Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks For My Daily Reminders "Wildlife Council"

Coming To A Street Near You!

I just wanted to throw a quick thanks to the Wildlife Council for making my daily commutes much more appeasing. To those who live in Denver or better yet, those who may drive down Denver's popular Broadway strip may have seen this billboard jumping out at passerby Outdoor enthusiast. To me it's a nice reminder each day when I leave my house for work and when I return seeing how this lovely sign is a block from my house and showcases one of my favorite fish species -the Salmo trutta. Nothing like a big brown trout to get me going each morning!

Now for the message of the Wildlife Council, you knew there was a point to this right? The Colorado Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council (Council) was created by the Colorado legislature in 1998 within House Bill 1409. The legislation created the Council’s mission in statute.

The mission as stated is to design and develop a comprehensive media program to educate the public, especially the urban public, about the values of wildlife, wildlife management and how hunting and fishing are important in the wildlife management equation. HB-1409 was created in part because of the grass roots efforts of the Colorado Wildlife Conservation Coalition (CWCC), a nonprofit, political action committee and corporation, formed in 1997, composed of sportsmen, wildlife and agriculture/livestock organizations. Check these guys out!

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