Friday, February 27, 2009

My new Fly Fishing Gear...Tax Refund is Here!

Tax Returns usually mean Two Things...Happiness or a much needed Delay in Paying some Coin!

For me this Year Uncle Sam was good to me, it's about time and I'm taking full advantage of it. What did I get for my small return? How about more fishing equipment and a trip to Boca Grande this Spring for Tarpon~

Well..................How about all of these items for under $450!!! You know me the budget traveler, internet deal finder and Fishing equipment Swami.

Sage Launch 9ft 4 piece 8wt fly rod brand new
Lamson 3.5 Radius 8wt fly reel brand new
Scott ES 3weight 3 piece fly rod
Albright EXS 9ft 4 piece 10wt fly rod brand new
3 Packets of 20 Top Saltwater Clouser paterns

One of about 10 Discount Sites I use for Fly Fishing Equipment

Did I really need more fly rods? Who knows, than again "can you truely have too many fly rods"..I don't think so, I still need a 00wt and some Spey's :)

fly rods- fly fish addiction

These were from a collection from last Fall, 15 total rods I think

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Angler said...

Wow. Nice gears buddy! I guess your tax really paid off especially now Spring is coming. :) Sage Launch 9ft 4 piece 8wt fly rod brand new << I wanted to have one like this. Happy fishing! Hope you enjoy your new fishing gears buddy!

Ken Morrow said...

ah! economic stimulus! gotta luv it.

Troutdawg said...

Yes I have my stimulus and Love it!!!

Ken Morrow said...

yeah, but u also provided some stimulus to others. and that's the "magic."

Fly Fishing Frenzy said...

Can you set up some online classes to teach the uneducated on how your online shopping powers work? I am sure it is magic of some kind but I would still love to know.

Troutdawg said...

Ha! I just have a bit of luck on my side and waaaay to much time online to find a few Steals! I'll be happy to post a few links next week and give out some secrets since it seems I'm getting close to a full closet and little space left for more gear~