Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bachelor Boys Weekend In The Aspen Valley

Great Weekend With The Guys Down Near Aspen

Another great April weekend in the Roaring Fork Valley with a few close friends. This weekend was a little bit more special seeing how this was one of the last weekends yours truly will be a Bachelor.

Don't go a thinking that the one and only is going to be spending less time on the water, oh no quite the opposite, I have a special lady in my life who doesn't mind me getting out on the water when needed...how can you top that!

Buddies from Atlanta, Bozeman and locally made this a weekend to remember and plenty of fish stories to speak of. More pictures to follow the next few days.

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Mark Kautz said...

It's good to have an understanding woman. I have one that always encourages me to go fishing. Wonder if she trying to get rid of me? No chance, she stuck with me.


Troutdawg said...


Absolutely! Ha a good woman is hard to find and one that allows us to go fishing is even tougher.