Monday, December 14, 2015

My Annual Holiday Maxfund Pet Food Drive in Denver!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be participating in my annual Holiday Maxfund Pet Food Drive again this year -7 years counting helping a local no-kill Pet shelter.

I will not bore you with my Pets are needy and every little bit helps speech because hey, it could be worse I could be asking you to donate to the Santa Clause alcohol recovery group. I would appreciate anything you might be able to contribute. I will be collecting items between now and De 30th to deliver to the Maxfund Animal Shelter.

Feel free to email me or click on my profile to find out my contact information and I will be happy to make arrangements for pick up.

Items Needed:

*Dog food and cat food – unopened bags; cans
*Dog crates – all sizes Cat carriers
*Dog beds/pillows (new or gently used)
*Cat litter Stuffed dog toys (washable rubber or plastic ones are best)
*Chew toys for dogs (Kongs are ideal)
*Blankets, towels, comforters (new or gently used)
*Sheets; towels – all sizes Bowls – all sizes (plastic or metal)
*Large jars of peanut butter
*Large chew bones
*Used leashes; dog collars
*Dog shampoo Tennis balls

This was meant for anyone in the Colorado Region, if interested and live out of state feel free to let me know if you would like to contribute...all donations accepted!


If you are not able to drop off anything but feel like giving, here is a link:

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