Thursday, April 14, 2011

Colorado Snowpack for 2011...It's Going To Be One Big Runoff & Wet Wading Is Not Recommended!

Statewide Snowpack Readings

measured in percent of annual averages

This year has been one filled with lot's of powder up in the Hills and lot's of flip flop wearing around the Front Range area due to warmer weather. Every weekend up in the Mountains it's been dumping and dumping snow! Down in Denver it has ranged from 60' at Christmas, 70's in February to 80's in March?? Little strange but I'll take it. Nonetheless we'll have plenty of water pumping out of the Mountains this year and a more than adequate supply of water for our rivers and lakes.

I spoke with Susan Cassel, a BLM director in the Kremmling offices last week regarding runoff and expected river levels ahead for the Spring. She anticipates a great year and they're already bumping up the Blue River from Green Mtn with some incredible flows to make it down the Canyon this Summer and for the Colorado River basin.

2011 January-Feb-March-April

Gunnison 158 126 122 115%

Colorado 147 135 128 130%

S. Platte 126 120 121 123%

N. Platte 147 132 131 135%

Yampa-White 145 126 124 131%

Arkansas 105 103 108 103%

Rio Grande 107 80 88 76%

San Juan* 144 106 97 86%

State 136 117 115 113%

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Colorado River Water Crisis Averted this Year!

Kara Lamb also from the BLM office sent this to me today:

We plan on spending time in May on the public meeting circuit, sharing our projections for run-off. Last night, we presented our projections for Granby and Willow Creek releases, and a little on Green Mountain, in Granby, Colo. Our next stop will be Tuesday, May 3 at the River District's annual State of the River meeting for the Blue River (including Green Mountain). That will be in Frisco--visit for more information. We might have some other meetings, as well. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you would like a copy of our presentations, please let me know. Please keep in mind, though, that the data we present at public meetings is all projection and subject to change.

Other Reclamation data on snow pack and reservoir water levels is available at:

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you guys getting plenty of snow this year.


Troutdawg said...

Yeah I think the only problem the fisherman will see will be an extended runoff and more time on the lakes than the rivers ealry Summer if you don't have a boat!

Fishguy said...

We had a great time out there for Spring break with the kids from Florida. Plenty of snow it seemed

Troutdawg said...

Plenty of snow this winter indeed, plenty of traffic on weekends as well, not going to miss that. Spring runoff and big trout fishing on the way!

Trout Magee said...

I like snowboarding just as much as fishing, so that picture of the snowpack is insane. So much powder,such huge trout... almost sounds like heaven!

Troutdawg said...

Serious snow here and I'm dreading what the rivers will look like the next few months, it's seems to have started already on some waters we fish.