Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Friends Animal Rescue Organization and Top Groups to Get Involved In!

Fly Fish Addiction Would Like For You Take A Minute And Talk About Our 4 Legged Friends

Our Top Organizations To Contact:
Best Friends Animal Rescue- one incredible sanctuary that homes the less fortunate pets, this is their last stop after a rough life, please donate or rescue one of the many great pets here great organization for finding a new pet, to volunteer for or donate, PAWS is one impressive group to look ito
American Humane Society-American Humane has worked to protect animals since 1877, providing a voice for the nation's most vulnerable. Interest in preventing cruelty, neglect and exploitation of animals.
ASPCA-The ASPCA was the first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. Our mission, as stated by our founder, Henry Bergh, in 1866, is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”
Morris Animal Foundation- This one is close to my heart! I also and close friend's with the CEO of MAF and she is not only a client of mine but also a dear Pety lover through and through.Morris Animal Foundation helps animals enjoy longer, healthier lives. We advance health and welfare research that protects, treats and cures companion animals, horses and wildlife worldwide.
Founded by a visionary veterinarian in 1948, Morris Animal Foundation today is a world leader in advancing veterinary research that protects, treats and cures animals on every continent. The Foundation has funded more than 1,600 studies, many of which have led to animal health breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, prevention and cures.

A large percentage of Fly Fisherman out there owns a 4 legged fishing partner and the thought of something happening to them makes anyone of us a little disturbed. What most people out there don't realize or pretend not to focus on is the sector of society where there is an ongoing battle against not only abuse, but also abandonement with Fidos. This is not a rant in anyway but merely a subtle reminder of what exist out there and a little awareness.

There are thousands of Pet's out there that enjoy a good life but there is also a few that aren't so lucky. One Organization that has done an amazing job for the support of of the less fortunate is the Best Friends Organization.

Best Friends Animal Society is a 25 year old nonprofit, membership organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets. The society’s leading initiatives in animal care and community programs are coordinated from its Kanab, Utah, headquarters, the country’s largest no-kill sanctuary. One story that is encouraging and shows progress of not only her former fighting years, but also a dog that was given a 2nd chance and shows that this breed is not as bad as the experts claim them to be. Georgia is truly one sweet rehabilitated dog that continues to show what a little time and effort can do.

Some of you know that I am in the Pet Industry and care deeply about our Pet's and what happens to them be it through volunteer shelters, preventative cancer programs, Pet Training, or Pet Organizations.Morris Animal Foundation helps animals enjoy longer, healthier lives. We advance health and welfare research that protects, treats and cures companion animals, horses and wildlife worldwide.

Here is a new Pet in the FFA family named Boca, she was rescued from a local dog park that was abandoned and now is living large with weekend trips to the Mtns chasing trout.

This thread is not geared towards the idiot Michael Vick at all, this is geared towards Pet's of today and the care needed to protect them against ongoing issues. I promise to start talking fishing again and this was my token Pet Thread for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done!


Troutdawg said...

I thought this might bring some insight as to Pets of today and issues to look at. Glad you enjoyed it.

James Mann said...

It took me a long time before I was willing to own a pet living in a city but eventually I gave in so my son could have a dog like I did as a kid.

The only thing is that Shadow became my dog as he obviously wasn't ready to take care of a pet that wasn't a gold fish. :)

We had Shadow for 7 years and she helped me through 4 years of heart problems but she died from a stroke. Broke my heart.

I can't stand seeing any one abuse their pets in any way.

My son grew up and finally decided to get a dog of his own and he went to the SPCA where he found the dog he wanted. A big black pitbull who had been abused and came with a bit of a bum front right paw.

It took my wife and I quite a while to come to the point where we didn't fear being eaten in our sleep. But she turned out to be the most loveable dog.

I am very proud of my son, Steve, for getting is dog from the SPCA without any prompting from us.

Troutdawg said...


Thanks for sharing your story. Yes Pet's play a very vital role is most people's lives, whether as a child's companion or like most of us as we get older, another family member.

Sorry to hear about what happened to Shadow, that's never an easy thing to go through. Your son Steve sounds like he's matured quite a bit and it's great to hear about others adopting Pet's from local shelters and animal rescue groups. Pit's have always been given a bad rap, but as you all found out they can be as loving as the next dog. Thanks again for sharing again!