Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fly Fishing for Tarpon Seasons in Florida's Key West -Winter To Spring

The Winter (December, January & early February)

A Snowbirds delight. Cool days are in the upper sixties (day time highs average mid 70’s) and night time lows rarely reach the fifties. Cloudless skies and north winds are the norm. The fishing most days does not revolve around the “glamour” species. Think lots of shots, lots of fish and plenty of fun.

Keys: During these months, the cold fronts that push their way through the Keys often provide numerous opportunities to catch barracuda and jacks. Permit are also generally active especially during the warm-up following cold fronts. A couple of warm, calm days can certainly bring large tarpon into backcountry basins where they will “lay up” soaking up the rays of the sun. Bonefish provide action on warm days. Cobia are also an occasional target as they follow stingrays and sharks onto the flats.
Everglades: This can be a great time to fish the waters of Florida Bay. Redfish and Snook are often active except on the very coldest of days. The Bay can also produce some very good early season tarpon fishing.

The Spring (Mid February, March & April)

Blue skies, warming water and hungry fish. Some years it’s warmer and others a bit cool, but the fish always feel the change. Everything seems to come alive – it’s spring.

Keys: This is often a wonderful time to fish the Keys as cold fronts began to loose their severity. The permit fishing is at its peak, until the fish move offshore to spawn in the first half of April. This can also be some of the best tarpon fishing of the year, especially for truly large resident fish many larger than 100lbs. Bonefish are also a target, although they often take a back seat to the permit and tarpon.
Everglades: Redfish and snook are excellent targets in Florida Bay. Tarpon also make a strong showing during this time of the year as the weather moderates and spring takes hold. Some of the earliest tarpon will make their appearance here in some of the many secluded basins.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get back down to Tarpon fish again myself this Summer.


Troutdawg said...

I wish I could get down there this Summer, too little time and in need of a Saltwater fix!