Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late Summer Spinney Reservoir Fishing


Spinney Reservoir Fishing

What to do when my close buddy moves back to Colorado from Minnesota and is a Stillwater addict? Head to South Park and enjoy a nice day out on the water. Brian and I have spent a number of years fishing many favorite Colorado stillwaters and glad to have him back here again to fish this Fall season.

We got lucky and not only enjoyed a day without wind -well till 1pm that is, but also got to enjoy a nice feeding period where a number of breaks off and broken rod was in order.

Didn't take Brian long before he was into a few fish and glad to pose for the camera a few times!

Time to bring bigger tackle, a nice hook up turned into too much force for my 5wt Sage and snap goes the weezle!

Plenty of bugs out this morning and Trout were on the feed for hours. Hares ear patterns and Seal buggers were the choice foods.

Fish on again, hey what about me? Tough to take pictures of my fish so I guess I'll take a few more of Brian again.

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Unknown said...

sweet post man, sucks about the sage...

Troutdawg said...

Thanks Casey, yeah 3 broken rods or tips this year is making this one expensive Summer so far!