Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego on The Fly! Fly Rods Apply As Well As Sharks!

Summer Fishing In San Diego!
More Info on our Trip and Fish Pics Here
"Gran fin de semana de la pesca en San Diego!!"

I thought this first picture would get your attention! Unfortunately no sharks were found eager to bite for us so we settled for a few other fish species to bring back for dinner. We did however manage plenty of fish down in the Coronada Islands in Mexico to keep us busy.


San Diego Summer fishing is so hard to beat and when you need to get away for a quick weekend of fishing with some cheap airfare or just an escape from work this is the place. For those that have never been you must check it out and the word is out about fly fishing adventures in San Diego. What better city exist out there where it's a constant 70's during the day and only gets into the lows of 50, pretty hard to beat.

An early 4:30 wake up call was way too early for me but the coffee was awaiting so I was ready for some fishing. We set off for a fun filled day of fishing in the Coronada Islands, a set of Islands just below the Mexican border. After a bit of chumming it didn't take long to hook up on some fish and the bite was on. Fish species caught most of the day ranged from Barracuda's, Sea/Sand Bass, Yellowtail and a few other fish that I have no idea what they were but fought great!


Thought I would talk about a Great white caught recently as well, the first Great white "supposidly" landed on a fly! Great job and the go to guy who helped find this beauty..why no other than Shark expert Conway Bowman. For more on the story and how to catch one for yourself, checkout this Great White on a fly story

If you're looking for a varied species trip and an easy way to get on a fish, checkout these other fine Outfitters:

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