Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moffitt Angling System...To Moffitt or Not To Moffitt?

The Debate of Using the Moffitt System Ensues

There has been much chatter lately about something called the Moffitt Angling Systems, perhaps you've heard of it, if not you're like most of the masses and curious about what the heck this is! I remember years ago in the haste of a 5am wake up call at the door to fish I grabbed all of my gear only to realize I left my fly boxes at home (I take all 15 now). Since on the river without flies like an idiot, a friend let me use some of his. Though happy to fish, not too happy about the flies I was stuck with and felt out of my rhythm. My point is that with this new Moffitt Angling System, it may work, it may catch fish, but until I try it and decide to take the leap I just hate to change up what's been successful for me over the years. Don't get me wrong, I will always look to get better and improve but this really changes things up once you learn about it. There is also rumors about the snagging that surrounds this systems, hmm this should be interesting debate on what others think and how it's worked for them. I did get some packets at the Fly Fishing Retail Show this year to use, it just may take me a few more times out to change up my way of fishing.

What is Moffitt? The Moffitt Angling System is a fully patented revolutionary new fly-fishing method that uses hookless flies tied on flexible synthetic cores instead of hooks, which can be looped on and off the leader above a uniquely designed barbless circle hook. The Moffitt System offers several advantages over existing fly-fishing methods. The flexible, hookless flies look and feel more realistic than traditional flies so they're more appealing to fish. Multiple flies can be fished with a single hook resulting in fewer tangles. The unique barbless circle hook is specifically designed to cause minimal damage or disfigurement to the fish. And, fish can be quickly and easily released without removing them from the water.

The Three Advantages of the Moffitt System are:
Simplicity and Convenience
Protection of the Resource

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Anonymous said...

Not for me, I think it's too much like snagging from what I hear.


Troutdawg said...

Yes that is the consensus,I will leave this open for interpretation for most but have a feeling that they have a long road ahead before converting people over to this. I guess only time will tell

Anonymous said...

I have recently converted to the moffit system, i am new in fishing so i guess that is why i converted easier. although my father, who is a long time fisher, said that he is definately thinking about making the change, in the end its definately worth it it think.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks for the comment and we've been hearing some good feedback from this recently so I will leave it up to each to decide what works best for them. Thanks for the comment!