Friday, July 3, 2015

Time For a Move!

It's Time!

Sorry I haven't been posting much at all lately, busy time packing and moving to our new Casa! Moma wanted a bigger yard for the kids to play in and I wanted more space for my fishing equipment so we made the move to another house here in South Denver's Burbs.

Our yard seems like a 1/2 acre so ample time to yard work but also think about putting in that trout stream I've always wanted in the backyard.

Just kidding but my kids and I will soon enjoy plenty of playtime in the yard as well as my man cave come football season! Boy am I in need of a much needed vacation or at the very least, a weekend fishing at any waterhole this guy will not discriminate at all.

2 Months of packing, selling stuff, painting walls, too many round trips to count and getting the cable hooked up after some delays the cable is hooked up and this guy is headed straight to the hot tub for some chill time!

See you on the water soon...

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