Monday, April 22, 2013

Portland Trip Minus The Fish!

Portland was a Treat!

I was finally able to make it to Portland recently. I have always wanted to make it to Portland for years and even wished to make it to Seattle, but that didn't happen this trip.

My trip happened out of a new job I started so this more of a Business trip as opposed to a Fishing trip. My companies HQ is located here in Portland and I was fortunate enough to spend a full week here.

Most of my trip was based indoors in a stuffy Trainibg class, but when given the opportunity to get outside, I took it. Yes it rained every day but would you expect anything less for Portland?

Portland is known for many things and this extremely large Fly Fishing section was very impressive while browsing at Powell's, one of the largest Bookstore's in the country.

I can't be in Portland without going to Deschute's Brewing as well!

I was trying to make a stayover for the weekend to do some fishing but couldn't get a good return flight. One of my fishing Pal's Ryan Davey asked me to join him for some Steelheading on some local water. As much as I tried to, I wasn't able to fish some outstanding water. Thanks for the invite again Ryan and expect me to give you a call for a raincheck..literally!

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