Sunday, January 25, 2009

Denver's ISE Sportsman Show Recap

The International Sportsman Exposition Show is Popular Once Again!

What is it about this show that keeps me coming back every year and much like myself, tens of thousands of others as well! With the ISE having over 30 years experience producing America's premier fishing shows, hunting shows, outdoor sports shows and adventure travel shows, I think I know why. Oh did I mention Lefty Kreh was there!

It was great to catch up with old friends again, many I haven't seen in years, some in months and others I see more than I wish since they live the life we all dream about and jealousy is always present on my behalf. You know who I'm talking buddies that get to travel the globe in pursuit of happiness, fish or to escape corporate america like the rest of us!

Now that AFFTA combined forces with ISE to provide us with twice as much fishing than normal, I'm glad they changed seeing how it made for the perfect Sportsman show and more presentations on the Sport we Love!

Here are a few of some friends I managed to get a few moments with to catch up and to see how life was treating them these days.

Brad Befus -Link
Brad is a great fisherman, consultant with Ross Reels, a Carp Fanatic like myself and is all too happy to talk fishing when given the opportunity. We chatted about the weather up in Montrose where he lives, his and Barry Reynolds book together and a few top flies he's been using. One topic he was very happy to talk about was the fact he was just asked by a Denver's Channel 4 to do a bit on fishing with his son Tyler . For those that don't know Tyler a 9 year old phenom can probably outfish most of my friends!

Brian O'keefe- Link
For those that don't know who Brian O'keefe is, well you haven't been fishing long or have been hiding under a rock full stoneflies! While at the Patagonia booth, Cincas Rios Chile Lodge, we were talking with the owner when Brian came over to hear more from us about our interest with Patagonia and about my trip I had down there. I've met him before a few times in the past and one thing about Brian is that besides him being an incredible photographer, amazing fisherman, he is always eager to talk about other people's adventures. When asked about the next big place to fish or his next big trip, he always has a list for you. We ran into Brian a few more times during todays presentations and in our last one, Valentine Atkinson on worldwode travels, he called out myself and Dave in front of a packed house to laugh about our attendance to most of the days events...thanks Brian! I'm sure I'll get him back when I see him at Tuesdays Denver TU's meeting, I'm a former Board member, where he's presenting and I'll have to buy him a few beers afterwards.
*Checkout his latest Project, Catch Magazine, one of the best fishing magazines out there for sure

Mark Lance - Link
Mark is another great guy I see pretty frequently and have known for years. His wife Sharon use to be the Colorado Trout Unlimited President and assist with the National Board. They have to be one of the most traveled couples I know anywhere. Between Alaska, Kamchatka, Belize, Chile, Argentina and Bahamas ...there's not many places they haven't seen or fished. I had talked to Mark at great length before my Patagonia trip to get some tips on fishing there since they have been there anumber of times, thanks again! One thing many people don't know is that Mark is a phenomenal photographer with the likes of Brian and Valentine. I really enjoyed your pictures in the hallway gallery also. Great to catch up!

Jeff Currier- Link
Quick Bio on Jeff in case you're clueless. First North American ever to take home a medal in the twenty-four year history of the World Championships, IGFA world record holder, author, artist, Ross Reel consultant and after 40 countries traveled and 200 species caught....he's worth talking to! I caught up with Jeff at Jack Dennis booth and immediately wanted to pick his brain on Jack, Jackson Hole, Carp fishing since he is a Carp guy and his amazing artwork. I later talked to him again at the Carp Panel event with all the guys back to talk about Golden Bones. World traveler is always a nice description of Jeff besides outstanding fisherman.

Frank Smithers - Link
It's been a bit since I last talked with Frank, it seems he is always on the go and off somewhere fishing, living it up around Basalt or working on his popular TV show "Trout Unlimited's On The Rise". We chatted about our old days at Univeristy of Georgia, fishing the South, a little Salt and most importantly on his Monster brown caught recently. Frank was with great guide and a friend of mine, John Wilson on the White River Arkansas shooting an episode for his show. From what I saw on John's site recently this is a huge Brown and worthy to talk at great length about..nice! Can't wait to see the episode this Spring on the Tube and to catch you in Basalt this Summer.

Tom Bie -Link
I caught up with Tom once again, it seems every show I go to he's there? Well why not when someone has one of the most popular Fly fishing magazines the past 10 years called the Drake, one of the most popular Fishing Forums and is here to talk about his latest project. "Drift The Movie". I would say that's a very good reason why Tom was present and happy to talk fishing with me. Tom's recent movie the Drift is about as good as it get's from a fly fisherman's perspective and I could watch it 10 times over. Tom lives here in Colorado but seems to have connections all over the planet when it comes to fishing. Hey Tom when are you going to use my Fish pics for your mag, you promised!

Mike Lawson -Link
Mike is a super guy and I have been reading his books on spring creeks and fishing for years now. I always enjoy hearing Mike speak on Spring Creeks, well when you've been fishing them and writing about them for decades he is the go to guy. His operation on the Henry's Fork is one of the best and if you make it up that way you need to check it out and pop in to say hello, he always welcomes it! We picked up his newest book as well as video and talked about bugs a bit, thanks Mike again for the discount for Dave!

Will Rice-Link
I ran into Will after the Carp panel presentation and felt since he was a fellow Coloradoan, I had to grab a few minutes to chat. Will is a big carp guy, freelance writer and another lucky worldwide traveler chasing tails! Can't wait to get out on some water with you this Spring to chase some local Bones

Will Rice, Kirk Deeter, Brad Befus, Jeff Currier,
Barry Reynolds

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing the show here in Salt Lake soon. Been up skiing a bunch but ready for fishing.


Troutdawg said...

When you get a bunch of guys together like that, you know you'll learn something about fishing definitely about Carpin!!