questions and demonstrate general fly tying skills as well as specific patterns.

Jan. 7-10: Sailbone Offshore & Backcountry. Islamorada. Three days of fishing in the backcountry and offshore have anglers competing for both sailfish and bonefish. Contact Sharon Mahoney Ellenwood at (305) 664-2012 or (305) 393-6174, or e-mail

Jan 10-11: Bartender's Sailfish Open. Islamorada. An all-release sailfish tournament, this challenge offers awards to winning bars and bartenders. Contact Dianne Harbaugh at (305) 852-2102, e-mail, visit or write to P.O. Box 462, Islamorada FL 33036.

Jan. 15-17: Key Largo Sailfish Challenge. Key Largo. Anglers battle sailfish during the peak of the season. The tournament also features raffles, drawings and cash prizes. Contact Tammie Gurgiolo at (305) 852-9337 or e-mail

Jan. 21-23: Cheeca Lodge Presidential Sailfish Tournament. Islamorada. In this all-release tournament, anglers fish for the mighty sailfish in waters surrounding the region known as the Sportfishing Capital of the World. The tournament is an official event of the World Billfish Series, Southeast Division. Contact Liz Hill at (305) 451-5094, e-mail, visit or write to Cheeca Lodge, P.O. Box 527, Islamorada FL 33036.

Jan. 27-28: Islamorada Fishing Club Sailfish Tournament. Islamorada. The historic fishing club offers a $30,000 winner-take-all cash prize in this sailfish challenge. The tournament is limited to 30 boats. Contact Dianne Harbaugh at (305) 852-2102 or (305) 664-4725, e-mail or visit

December 12, Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm
Metal Head Christmas Party & Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic
The Fly Fishing Shop Welches, Oregon

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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Angling Bookstore.. Why Go Anywhere Else!

Whether It's Fishing or Hunting Book's, The Angling Bookstore Has It All
Angling Bookstore Link

Whether you're looking for the newest and latest books on Fly Fishing or you're trying to find the top collection of hunting books around, this is the place you need to visit. I remember years ago I was training my Labrador and needed to find a collection of training books for Zeke, the Angling Bookstore had every style of book I could ever want and more. I've bought more since than but I was hooked after finding some quality dog books for sure. Besides having the best books around to wet your appetite for the fishing season, they also carry a unique sets of Notecards and artwork from my friend Bob White, who has some of the best outdoor artwork around.

Unlike the big bookstores, they are active outdoorsmen and able to provide the best products and service to their customers. Ben takes great pride in their company, their commitment to customer service and in the products they sell. Their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

You might have met them at the Fly Fishing Shows, where they have a limited amount of inventory, but certainly the best titles in the fly fishing industry. This online store is an easy way to please all of your fly fishing, fishing and hunting interests. Take a look around...we think you'll like what you've found!

Contact Ben today and settle in for the Winter with some nice reading material!

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Fall Fishing Stillwaters..Flies and Tips!

Bring On Fall Stillwater Fishing

With Fall brings in cooler temps and a renewed activity when it comes to trout feeding as well as fewer crowds. Yes, stillwater is not for everyone and I still can hear a few of my friends commenting on "why would I want to fish stillwater in the fall?" All I can respond is that if you want to catch big fish, enjoy fewer crowds and an easier technique to catch fish, stillwater is your ticket.

Trout spend much more time in shallower water during this time frame so they can be easier targets and the much needed skill for the rest of the year is somewhat thrown out the window. Do I fish with Chironomids? I don't think so for Fall, sure you can, but a majority of flies used will consist of Leeches, scuds, damsel nymphs and any big streamers you can throw!

I'm partial to big streamers and whether or not you want to throw leech patterns, big crayfish patterns, muddler minnows or mouse patterns at night, they will all produce. Keep in mind that you want to focus on lakes with large brown trout populations, why? Due to Fall bringing on the spawn period for brown trout this makes them very active, not saying at all to target spawning trout, but due to the various periods that make up this time frame many of the brown trout and rainbow populations will be quite active for tightlines. Here in Colorado Antero is not targeted as much but still fishes well. I would focus my efforts on the Delaney Buttes area as well as Spinney Mtn Rez. Other areas of focus would also include Hebgen lake, Henry lake, Duck or Pryamid lakes.


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