Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Girl, The Trout, and the Bikini!

The Girl, The Trout, and the Bikini

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We have chalked this article by Larry Myhre up as one of our favorite fly fishing tales of 2007:That was the only answer. A pro fly fisherman has to do a lot of that. I'd simply cast while lying on my back. From now on the term backcasting would hold a whole new significance for me. I waved the rod back and forth, feeding out line and then let it go lifting my casting arm high and arching my back with the effort.“I’ve never seen anyone cast like that,” she laughed.“Well, I’m a professional fly fisherman. There’s probably a lot of new things I could show you,” I said. “Could you tell if my fly landed anywhere near that fish?” She smiled and said the cast was pretty good. Close, in fact. “I think you should, perhaps, shorten your leader,” she said. “Maybe even change flies. A stonefly nymph might work.”That’s all I needed. Fly fishing advice from a three-quarters, no, make that seven-eighths, naked blond bombshell soaking up sun in a plastic boat. Yet, somewhere deep in my subconsciousness I admired her. She obviously knew something about fly fishing.
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