Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colorado DOW Wants Anglers Input on Key Issues

The DOW wants anglers' input as it reviews regulations
By Karl Licis Article Link

When it comes to talking, fishermen are a loquacious lot. Whether to pass the time between bites, build anticipation for the next trip or alibi for a slow day on the water, they talk. And talk some more. More often than not the fish talk, as talking about the weather, is idle conversation, but with the Colorado Division of Wildlife beginning its review of fishing regulations for the next five years, fishermen have an opportunity to direct their discussion where it counts.

Important Topics To Be Addressed
Mackinaw vs. kokanee salmon: Mackinaw are top-of-the-line predators that grow to trophy size in Blue Mesa Reservoir and several other waters.
Reduced kill on the Arkansas River tailwater: The river below Pueblo Dam has emerged as a popular destination for fishermen, especially through the winter.
Walleye size limits: Many eastern Colorado reservoirs have size restrictions on walleyes.
Expanded bow- and spear-fishing opportunities: At present, carp may be taken statewide, gizzard shad and suckers on the Eastern Slope
Extra rods for carp- A group of tournament carp fishermen has requested a change to allow using up to four rods.

Other issues to be evaluated might include tightened limits at Antero Reservoir, special regulations for portions of Clear Creek, reduced limits and method restrictions for some higher-elevation lakes in southwest Colorado, review of gold-medal and wild-trout-water designations, and tighter restrictions on taking live minnows from one body of water for use as bait in another.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Abacos Bahamas Fly Fishing! Destination of The Month

Abacos is The Place To Be!

One of the more developed, and second largest island in landmass behind Andros, in the Bahamas, is the top Bonefishing destination Abaco. The countless islands and cays encompass a land area of approximately 5,350 squre miles. This offers boaters and anglers endless opportunities. The northern most island of Abaco is Walker’s Cay, which is world renown for it’s offshore fishing. The vastness of Abaco attracts sailors and other cruisers and makes it the Sailing capital of the Bahamas.

What to do besides fishing?
How about the famous Sand Bar -- It was Built at the end of two-hundred-yard-long pier that stretches over glass clear water with white sand bottom, this stunning open-air bar and restaurant services cold Kaliks, grilled burgers, grouper, conch salad, and sizzling fries along with other Bahamian specialties.

Top Flies to tie before Arriving:
Our favorite flies include Gotcha Clouser Minnows #2-4, Tan Clouser #2-6, Borski's Bonefish Critter and Sliders #2-4, Tan Dorsey's Kwan #4-6, Pink Bone Wiggler #4-6, Greg's Flats Fly #4-6, Gotchas and Bunny Gotchas #2-6, Beck's Sililegs #6, #4 Spawning Shrimp, and Veverka's Mantis Shrimp #4-6. Charlie patterns in white, gold, and pink in #2-6 are also consistent producers.

My Tips for Better Success:
Practice that casting ahead of time (yes we all need to)
For nervous Bones don't spook that outside Vanguard lookout in big schools
Use very long leaders to keep spook factor down
Use light patterns to parachute it down for better luck
Watchout for the Cuda's, there's plenty of em there

My Favorite Areas To Fish There:
With 120 miles of Cays and Islands seperated by the sea of Abaco there's plenty
*The Marls- basins, channels, shorelines and areas to hide from wind
No wading, only out of a skiff since soft bottoms
*Sandy Point- great wading areas to wade for some big bones with a harder bottom areas

Bahamas Fly Fishing Directory
Andros Island Bonefish Club Andros Bonefishing Lodge
Pinder's Bonefishing Abaco Marsh Harbour Fishing Guide
Knolls Landing Bonefishing North Andros Fly Fishing the Joulter Cay's
The Abaco Club on Winding Bay A Ritz-Carlton® Managed Club
Buccaneer Travel Bahamas bonefishing lodges Acklins, Crooked , South Andros, Long Islands
JR'S Bonefish Abacos Abaco Fishing Guide
Deadman's Cay Bonefish Adventures Long Island Bonefishing Guide
Fly Fishing Adventure Nassau Bonefishing Fly Fishing Guide
Clydes Your Guide Long Island Fishing Guide Bahamas
Big Charlie's Lodge Andros Fishing Lodge for Bonefish Cargill Creek
Small Hope Bay Lodge Andros Island Fishing Lodge
Phillip Rolle's North Andros Flyfishing North Andros Fly Fishing Guide

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Crowded Colorado Waters! Get Use To It

Yeah You Knew It Was Just A Matter Of Time!

