Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fishing on The South Platte River Chasing Big Brown Trout

Reporter: Trout's Staff
Big brown caught by Jake Forsline
Flow Conditions: 62.3 cfs
Water Clarity: Clear
Current Fishing Conditions: Link

Fall is upon us and the Browns have moved into the Dream creating a fisherman frenzy in the South Park Valley. The Browns are in and actively chasing streamers and eating egg patterns. You will see a lot of people up there so be prepared to do some serious walking and move around other anglers.

Nymphs: Eggs, Scuds, Morrishs Anato-May 16-20 , Bead Wing Midge 20-24, Black Beauty 18-22, RS2 18-22, Winter Baetis 18-22

Dries: Idyl's Challenged Pheastant Tail 16-20, Adult Midge 18-22, Griffiths Gnat 20-22, Para Extended Body BWO 16-24

Streamers: Sex Dungeons, Sasquatchs, Mohair Leaches, Thin Mints, Circus Peanuts

Gear: 6-7 Wt rods for nymphing, 5-6wt Switch Rods or 7-9 wt single handed rods for streamers, sink tips, 0x-5x tippet, indicators, heavy split shot, and dress in layers!

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