Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Strategies and Safety for Fly Fishing During Runoff

On top of an already adequate snowpack and rising waters around Colorado this May, we just received a week of heavy rain and snow across the state. Rivers in many places are already high, and things might stay this way for a while.

This time of year, we hear too many people say things like, “Well, looks like fishing is done for a while.” Sure, runoff is here and things may not get back to “normal” until sometime in June. In addition to some great tailwaters that offer year-round fishing, many freestone streams can be fished effectively during runoff. While the strategies change, there is still great fly fishing to be had.

As runoff takes hold, here are a few strategies to remember on the water.

First, stay out of the water. This is both a safety tip and a fishing tip. Unless you need to cross, there’s little need to be in the water. When flows are high, trout will be pushed to the banks. As soon as you set foot in the water, you may be standing right where you should be fishing.

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