Whether it's a local hotspot for Bass, a High mountain lake for serenity, a popular lake to take the kids, or one of your favorite Tailwaters in the Rockies.....crowds are inevitable. Colorado is one great state and with that comes more people, tourist and an increase in the fisherman population yes we're jealous of you Montana. Is that good or bad, that's a good question? Most of us still know a few honey holes but even those are being taken over so it's time to drive bit afurther, hike longer or simply just change your course of fishing. For me it's get there very early/very late, or just fish at night. One thing is for certain, crowds are a part of fishing and knowing how to deal with that factor or not to deal with, is a question most of ask each other each season.


Skiing is no different; drive 2-3 hours stuck in traffic to fight crowds and to get stuck back in traffic again has the same consequence. Whether it was the 45 cars in the Middle Dream Stream parking lot early one morning a few weeks ago or one funny story that happened last Spring. One Monday I decided to take a friend to a honey hole "it apparently wasn't a honey hole any longer." We still decided to fish there and though there were 8 people crammed into a small area we sucked it up. A few people were leaving and we decided to walk up to a big hole near a boundary line, no sooner did we start walking up than did a Jackal start running at full sprint past us on the trail to grab the spot 30 feet away!! Yeah..get use to it and the comments I made towards this idiot and his Camo duck waders still makes me laugh to think about how Colorado's Tailwaters are going to be from this point on.

Some tips by Trout's on how to be courteous on the river and a recent fight that occured on the Dream Stream.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Fly Fishing Gear Thanks To Uncle Sam

It's Tax Return Time

Yes it's that time of year, many curse Uncle Sam, I however am thankful for all my new goodies. It's only fair that after working so hard last year and spending soo much time away from the water to work my hardest 100 days out wasn't too bad that I should be rewarded. It wasn't as good as last years goodies, but who can complain.

What did I get you so kindly ask? My tax return brought me a few upcoming fishing trips this year I can't wait for, a few rods and a nice reel. A new G Loomis GLX 6wt, a Sage 5wt because I need 6 5wt's apparently and my new Tibor Backcountry Reel for chunking hefty flies and Saltwater. I'm pretty happy and can't wait to see how they do this upcoming fishing season! Having a smart tax advisor always helps, that or if you can guide one as a trade off even better.

Thanks Uncle Sam, it's about the only good thing you've given back in awhile@


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Monday, March 22, 2010

"River Why" Movie Premieres in April

A New River Runs Through it
From Marshall Cutchin/Midcurrent

According to actress Amber Heard’s Web site (believe it or not, it’s called “Adoring Amber Heard“), “The River Why,” the new Matthew Leuwyler movie based on the David James Duncan novel, will premiere at the Dallas Film Festival April 8-18. “Directed by Matthew Leutwyler, The River Why is a drama based on the novel by David James Duncan about a man known as ‘the Mozart of fly fishing’ who leaves his big city home in rebellion from his family. In the process he comes in contact with an assortment of eccentric characters who help him in his journey to adulthood. The film stars Zach Gilford, Amber Heard, William Hurt, Kathleen Quinlan and William Devane.”

The movie has been in production for some time, with a court case and drawn-out funding search slowing the process. But even a small crossover audience could provide a nice spring bump to the sport’s retailers and outfitters.


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Early Spring Frying Pan River Fishing! Risers and More Risers

The Frying Pan from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

For those who haven't hit the Pan in awhile or for those heading that way shortly, this should appease to your trout senses. Early Spring can be some of the best fishing on the Frying Pan and the crowd hatch is a little less prolific as well.

Warmer day's, midge hatches, Olives flying around and big fish moving in. Let's be honest, when does the Pan ever fish poorly? The last time I had a day where I caught less than a dozen fish has been awhile ago so go when you can. Early Spring just rids the cabin fever in most and get's you far away from the crowds on streams like the Blue and Dream Stream.

