Friday, January 30, 2009

Top fishing Shows on The Tube...Who's Got The most Fishees!

Best Fishing Shows Out There!

Okay most of my fishing buddies knows I'm good for a few things, designated driver when we head up to the hills, a huge fly fishing library in my Fish room they can raid and lastly and perhaps most important......What happened on last weeks' fishing shows!

Yes I admit, I am a TV fish junkie....well when I can't get out that rare weekend they're on. Also since I work from home, I'm a sucker for Top fishing shows on. What are they and why should I watch them?

Many of you may be picky, me I watch em all since most of them can catch fish, yes a few "Bite" but more good than bad shows out there~

Familiar Waters -Link
Mike Pawlawski has a hit for sure! This show covers it all, from Alaska, Canada, Wyoming to my favorite...Saltwater fishing in Belize and Florida! This former Tampa Bay QB does it all! ****

Fishing Adventurer -Link
From reel screaming shark in New York to explosive snapper in Western Africa and hard hitting yellowfin in Costa Rica. Cyril Chauquet is a die hard fisherman and worth watching! ***

The Saltwater Experience-Link
Capt Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor have the Saltwater show! Capt Tom mentioned the other day that his show was #1 on Versus, I see why! I watch this every week of the year & when I can't his incredible website has real-time for each episode. Capt Tom is a great fisherman, eager to help others & truly a genuine guy from what I've encountered! I keep telling him to sse that Scott fly rod more though ***
Adventure Guides- Link
John Dietsch is at it again with another hit! Travel abroad fly fishing across Trout water and Saltwater's top locations. Whether it's this to watch or Hook.Tv both provide entertainment when it comes to top notch fishing narrative.

Tarpon of Boca Link
Just as the name implies this show is nonstop action fishing the Boca Grande Pass in it's Prime! Lot's of action, sorry no fly fishing, but plenty of Silvers to druel over! **

TU Trout Unlimited's on The Rise -Link
Frank Smethurst has done a great job with this show in his 2nd year. I spoke to him recently and discussed how much I enjoyed his work and what Barrett production has done with it. Just would like to see bigger Trout and can't wait for his beast brown in the April episode ***

Spanish Fly -Link
Jose is the mackdaddy of Salt outside of Flip Pallot in my opinion. I have been watching Jose for years and still think his show is truly on of the best and he's a huge fly fisherman, hence the name "Spanish Fly" ****

Fly Fishing The World Link
This is a good show that was formerly Fly Fish america. The travels Barrett takes now are pretty sweet. The Patagonia episodes to New zealand make it worth watching ***

Legends of Rod and Reel -Link
This show is a genuine fishing show depicting all of the Fly Fishing hero's in our era and who have made a difference in this Great sport of Ours ****

Bill Dance Saltwater Show- Link
Okay this one is here due to the Hilarious nature of him and Roland Martin fishing each weekend and Bill Falling out of the boat so often ** Humor Factor ****

Field Day TV -Link
My boy Dan has a hit show; we just need to see more of it! Dan comes from the Colorado ESPN Outdoor show and knows that when they film a few more shows this will be the show to watch!

@Sorry Cindy Garrison's show Get Wild with Cindy didn't make it this year, yeah I know it's getting a little less fishing and more hunting/eating strange bug type episodes..maybe next year!

Others worth Checking out:
Seasons on The Fly, Hooked on the Fly, Patagonic Waters, Adventures Guides, Hooked, Man vs Fish, Fly Fishing Profiles

Here are More Fishing Shows for you Junkies Link

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Unknown said...

Man, the onlg thing I can ever find on TV is Roland, Linders Angling Edge, and the sporadic Bassmasters ir Madfin.

And that stuff is few and far between.

Troutdawg said...

Too funny, it does seem those guys reign supreme but on a few late night stations VS and the Outdoor channel has some decent stuff! ESPN refuses to show anything other than Bassmasters in Pink shirts with Valvoline/John Deere patches also!

Anonymous said...

They don't show anything out here other than ice fishing shows!!! It hit 43 on Saturday and felt like 75!!!