Friday, December 5, 2008

Monster Trout! Alaska Rainbows and Big Colorado Rainbows!

Huge Trout in The Rockies and Alaska Rainbows, What More Could You Ask for!
Big Fish Week Continues

For all of those on the FFA board I think most of you head out every weekend for a nice day on the water, a chance at catching a few fish and if lucky one of this Big Boys!

Talk about some big rainbows to keep you going back for more. Better start planning now for some of those big rainbows next Spring and heavy tippets to land. I love Big Bows and better yet love landing them since most of mine have a tendency to get off and laugh while doing so~


Anonymous said...

We were in Alaska last Fall and caught some Big Rainbows as well, still get excited about our Steelhead runs here in Michigan

Ken Reynolds

Anonymous said...

That fish is bigger than that kid. I have loved this big fish week. keep it up.

Troutdawg said...

One day hopefully I will get that Lucky!