Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Incredible Fall Fishing At Night, Yes 3am Fishing Can Be Epic!

Midnight Action is Finally Here

It's that time of year again to hit some incredible Fall fisheries and if lucky enough, to score some sweet brown trout. Fall means many things, to me it's spending quality weekends in the Rockies chasing brown trout and if I'm able, head out on a full moon for some midnight action.

We just spent a nice 3 days on some favorite water of mine and what's even nicer was the fact that we had this hidden water to ourselves. What did we find?

Let's just say that we got there at 9pm and left at 4am....yes it was that good!

One of the smaller Bows I hooked, a very nice rainbow. I wish I could have landed the 8lbr that got away in the dark of the night.

A beast of a Brown came in with a fight but left with a gentle release to play another day. Many hard fights this night, many sore forearms as well from a few battles.

Tandems one after another. Can you say close to 40 doubles that night, yes don't think that will ever happen again as well. It seems everytime I looked over Travis had another and everytime he looked over I had one!

One more brown please! Finally after a 15 hour day of fishing it was time to hang it up. Why? I wanted to get up and do it all over again. Too bad we had to leave the next day in the afternoon, I guess I will have to get back up next Fall and do it all over again.


Cutler Family said...

I'm curious to hear about your tactics. What were you using, and did you have trouble with tangles or hooking yourself from casting in the dark?

Troutdawg said...

Night fishing can take some skill and often, much luck in fishing habits. Tonight it all came down to the fish biting whatever we threw in. Truly an epic bite that the browns and bows were just hungry as could be and would eat anything. Red headlamps and good casting always helps as well'