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Montana Rivers Fishing Reports

What's Biting, What Flies to Use, Which Rivers aren't flowing to high and most importantly...Give me some tips to catch some Montana Trout
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It’s On Baby!!
After some seriously suspect reports last week from some other area shops, the Salmonfly hatch on the Madison is now officially off and rolling! The Big Bugs started trickling on Friday and Saturday and popping hard below Varney on Monday. The numbers are still thinner below Burnt Tree but there are enough Goldens in there to make it worthwhile. The bulk of the Salmonflys (and in some cases thicker Goldens) are concentrated right now from a couple miles above Varney to about 8-Mile with bugs showing all the way up to McAtee and as mentioned, down to almost the Ennis Bridge. As always we’re seeing bugs for a long stretch of river and will likely see adults near Palisades towards weeks end. They almost always appear in pockets though without a clearly defined “head of the hatch”. In the still heavy flow (just over 1700 cfs right now), there will probably be bugs around for the next several weeks. We actually have just about perfect conditions for the hatch so far; higher water, hot weather, and so far lots and lots of bugs!

Gallatin River Update Grizzly Hackle River Reports
Conditions : Bitterroot River: Dropping fast and fishing in the main river improves every day. Look for flows to level quickly and the upper river will be a good option in a day or so. CAUTION: Floating the West Fork from dam to canoe is very hazardous now. Unless you are a very confident and skilled in stopping a boat in fast water don't even attempt. From canoe down there is a log jam on the pillings of Marty's bridge that you must go river right to pass. Salmonflies are out on both the West and East Forks. The upper river form Darby to Hamilton will be great nymphing. Don't be afraid to take advantage of Montana's stream access and fish those Bitterroot side channels and spring fed slews. Even these are still big, so fishing subsurface is definitely a good idea. Nymphing riffles and drop-offs with small stonefly nymphs, PTs, princes, and the worm will be effective when nothing else is happening. Your'e really probably better off fishing one of the smaller tributaries that pour into the Root. They are all open to fishing now, and they are your best chance at catching fish in the spring when the main river is raging like it is now. Salmonflies on the West Fork have definitely hatched!!!
Hatches:PMD's, Drakes, Golden's
Fly Patterns: Stonefly nymphs like rubberlegs and double-bead stones, big princes, san juan worms, copper johns, pheasant tails, buggers, yuk bugs, sculpins, JJ specials.

Yellowstone River Link to Local River Reports
The Yellowstone is under the 13,000 cfs mark barely today which is a good thing. However, it's still a ways away from coming into shape and fishing at all. With all hopes this week's sun and heat will drop the Stone down to the 10-11 grand area and that "Going Green" color we all love. Once we hit that 10k mark and a foot of visibility with green color to the water, get yer streamer rods rigged and let's go! Keep your fingers crossed for Salmonflies by the 4th of July and flows under 10,000 cfs. 7-8,000 cfs would be great. We are currently getting quite a few guide trip requests & reservations for July, August & September. Make sure and get your reservation in now to get the guide of your choice.Report Flows: Real Time Stream Flows:Corwin Springs, LivingstonHatches: Turning green olive is the water. Salmonflies and the smorgasboard of bugs that goes along with this super hatch are just on verge. Wouldn't be suprised to see the big stones crawling bankside around Mallards Rest right now.Hot Patterns: Dries: Salmonflies hopefully by the weekendNymphs: Yuk Bug, Super Yuk, Pat's Rubberlegs in Black, brown, goldenstone, Hurless Nymph purple, drk gray, bitch creek, LARGE prince, San Juan

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