Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Memory: The Best Fishing Partner You Could Ever Ask For!

This Post is in Memory of my Favorite Fishing Buddy Zeke, AKA Troutdawg Jr.

We will deeply miss the best Fishing Buddy you could ever ask for, Zeke my 110lb Little Bear! A Top notch trout spotter, harcore swimmer, camping phenom, a personal favorite of Delaney Buttes and Orvis fly shop regular.

To see more of Zeke and his favorite passion of Fishing.....Checkout his Page Here:
Also click Here for his Funny Fishing Greeting Card



Brandon said...

RIP Zeke, you will be missed.

Although I have never met him, I have seen Zeke's pictures, and I know how hard it will be when I lose my Chocolate lab.

Know that he is resting easily in the stream of his choice now, enjoying a pain free swim.

Anonymous said...

I too think that Zeke will be missed and find a way to look down at Troutdawg!


Anonymous said...

Zeke sounds like he had a good life. My trout dog was Kasper, a wired haired terrior...he was over 16 years old when he passed on. Fished with me all over the eastern seaboard. Miss him so...spread his ashes on his favorite river...the Farmington in Connecticut. Say hi to Zeke Kasper when you see him for us.