Sunday, November 20, 2011

Florida Redfish on The Brain! Fly Fishing for Big Reds

Florida Fall Reds Here I Come

The redfish fly fishing action continues to be fantastic. The redfish were all caught sight fishing. It's an awesome sight to watch a red charge and grab your fly! . The past few weeks have provided some great days on the water. All of my redfish trips have yielded at least one nice sight fished red on fly. There has been plenty of shots at fish on any clear, cold day. The amount of fish we've been catching depends on the anglers ability to see the fish, and deliver an accurate 20-30 foot cast. Anglers who can do this have been catching between three to six sight fished reds a day. I welcome any skill level and work patiently with my clients to develop their skills. It's a truly fun and addictive way to fish!

The Trout fishing has been great in Tampa Bay. As with the redfish, the cold weather gets the trout going. I have been finding trout along the edge of a flat in about three feet of water. The incoming tide has been best. I fish DOA jigs or chartreuse clouser flies on sink tip lines. Remember to handle the trout gently when releasing them. I find a fish de-hooker tool to be the best option for release. The season remains closed in the month of December.

Fishing Report from Shallow Water Fly Fishing Guides

Pics provided by Shallow Water Expeditions


Angler Gang said...

That's one serious fish! Awesome!

Fishguy said...

Incredible Red, we've got plenty of them down here right now. Get back down here again soon Troutdawg.