Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kenai River September Fishing At It's Finest!

Alaska Fishing Adventure
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It's Fall in Alaska, which can only mean one thing to me, Big Fat Rainbows! Fall is usually thought of as Big Brown time but up here in Alaska big Rainbows, Silvers and Dolly varden's all reign supreme.

It was time again for me to head back to Alaska in the Chugash Mtn range and have my Pal Colin and Drifter show me where the fish were at and they absolutely did not disappoint. Another trip to remember for sure and besides incredible fishing we had immaculate weather, spectacular scenery and good friends to hang out with for a fun week of fishing!



Fishguy said...

Nice trip it and I'm jealous! What kind of fish was that with the huge teeth, Char? Chum?

Troutdawg said...

Oh yeah that was a Dolly piggy that was full blown colors. Dolly vardens can get decent size but the colors made this fish pretty special for one of our guys who caught it.

Feel free to check out my other trip a few years back as well, man I love this place