Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shark Week Comes to A Close!

Wild Shark Specials, Maneaters, Great Whites and More! entire week of Shark week is almost over....what now?

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I thought I would close you out with some Final Shark Pictures, enjoy and don't forget it goes until Sunday on the Discovery Channel.

Don and Robert grew up near Florida
Don and Robert grew up fishing
Don and Robert had been fishing for Hours
Hector throws out a line after 5 minutes and catches a Shark.......

Capt Tom Rowland, a buddy of mine from Islamorada shows off a Massive 800lb Hammerhead! This guy knows what he's doing and all I can say is "WATCH OUT FOR THOSE TEETH"


Shark on A Fly! Try your luck in San Diego at this new growing sport. Bring your 14 wt though and my trip last year was a blast
Article from Field and Stream

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