Wednesday, December 12, 2012

“A Place I Would Rather Be” Mike Savlen Artwork

Savlen sold his first painting at age 16 to the wife of world renowned artist/author Rudy De Reyna. While he has always been involved in art in some way he has also been and done many other things which has helped form his art. Savlen’s professions have run from ditch digger to art director, Victorian restoration painter to nightclub owner, sign carver to commercial fisherman and many more in between.

He has also served in his country in two branches of the military, jumped from a perfectly good plane and bungeed from a bridge. He has been known to run barefoot through the snow at times because he like the way it feels, and has climbed mountains in the dark to watch the sunrise. However Savlen says the one constant in all the things he does do or has done, is that he can never stop creating. Like a magnet he is always drawn back to art.

Mike Savlen Website

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