Checkout the video trailer we did from some early Spring Risers. You may know the great videographer/fishing addict Nick Clement, he also recently produced "In The Land of Cutthroats" touring in the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Can't wait to see what's next in store for him.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

British Columbia Steelhead Top Fly Fishing Locations

Get Bent in British Columbia

It doesn't take long when asked "Where would you go for premiere Steelhead fishing". Though opinions may vary, it's hard to dispute the notion of any other place that boasts more great steelhead than in BC. California and Oregon also top the list for Steelhead destinations, BC still leads in a number of Steelhead conversations amongst my friends.

Where would you start? Here's a few you may know

Kispiox River
Home to some of the biggest Steelhead around go here

Season- Oct-Mid Dec
Avg Steelhead- 14lbs
Trophy Steelhead -30lbs+

Bulkley River
A mecca for great looking waters and easy on the wading, great fall fishing
Season- Mid Aug-Mid Nov
Avg Steelhead- 8-12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs

Babine River
A Steelheaders dream river, healthy runs and very nice size fish
Season- Early Sept-Early Nov
Avg Steelhead- 12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs

Skeena River
BC's 2nd largest river and major hwy for incredible Steelhead fishing, a top choice by many and though big, it's not as tough as many make it out to be
Season- Late July-Mid Oct
Avg Steelhead- 10lbs
Trophy Steelhead-25lbs

Yakoun River
Season- Located on the rough Queen Charlotte Islands it's one of the bigger in the region.Beautiful place with plush rainforest climates
Season-Nove-early April
Avg Steelhead- 12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs+

Dean River
One of my favorites as well as friends that frequent this great river. BC'S most famous Summer run Steelhead fishery for sure.
Season- June-Sept
Avg Steelhead- 11lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs+

Gold River
Just as the name describes, there's gold in this river for sure when it comes to hook ups. It's finally rebounded after some tough years in the 90's.
Season- Dec-early April
Avg Steelhead- 8lbs
Trophy Steelhead-high teens

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Colorado Carp on A Fly! It's Time

Warmer Weather, Short on Time, Do Some Carpin

Between a few recent Trout outings I was thinking about how soon before I could get back out Carpin again. The bite has definitely been on and an hour after work yesterday proved why I needed my Golden Bone fix for the week. Yes they're different, yes they are an acquired taste -not literally, yes they are extremely hard to catch on a fly....what better reason to get out after some Golden Bones!

Catching a Carp on a fly, for those who still haven't tried it, you need to at least try it sometime this year and see what the fuss is all about. Springtime can bring some of the best fishing of the year and since the Popularity has grown here in the Denver area, don't think the Carp haven't figured that out as well and soon become even more challenging to catch once Summer rolls around. During the winter time Carp enjoy a sluggish period of doing little to nothing and waiting for the water to warm up. That's why Spring is when to get out to chase them. They go from a "dead log" fight in the winter to all of a sudden bonefish-backing mode! By Summer you will get the best fight out of them for sure but depending on how much it's warmed up in the Spring, the fight may be just as good.

colorado carp2

Don't forget if you do get out and chase a few up in Commerce city where all the hotspots are at. Make sure you pick decent weather conditions to chase them. Optimal times would include: bright sunny days -so you can see, lack of wind, decent flows -too low and high spook factor, too high and too muddy for sight fishing, no clouds if possible for better viewing and lastly, go where the Carp are! Where is that? Patience, time and hours spent on the River will be your guide to find out that answer. You can hit REI if you want like everyone else or take your bike down the bike path in Commerce City for some real adventuring.

There's not much that helps in preparing for an upcoming
Saltwater trip, like sight fishing does. No indicator dredge fishing Allowed here, if you want to do it right, if you truly want the right experience get out for some sight fishing and see how much fun you can have.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Trout on Pyramid Lake Nevada, It's On!

Never Fished It? Always Wanted To? Now's Your Chance

For those that enjoy Stillwater fishing there are a few places you must fish. For those of us that are serious Stillwater enthusiast, this place needs no introduction and many have already made the journey to the motherland of Pyramid.

