Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worst Tornado in US History Slams The South

150 Tornado's and Counting

Take a deep breathe and pray for those in need throughout the South at this time. With close to 250 deaths so far, reports consider this as one of the worst Tornado outbreaks in US history. I grew up a few hours from where much of the destruction happened in Alabama and can still remember how bad things can get in the Spring with Tornado's down there but this is simply insane.

Governor Bentley reminded reporters on Thursday that Alabama has a long history of deadly tornadoes. The state saw the greatest number of casualties in the 1974 "Super Tornado Outbreak," which killed 318 people across the US and Canada, with 77 perishing in Alabama. He added that "incessant" TV and radio coverage of the storm system had residents on high alert all day Wednesday. Most Alabama counties are equipped with tornado sirens, which sounded Wednesday.

Please keep those families in your prayers at this time for people in Alabama, Georgia and Mississppi.

Link to more on this Deadly outbreak

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Stephanie and Dustin said...

Have you seen the space photos of the tornadoes that NOAA captured? Being from near tornado alley, tornadoes rank high on my list of biggest fears. The destruction they leave behind is mind-blowing. Every year, so many communities are devastated by these natural disasters. So very sad.


Troutdawg said...

No I haven't I'll have to check it out. You guys are right in the heart of most of the time, we get a few down South but this one was pretty bad. Thoughts are with all the families