Monday, March 16, 2009

Fly Fish Addiction's New Pet Addition!

Meet Troutdawgette! Our new addition to the family and a touching story Funny how Saturday's Article was time stamped from a month ago talking about fishing dogs and now I have one, well it will be fun to see how she does come Spring on the River!

I just wanted to let everyone know I have a new addition to the Family..."Boca"! After a week of trying to save a poor, abandoned dog left out for weeks, we were finally successful in rescuing her. Many attempts by myself and locals had been unsuccessful until Saturday when a group of Volunteers and I got her close enough for capture.

It's been a long week of worries, uncertainty and a ton of outpouring by the local Community and other friends that have helped get her. She has gone from a lonely world of darkness and abandonment to being a very spoiled dog and fly fishing partner for years to come!

Where did "Boca" come from you ask? Since she is one special dog I thought I would give her a special name. Boca stands for Mouth of or for a better term, mouth of the water since she was found near a water treatment facility. That and La Boca is a very unique area I visited located in a colorful community inside Buenos Aires, Argentina on the water!

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Ken Morrow said...

congrats on the new addition to the family. boca actually just means "mouth." de la boca would be "mouth of." boca raton, florida, is translated "rat's mouth" or "mouth of the rat" because it is a contraction n spanish, leaving out the de la. ie. boca (de la) raton. but i think it's a breat name. it's even a feminine word in spanish. and a dog's mouth is one of their most dominant features. and we all know boca pass in south florida is one of the most famous tarpon fishing destinations in the world. and you're from florida and love saltwater fly fishing. very appropriate for both of you. sorry about the spanish language, but i was a professional linguist in a previous life. and i just can't seem to resist...sort of like an english teacher.

Anonymous said...

yea, I'm pretty sure you named her boca because we'll be catching huge Tarpon in Boca Grande pretty soon here... good work on saving a dog's life... who knows where she'd end up otherwise

Troutdawg said...

Thanks and excited about my new Pup! Heck she may even come along for our "Boca" Trip...just kidding but the 1st test will have to come soon with her on the water.

Thanks for you kind comments!