Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TU Celebrates Outdoors with Native greenbacks Day..Via Angling Trade

DENVER, Colo. — As part of Great Outdoors Week, Trout Unlimited (TU) members and staff traveled to the Bard Creek roadless area Thursday to fish for the elusive Greenback cutthroat trout. The day trip, taken not far from the I-70 corridor near Empire, was taken to highlight the importance of roadless areas to sportsmen and women in Colorado.

“Roadless areas are absolutely essential to coldwater fisheries here in Colorado,” said Aaron Kindle, TU’s Colorado Field Coordinator. “For native trout, their habitat is disproportionately located in roadless areas. For the rest of our coldwater fish such as rainbow, brook and brown trout, they all live in rivers and streams whose headwaters are in roadless areas. If we don’t take care of our headwaters, we won’t have the excellent fishing downstream that we enjoy today.”

Trout Unlimited chose to take part in Great Outdoors Week to highlight a current threat to these key backcountry lands. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently introduced H.R. 1581 – the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011 – that if passed by Congress would release over 43 million acres of backcountry public lands from roadless protections and pave the way for significant development.

“I don’t think people realize how critical roadless areas are to sportsmen,” Kindle said. “Here in Colorado, our top fifteen game management units all contain over 66,000 acres of roadless lands, and all of our major rivers have headwaters in these areas as well. If we don’t keep our backcountry lands intact, hunting and fishing as we know it might cease to exist.”

TU maintains that Rep. McCarthy’s bill – dubbed the Assault on our Sporting Heritage Act by sportsmen – fails to take this into account and attempts to throw away a nation’s sporting opportunities for questionable short-term economic gains. In addition, the bill could damage Colorado’s economy by reducing the steady income provided to the state’s rural areas each year by returning hunters and anglers. “The beauty of keeping these areas intact is that the benefits never go away,” Kindle added. “Keep them intact and we’ll always have fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation. Develop them, and the benefits could go away for good.”

“I love the adventure and excitement of coming to a pristine area that has native fish,” said John Davenport, a member of TU’s Denver chapter. “There’s always something unique about traveling to a backcountry area to seek fish that have been in this creek for thousands of years. As we made our way up the creek, it became clear why fish and game prefer these undeveloped landscapes. It became quieter, the signs of houses and roads dissolved, and the water in the creek became increasingly clear and cold. In order to fish for these amazing trout, you have to venture into the backcountry.”

Bard Creek is small, but creeks like this are critical to the Greenback cutthroat trout. And while the anglers on Bard Creek didn’t catch many of the brightly colored wild fish, they ended their adventure satisfied by the unique sights and sounds of a day spent in the roadless high country. “We got to spend the day in area that reminded us of yesteryear,” Davenport said. “The stream was cold and clear, the views were impeccable, and the sense of adventure was tangible. I hope that our children and grandchildren can come to places like this and mingle with wild creatures in ways that humans have done for millennia. We can’t let opportunities like this slip away.”

Trout Unlimited is a private, non-profit organization with 140,000 members dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fly Fish Addiction Reaches 100,000 Hits!!!

I just wanted to do a sendout and thank all of FFA's Fans for helping us hit 100k! It's been exciting these last 3 1/2 years and I just want to say thanks for keeping us going and for all the hits.

As Stated on our Website Header... Flyfishaddiction is for people like you. People who would rather fish than eat, sleep or work. Who would brave rain, snow and 100% humidity to chase that elusive fish! One thing is certain, either your boss, girlfriend or wife has had to deal with your addiction so what better place to spend your time when not on the water than on our website. From trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains, Silver Salmon in Alaska, or Bonefish in the Bahamas, there is always another fish to chase.

FFA website was started about 6 years ago and after 500 web-fish pages, it's still plugging away with 75 hits a day as well. Our FFA blog is where we stay active on the latest in fishing, top fishing sites, videos, trips, fan postings and more!

Keep up the hits and we'll keep the post a comin. We also are happy to have any freelance writers out there send us fishing articles or pictures to post as well!



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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monster 31" Brown Caught in High Sierra Mountain Lake

31" brown trout from Craig Coston on Vimeo.

This video has recently goen viral and all I can say is WOW!! Can't say that I've ever seen or come close to catching anything like this in High Mountain Lakes. I guess I now know where I might spend more time at chasing Browns late Summer.

Craig Coston posted this video of this enormous brown trout, reportedly 31 inches, on Vimeo last week. This slob was caught in the High Sierras, on a day trip out of Modesto, Calif, at a lake with an elevation of 10,000 feet with a 2-weight fly rod to top it all off. The fish, despite its 17.5-inch girth, gobbled a small wooly bugger and was released to live a long life.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Congrats to My Nephew...Palma Ceia-Tampa's Team Win's The Junior World Championship!

Yes I'm a Proud Uncle!

