Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Holidays..Help The Less Fortunate Homeless Pets!!

Holidays With Some Four Legged Friends
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Since the holidays are a traditional time of giving, think about doing something this year to help the homeless pets in your local community. Click here to read my first article about helping homeless pets during the holidays.

Foster a lonely pet from a rescue organization over the holidays. This simple act will help free up some time for the shelter workers and make the holidays happier for that pet. Additionally, the time you spend with a shelter pet will make them more adoptable in the future. And who knows, you may find a new furry friend for your own family.

Find out if there are any thrift stores in your community that support animal rescue organizations and do some of your Holiday shopping in those stores. You will get some great bargains and support homeless animals at the same time. After the holidays, consider making donations of your unwanted gifts and excess holiday decorations (and other items) to these types of stores.

Feel free to check out ASPCA
MaxFund Shelter

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