Friday, August 6, 2010

Colorado Summer Weekend Getaway! From The Sawatch Range & Collegiate Peaks Region

Break From Fishing, Okay Maybe a Little

Denver has been heating up and so has my House so what better time to head to the hills for a little getaway, break from the heat, primitive camping and fun with the Gals. One of the prettiest areas around -okay Colorado has many, is the Sawatch Range here in Colorado. It's time to enjoy some great scenery, a few drinks and cool days in the Hills!

Not a bad place to spend for the weekend! Surrounded by 12 14rs (Coloradans call
14,000 foot peaks 14rs
this place was the ticket for relaxation.

Camping in Cottonwoods and by a creek without crowds is what many hope for in the Rockies during the Summer and that's just what we got. Yes the masses do show up everywhere but with a little planning, some driving and patience, one can be rewarded.

Callibaetis mixed with midges for some late afternoon action. Perfect way to spend a weekend from the big city having fun in the Sawatch Range. For those looking for a nice getaway without having to drive 7 hours to the San Juans this is the place.

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1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Everybody deserves a break. With so many things to keep us busy from work and hope it think it is just fair to relax and unwind sometimes... and camping is the best and Colorado is the right place. Do you agree?