It happened, 1st winning the State of Florida State Championship, than the Regional in South Carolina, than the US World Series....than came the World Championship against China 2-1 on Saturday!! My nephew Cole lead the team in Home runs and was able to get on base a few times on Sat to help Palma Ceia win the World Championship for the best 13-14yr old players on the Globe! 23 game winning streak

One Happy Uncle

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 IFTD Show is Coming To New Orleans..Sorry Colorado Folks It's Moved!!

They're Baaaaack

It's that time of year again, yes to get out on the water and chase some late afternoon hatches, as well as chase a few drunks down at the annual IFTD Show! We had a blast last year's 2010 IFTD Show in Denver and the year before, and the year before etc... but this year is different. It's down in Cajun country and I don't think many will complain about heading down south for a little fun, a great show and some Southern Hospitality!

International Fly Tackle Dealer
August 18 - 20, 2011
Halls B1 & B2
New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans, LA

2011 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show Schedule
August 18-20, New Orleans Convention Center

Wednesday – August 17th
10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Retailer Business Seminar – with Jay Townley in Meeting Room 228 in the New Orleans Convention Center

Thursday – August 18th
9 a.m. – IFTD Show Opens
10 a.m. – Social Networking Techniques & Marketing – Ned Desmond at the Social Media Lounge
11 a.m. – Measuring Today’s Fly Fishing Market: Size, Trends, and Industry Stats – Rob Southwick at the AFFTA Events Zone
12:00 – Turneffe Atoll Conservation & Preservation – Paul Robertson at the AFFTA Events Zone
1:00 p.m. - Retailer Roundtable - Meeting Room# 229 in the New Orleans Convention Center – Moderated by Pat Pendergast, The Fly Shop
2:00 p.m. - Social Networking Techniques & Marketing – Ned Desmond at the Social Media Lounge
3:00 p.m. – Measuring Today’s Fly Fishing Market: Size, Trends, and Industry Stats – Rob Southwick at the AFFTA Events Zone
4:00 p.m. National Fishing in Schools Program Meeting Room 229
6:00 p.m. – IFTD Show closes
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – AFFTA Pre-video Awards party at the Republic
8:00 - 10:00 p.m. - The Drake Video Awards Party

Friday – August 19th
9:00 a.m. – IFTD Show Opens
10 a.m. – Measuring Today’s Fly Fishing Market: Size, Trends, and Industry Stats – Rob Southwick at the AFFTA Events Zone
11 a.m. – Pond Hog Hero Fly casting Competition – Pond 1
12:00 – AFFTA Government Affairs & Political Issues – Tom Sadler and Jeff More at the AFFTA Event Zone
1 p.m. – Social Networking Techniques & Marketing – Ned Desmond at the Social Media Lounge
2 p.m. – Iron Fly Tyer Competition – AFFTA Events Zone
3 p.m. – Social Networking Techniques & Marketing – Ned Desmond at the Social Media Lounge
4 p.m. - Measuring Today’s Fly Fishing Market: Size, Trends, and Industry Stats – Rob Southwick at the AFFTA Events Zone
5 p.m. – IFTD Show Closes
5 p.m. – 7 p.m. – AFFTA “Party at the Pond”- Best of Show Awards, 2012 IFTD Show Location Announcement, Live Entertainment & Beer.

Saturday – August 20th
9 a.m. – IFTD Show Opens
10:00 a.m. National Fishing In Schools Program at the AFFTA Events Zone
11 a.m. – Turneffe Atoll Conservation & Preservation – Paul Robertson at the AFFTA Events Zone
4 p.m. – IFTD Show Closes

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fly Fishing With Jeff Currier and Scott Smith

If you ever visit the Jackson Hole area, more times than not you've heard of the names Jeff Currier and Scott Smith. Most Fly Fisherman know the names nationwide without ever visiting the infamous Jack Dennis fly shop where they've spent many a years instructing anglers to big fish!

Scott with a monster 11lb Bow and Jeff with some nice ones

One funny note is that Scott and I got reunited this past year and I got to catch up on one of the Top fly fishing managers in the country running Jack Dennis fly shop. You see I have known this guy for 20 years now! We actually lived and worked in the same spot back in 1992 when we both left the South -me South Georgia, Scott ATL for bigger/better things in Yellowstone.

Jeff Currier in Soulfish

Yep we both worked and lived in Canyon Lodge Yellowstone and got to fish some great water together....those were the days for me. For him they still are the days since he never left!!! One lucky dawg!

I've known Jeff Currier a little bit and always enjoy catching up with him at Fly Fishing shows, talking Carp, trips to Central America or where ever else he's been. Jeff is a one-of-a-kind fisherman. You see Jeff travels the globe in search of another exotic species and this year was no exception with multiple trips to Mexico, Brasil (got flooded out and postponed to 2012, and Madagascar!