What makes Pyramid so different, unique and most importantly, how do they grow such huge fish there? We have a few here in Colorado that are pretty sweet but are still trying to reach this Egyptian status. More than likely it's the
Lahontan Cutthroat trout that brings in most anglers to Pyramid Lake. It's listed as Nevada's state fish, these cutthroat trout are native to tributaries in the eastern Sierra. What do they eat that makes them grow to Mega size?The nasty Tui-chubs are a large food source for Lahontan Cutthroat here. Since the chubbies sometimes appear yellowish-green in color, chartruese or green flies (streamers) tend to be very popular at Pyramid Lake.

It has finally begun! The fishing has been great and is increasingly picking up. We have had reports of many large fish caught within the last week. Fish have been caught both on buggers and beetles fished on a shooting head and on floating lines under an indicator using nymphs and midges. Fishing has been good at The Nets, Pelican, Wino and Block House. Remember the Nets close on March 15th. It’s officially Pyramid time go catch a big Cutt. We're in the planning for a trip there hopefully soon and I can't wait.

Reno Fly Shop: Fishing Reports, Flies, Techniques and more

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dream Stream South Platte Spring Fishing..See Redd Walk Away!

We've all been there, Trout are on the Redds and right below your feet teasing you. To most of us anglers who wish to see our waters grow and filled with young trout for years to follow, we can pass and just admire. The decision to pass on a Trout on a bed is an easy decision if not a no brainer. To many it's an easier chance to catch big fish and show off to their friends. I was sent a link recently from a local fishing forum that boasted a few guys who felt the need to showcase a few fish they found on the Redds and bragged about just standing on top of them picking them off left/right, shameful. Not a good thing and if I catch you on the river I'm definitely letting you know! Why not fish to those set behind them, upstream or another spot?

When fishing the Dream Stream, let's face it, it has more idiots per square mile uhh unruly folks, than any other place I've fished. Instead of a Fish Per Mile stat book I keep, I have an Idiot's Per Mile book notepad to know where the idiots will be hatching that weekend. Again not to stir the pot but I can gaurantee that every person who has fished there in the last year can come up with a few stories on their experience.

How to identify, what are Redds? Link to Info

Combat Fishing
Whether it's some yo yo scouting your hole while you're in it, some jackal casting a rapala full of 9 hooks hoping to snag the fish or idiots who specifically go out of their way to target these fish and trounce all over their gravel beds without even so much as a slight consideration as to the affects this has. Everyone can't be policed and it comes down to each individual but I hope would realize how important of a time this is and to leave them be.

Sometime in late February or early March, rainbow trout from the reservoir begin entering the river on their annual spawning run, an odyssey that might take them to the base of Spinney Mountain Dam. Snake River cutthroats and cutbows also move up the river, and the occasional brown trout, presumably attracted to eggs from the spring spawners, might accompany the run. The trout have grown to size in the exceptionally productive waters of the reservoir. Some may weigh in the double digits, and they might be visible in the stream.

Story Link in the Denver Post

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Frying Pan River Early Spring Fishing Trip

The Roaring Fork Valley at It's Finest

It's been a long Winter so far and many of the guys have been dying to get out for some fine fishing. Every year we all get together around the same time for a guys weekend up on the Pan. Great weather, incredible scenery and some outstanding fishing, why go anywhere else. Here is a recap for more on the Pan and our trip

roaring-fork fishing2
Fishing the Fork near Snowmass

da playas
The Taylor Creek Cabins are the best, especially when you have some known tyers to stay up late with you and donate their proceeds to the Troutdawg fly box fund! Casey, Travis, Todd and Boca dawg all enjoyed a superb weekend, as did I.

evening fishing
Gorgeous Frying Pan Rainbows

colorado scenerysig
50' weather, few crowds and lot's of fish! What a weekend

frying pan cabins3-sig
Prime cabins on the Pan, cookouts and good times

Go To Flies:
Midges (20-24), Huevos (14-18), Mysis Shrimp (16-22), BWO's (20-22)

