Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rally for Colorado's Roan Plateau!

Rally for the Roan!
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WHAT: Rally for the Roan!
WHERE: Gregory Park, Glenwood Springs -- Get directions here
WHEN: July 30th, 11 AM - 1 PM

RSVP HERE We're just weeks away from witnessing a transformation of the Roan Plateau in Western Colorado. On August 14th the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will begin leasing the public lands at the base and atop the plateau for oil and gas development. As many of you know, the Roan Plateau is recognized by Coloradans as both a source of local pride and as an irreplaceable haven for wildlife. The Roan lands provide an unparalleled recreational opportunity to west slope communities and the state.Given the values at risk, Coloradans have spoken -- BLM's plan for the Roan is just not good enough:
Over 75,000 comments were submitted on the draft plan, with more than 98% favoring more restrictions on drilling.

Governor Ritter issued a set of recommendations for the Roan that would expand protection for water and wildlife, including phased leasing on the plateau.

Congressmen Mark Udall and John Salazar and Senator Ken Salazar proposed legislation to enact the Governor's plan and protect Colorado's water and wildlife. Unfortunately, none of these efforts succeeded in convincing the BLM to draft a better plan. Despite promising to craft a "community-supported" plan, the BLM has failed to listen to our concerns. Next Wednesday, July 30th, citizens from around the Western Slope and Colorado will converge in Glenwood Springs to demonstrate to the BLM that A RUSH TO DRILL on the Roan Plateau is the wrong approach to meeting our nation’s energy needs. Will you join us?

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