I can't wait for a return trip back to Jackson Hole since I visit every few years to hit some of my Fav waters there. That or I may get Jeff to possibly take me out for some Carp since he also is a pure addict.

Whether it's fishing with Scott or Jeff, these guys are as good as it gets! If you head to this region look them up for some outstanding guiding or a Global expedition contact Jeff for some help or one of his many trips.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Denver Carp Fishing is On The Rise Thanks To The Carp Slam

Summer Carpin is Cranking Up

As Summer winds down one thing is certain for the Summer of 2011, Carp addicts it seems have tripled in size since Summer 2010. With Carp on the agenda for more fly fishers than ever before, one group is always there to say thanks to. The Denver Trout Unlimited Org is there in the lead for spearheading efforts these last few years to recognize this impressive fish species.

For those that still think that Carp aren't worthy to have a fly presented to, you may want to try this before you past judgement. I have transformed many a fisherman and still find these fish some of the hardest freshwater fish to catch!

I've been fortunate enough to have spent close to 20+ days out Carpin this Summer and each trip out was an adventure to say the least. One thing for certain is that regardless of how many times you spend out chasing Goldens, you learn something new everytime. Sometimes you can land 5-10 Carp on a good day and many times you can go 5-10 trips out without landing one!

Each Carp landed on a fly is pretty sweet buy I decided to take a different route this Summer. I decided to Target a 40+lb Grass Carp I found in one of many Location X Spots around Denver. I spend so many mornings, mid days and evenings chasing this beast not able to close to the deal -sorry to all my FFA Carp faithfuls. Not only did I become hypnotized by this amazing fish but another monster, pushing 50+lbs also came my way 3x. This monster only gave me 3 shots at her and no I couldn't close the deal. After almost landing the 40lbr once, I was destined to chase it over and over never able to close again (sunbathe-no eat, laugh at my fly, sunbathe-no eat again). Maybe this Fall I'll be back for more'

this came from a 2nd grass Carp hiding in froggy water, I strip set on one and it came up on a 2nd Grassy next to her, not my plan but anything can happen when carp fishing it seems

One thing is for certain, Carp fishing in the State of Colorado would have never taken off if it was not for the group who became proactive in restoring the South Platte River in Denver by way of the Annual Denver Carp Slam. I was lucky to have been involved with this great group of guys in the planning of the Carp Slam back when I was the Activities Director for Denver Trout Unlimited. This group has put so much effort into raising money for the South Platte Greenway Foundation. Tim "fishman" Emery has made this Annual event one worth checking out and if you can, compete in the 2 day event or if not, attend the Sat night after event party for a night out! Can't wait to hear who wins this year and maybe one of these years I'll stay in town long enough to compete again.

big grass

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Congrats To My Nephew -Headed To The Junior Little League World Series!!!

Little League teams make world series:

Checkout my Nephew Cole in this Video

I sometimes take a break from talking about fishing to discuss more important things -yes there are a few things that equate to or mean more than fishing.

This is about being a Proud Uncle who is eager to watch my Nephew play in the Junior League World Series next week. How tough is it to make it to the dance? One must win locally, than regionally in Florida. Than you must win the State division, head to the Southeast Championship in Greenville, SC where you must beat States like Georgia, Virginia and TN!!

What next...head to Michigan and win 3 more times to claim US Champs than play the International Winner for World Championship Gold.

World Series Little League Website & Schedule

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Collegiate Peak Summer Vacation, Fishing-Friends-Fun

Back To The Collegiate Area

Got back up to the Mountains again with friends recently and with Summer here, there's no where else I would rather be. Be the heat of the city and head to the hills for a few days. The Arkansas River Valley is the place to be and whether it's small creeks you're into or mountain scenery, we found it!

Our camp spot on a Mountain ridge overlooking the creek

St. Elmo Ghost Town area

Catching plenty of trout with some new fly fisherman. I'm always happy to show some newbies how to fly fish.

Jeff sight fishing some nice cutty's

The perfect spot to spend the day catching fish

Pete was getting some action. Pete is a big fan of Tenakara rods and I was impressed with this technique on how to catch trout.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another World Record Trout! Here Come Another Big Rainbow

Here We Go Again

AMERICAN FALLS -- Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials say a 41-year-old Pocatello man has shattered a state record by catching a 34.74-pound rainbow trout.

Union Pacific Railroad locomotive engineer Mark Adams caught the lunker in American Falls Reservoir Monday morning. It took Adams 15 minutes to bring in the trout, which broke old state record by 14.72 pounds.

I'm never suprised at how big trout continue to grow and better yet, the areas that hold some World Record size trout. Hmm I think Colorado still has some decent areas to hit but you never truly know where they might live! Practice Catch and Release Regardless...

Listing of other State & World Records at IGFA

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