Thursday, February 14, 2013

Missing My Cold Weather Fly Fishing!

Bring On The Cold

It's winter time in Colorado and Cabin fever is creeping up slowly in the Duggan house. I love to fish year round and there is something to be said about not having to worry about the crowds when it's dumping 6" of snow! Where is everyone at? Probably enjoying a warm couch or like many of my frineds, hitting thr ski slopes.

I myself find it so amazing to hit the Rivers during winter or snow season. To have the River all to oneself when most of the year is spent hiding from other anglers, this is a true treat for me.

Now with a new Baby around, Troutdawg's Winter fishing will mostly be made up of fly fishing shows on TV and perhaps a quick trip down to the South Platte. The countdown is on till I hit some favorite Winter Tailwaters of mine again.

Winter Fly Fishing Tips

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1 comment:

Mark Kautz said...

It's amazing how a little one will get in the way of a good day fishing, but they are worth it.