It's that time. Time to put the ski's away and grab some fly rods as the fishing is kicking into high gear. The Taylor Creek guides are on the water daily and most have been fishing their tails off casting dry's all day. While there's no need to get out there at the crack of dawn, the fishing has been decent to above average in the wee hours of the morning. It's all going to be nymph fishing during this time period. Egg patterns such as a size #18 Mini Flashtail Hot Eggs in Chartreause, Oregon Cheese and Salmon Egg are still fishing well as the browns wrap up their spawning urges and the rainbow get set to spawn. These prespawn rainbows are beginning to color up and are simply vibrant. The deeper pools and seams always yield good numbers of fish during the winter but be sure not to overlook many of the riffles and other shallow nooks and crannies. Lately, there's been as many fish holding shallow as their has been deep. Successful dropper patterns should include a variety of Midge and Baetis subsurface imitations. For Midges concentrate on larva patterns early in the day and pupa/emerger patterns during afternoons. Red and White are hot colors for larva imitations (Capt. Hooks, TC Red Midges, Miracle Nymphs, Maggot Midges) while Black and Gray are key colors for pupa patterns (Medallion Midges, Bead Wing's, RS2's). Micro Baetis nymphs such as Tungsten Hoovers, Glass Bead Micro Mayflies, PT's, STD's and the like are beginning to fish better and better as we progress into March. Two fly nymph rigs consisting of Eggs/Midges, Eggs/Baetis or Baetis/Midge combo's are all that's needed. Dry fly junkies can rejoice in the fact that the Midge hatches are now a daily occurance. Look for decent numbers of risers beginning around noon to 1o'clock. This is where light fluorocarbon tippets of 7X come into play.

Checkout the Taylor Creek Fly Shop for all your fishing needs, flies and river reports!
Fun afternoon with no crowds in sight, Photograph by Travis Best

Even our Pal Kyle, the asst Mngr at Trout's fly shop, got into a few

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Ninety-Two In The Shade & Of Wind and Tides Fly Fishing Books

Great Fly Fishing Reads Beachside

Stu Apte "Of Wind & Tides"
Of Wind and Tides is a delightful autobiography of one of the world's true fishing legends. Starting in the 1930s, it books tells of Stu Apte's Naval service and Pan Am duties that took him to the exotic places where he honed his fishing skills. The book continues through the years of Apte's life with a variety of chapters on fishing with some of the sporting world's greatest celebrities, hosting star-studded fishing trips, and other lively adventures. This book is sure to entice the fishing world--from beginners to veterans

Thomas Skelton "Ninety in The Shade"
"Full of surprises and rewards and an exhilaration one feels only rarely.... I offer a gentle exhortation -- please read this book." -- NewsdayTiring of the company of junkies and burn-outs, Thomas Skelton goes home to Key West to take up a more wholesome life. But things fester in America's utter South. And Skelton's plans to become a skiff guide in the shining blue subtropical waters place him on a collision course with Nichol Dance, who has risen to the crest of the profession by dint of infallible instincts and a reputation for homicide. Out of their deadly rivalry, Thomas McGuane has constructed a novel with the impetus of a thriller and the heartbroken humor that is his distinct contribution to American pros.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cloudveil Corporate Offices Closing!

Dark Clouds Loom Over Cloudveil
The Cloudveil Mountain Works corporate office has closed and the lease for the retail outlet on Pearl Avenue will not be renewed, the president and CEO of the company that bought the brand said Monday. What happens now is anyones guess, will Spyder; the parent company take over controls again, will all the doors shut down completely and the big questions...what to do about Cloudveil warranty's on clothing. Tune in to see what happens and I hope they stick around, I love their stuff!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Fly Fishing Artwork

You Need It, You're Wall Wants It, Get Inspired

Fishbone Artwork
Fly Fishing artwork has many taste, for those who haven't seen this type of art you're missing out. Checkout the guys down from the Keys who truely have taken artwork to the next level. Link

Flats Hunter
These guys have some pretty wild artwork as well and though a little different being that of Lithograph, it still has some amazing detail and colors. Link

Tim Borski
Tim Borski paints unique wildlife art in watercolor, oils and acrylics, and he can be found daily in his studio in Islamorada in the Florida Keys or fishing in the backcountry -- allegedly gathering inspiration and photographs for his art. Link

DeYoung’s work has veered off from the traditional fish illustration style. His paintings are very contemporary, placing more importance on using a unique style and palette rather than painting a fish to look photo realistic. Link

List of all the Top Fly Fishing Artist, definitely worth checking out and marveling at some of the best art around. Yes if you haven't got any, you need to get that piece you've always wanted for your fishing cabin or den! Prior thread about FFA regarding these great artist

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