Monday, January 12, 2009

Denver Fly Fishing Show Recap

Another great year at the Fly Fishing Show!


Can you say one large crowd in attendance. Most of the Outfitters and guests I spoke with reconfirmed my idea about why it was so crowded. One reason was that AFFTA did not compete with the show this year, thank goodness this didn't happen! Last year there were many frustrated people, most of which were vendors that were subject to fewer crowds seeing how some only attended one or the other so not the large crowd that normally rolls into the merchant mart each year.

Which speakers or Seminars were worth seeing? For those that have never attended (who is that?) there is something for everyone. I attended both Sat and Sundays events and tried to make as many as possible, something about no skiing and fishing lately to get me in the mood for Fish Talk!

Jim Teeney- Great Lakes, Steelhead and Browns
Can you think of a better person to talk about Big Fish, this guy is the best and will answer any question you have about how to catch big fish and go after Steely's
Charlie Meck- Man has this guy been around and knows his stuff! Don't forget to try his Blueberry fly and the Patriot...deadly flies
Ian Davis- This presentation got me eager for another Bahamas trip and some Bonefish
Rumbo Patagon Chile- After my trip to Patagonia last year, I had to go back for some areas to hit on my next trip...great presentation and pictures
Will Blair -Kamchatka rainbows, for those who have never been, including myself I need to get my butt to Russia! Mouse patterns, 0X and large Bows on top,,,,,,Wow!

Diana on Salt

Diana Rudolph- She knows her stuff and man did I learn a bunch. For someone who has caught the largest Tarpon ever by a women and who has traveled the globe, she has my attention. Thanks for the info on booking mine and Dave's next Keys Trip@
Damien Nurre- Awesome chat on Steelheading on the Deschutes. My trip is almost booked and I'll call you come Springtime for a trip. Good to chat about Chile also with you~
Scott Leon- with Paradigm Charters gave the most insightful presentation on Fighting Big fish for the entire weekend. He has a lifelong passion for big Saltwater fish and I truely learned what to do/not to do when I catch my next big saltwater tarpon/tuna or billfish...thanks Scott!

Featured Fly Tyers

There were a handful of great tyers around this year and for those looking for tips, amazing looking flies as well as hands on teaching....this was the place!
Dave Whitlock-should I say more, Dave's flies are always in my box, trout, carp and bass
Brian Yamauchi-Talk about a talented tyer, everytime I tried to talk to my buddy he had 20 people around him!
Vincent Su- Vincent is always teaching me something new and now he has a new 720 vise to help others make things a bit easier to tie. Can't wait to fish with you again Vincent!
AK Best- This guy knows his stuff and can definitely tie patterns I've never seen before.
John Betts- Always learning something from John and he has been tying and teaching for years.

Right before I left I wanted to get some feedback on my Bamboo Fly rods. I have 5 Bamboo's that I was lucky enough to come across them over the years. My eyes were lit up as to whether I had some Primo goods or some Primo Duds! I found out from the guys at Rocky Mountain Bamboo Revival Group that I had some decent ones, a few missing parts that could be replaced, but neither Primo nor Duds so I guess all was not lost!

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Anonymous said...

I'll take one of those dud bamboo rods for a case of Cheerios!

Ken Morrow said...

nice overview of your experiences at the show.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks and always a good time! Can't wait for the ISE at the end of the month and excited to try out my Bamboo's this Spring~

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there. looks like I should have been there.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this show - watching Gary Borger's casting lesson. So basic - and so good to practice the foundational moves again! He makes it look so easy.