Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Trout Fishing in the Rockies!

Spring Big Trout Chasing

I finally got a hall pass to get out for some fun lately and it didn't take me long to pack my gear and leave the kids for a much needed fishing trip!

There are a few areas I enjoy hitting each Spring and this is one of them. If you can fight the cold, wind, hopefully a few cars, the fishing can be decent. This trip was planned a few days before some other friends were coming into town to join me but due to work obligations, I was limited on what days to fish.

I left early and arrived by 10am just in time for a nice Midge hatch, good thing the rods were rigged and I was fishing within 10 minutes of arriving. I met up with some other guides I knew right away and was able to get into a few fish after a few modest fly changes.

After a long day of fishing it was time to relax by the campfire, a few cocktails and prep for the next day. Yes nothing like getting the rods ready for the next day since most of you are aware of that frigid Spring cold weather can make rigging rods 6am a little challenging. After getting both rods ready for the next morning, I was up at 5:30am and fishing by 6:30am. I got into a few nice fish but after a break off, I was glad to have a back up rod ready.

I enjoyed another windless sunny day on the river with friends and despite not being as a day for hatches, I couldn't complain since this was much better than being back in Denver doing housework.

Great trip and I'm counting down the days before the wifey gives me another fun fishing hall pass, otherwise looks like I'll be bass fishing close to home with my usual 2 hour getaway.

Until next time!

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