Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The TrophyStalkers Are Back Again Hunting Big Fish!

Targeting Big Bows in Colorado with the HawgTrough Boys!

Wish I could have made it out fishing with Jason and friends the other week here in Colorado. These guys come out a few times a year and put on a clinic on how to catch big fish here, hey I thought the Colorado guys were suppose to do that? Traveling from Minnesota and knowing how to fish these waters year after year helps these guys key in how some big fish time after time.
Whether it was the Taylor, Frying Pan or Blue River, not much stopped them from having another good trip, tightlines and your's truely to miss out on it all....Maaaaan!!!
Nice fish and boy I wish my job didn't get in the way all the time or I would have been out there with ya, until next time I guess~

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big taylor trout thehawgtrough.com

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Anonymous said...

Those are some big fish, nice pics and can't wait to get out there


David Knapp said...

Awesome fish! Hope to introduce myself to those trout when I head out in a month...we'll be fishing the same waters so there's a chance!

Fly Fishing Blog said...

Is that fish real? that is huge!!! great color.