Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fly Fish Addiction Meets Fly Fishing Crazy Creator!

Two Fly Fisherman, Two Websites, One Passion....

What happens when you get two guys who love to Talk Fly Fishing? Yep, you guessed it, a long winded conversation about a why we love this sport so much, the future and it's ever evolving technology side of the equipment we use.

I was fortunate to sit down with another Fanatic fisherman, "With a name like Fly Fishing Crazy" you can guess it doesn't take much for this guy to get motivated to talk about fishing or to come up with more great marketing ideas about promoting his site and top notch equipment. Larry Snyder of Rocky Mountain Web Connection, is the brains behind a great new site out there called Fly Fishing Crazy and Fly Fishing Crazy Blog if you haven't checked it out you better get on it. There are lot's of goodies for those new to the sport or for those that think they have everything, I bet he has some things you will be tempted to buy. Whether it's custom building your own rod with fly rod blanks, large selections of Bamboo rods or fly reels, he's got it!

Larry and I have been talking for awhile now so it was great to finally meet in person and I wasn't disappointed, especially seeing how he brought out some new equipment for me to try out. I can tell we're definitely going to have to hit some local waters pretty soon and to keep the conversation going more about some of his Bamboo's as well as mine. Larry has been fishing in many of the same areas I have so it was nice to share some of the same experiences and fish stories we both seemed to have plenty of. I can tell I'm definitely going to be a daily visitor of Fly Fishing Crazy site and can't wait to find more things I don't have on there.

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